What Do You Listen To While You Roleplay?

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  1. I'm talking music here. No leaky faucet drips. No crickets chirping. No neighbors banging.


    What artists, albums and/or particular songs drive your roleplaying experience?

    I know that it's story/scenario sensitive, so be as broad or specific as you want.

    For me, it's mostly something that gets the blood pumping since I mostly do SLs that involve lots of combat.

    Fear - Fear The Record
    Winds Of Plague - Against The World
    Kreator - Coma Of Souls, Hordes Of Chaos
    Dew-Scented - Impact
    Bloodbath - ...hell, any of their albums

    However, when I'm building an atmosphere for a horror setting, the music changes drastically.

    Opeth - Blackwater Park
    Khold - Phantom
    Phelios - Gates Of Atlantis
    Nebrus - Twilight Of Humanity
    King Diamond - Them

    Now, how about you?
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  2. I can't listen to music when writing, it just distracts me. Especially if it has singing in it, then I just stop writing and instead I'll listen to the words. Even when it doesn't have words it distracts me from writing down what I'm thinking for the story/scene. Maybe it has to do with me having studied music for three years in high school and every time I hear any kind of music I either put on my singer mode and starts practicing or I start my judging mode. xD Because I have no problem with having a TV show I have watched hundreds of times in the background while writing (Preferably a cartoon).
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  3. Ok then, what cartoons get you through the process? :)
  4. I have to have something that fits the mood, and I really like it if the plot and lyrics also go along together. I have some pretty extensive character-specific playlists with a few characters that have distinct themesongs. Because I've created such a strong connection in my mind, listening to the song will almost always put me in the mood to write for that character. Pretty useful if I'm having trouble getting inspired. ^^

    By far, the best songs I've found for inspiration are...
    The Man Comes around by Johnny Cash
    Come in Closer by Blue October
    Do You Ever Wonder, also by Blue October
    Sail, by AWOLNATION
    Breath of Life by Florence & the Machine
    He Lives in You by Lebo M (from The Lion King 2 soundtrack)
    Sexy Boy by The Fallen Angels
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  5. Usually something I watched a lot as a kid, since they aren't as distracting as something I'm not as familiar with. Usually I put on Cartoon network, nickelodeon, disney channel or something like that. Dexter's lab, courage the cowardly dog, pokemon, Darkwing duck, fairy odd parents, ATOM - Alpha teens on machines, x-men evolution, etc.
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  6. I am Endlessly Steaming Youtube, Soundcloud, and spotify, to find the latest, most underground sound, any and all sounds. Foreign to familiar, I'll listen to it all if it syncs with a story line. I have 14 different Role playing playlists on spotify and they only continue to grow. I sort the music out by genre of Rp.
    While the lists grow I still spend more time Searching for new music, a new song. I will repeat a good song throughout a week but it doesn't take long for me to detattch and move on to a new frequency.
    Music is a huge part of my life

    I cannot Write or paint Without it.
    I have a hard time doing anything without it, to be honest.
    Recently, I have been exploring the many genres of dubstep and EDM Soundcloud if a wonderful place to stream new music made by people just like me. Music is everywhere. I'd be lot less of a human without it, So I believe.
    It's especially effective for staff practice.

    My favorites ATM are;

    Knife party
    Ellie goulding
    Lidnsey Stirling
    God Speed you black Emperor
    boards of canada
    in this moment
    Infected Mushroom
    Guilty gear soundtracks
    Castlevania soundtracks
    A perfect circle
    Devil may cry
    Nobuo Uematsu
    Studio Ghibli
    (howls flying castle, spirited away, ponyo, my neighbor totaro etc.)
    The Rainbow Brite Soundstrack
    Two steps from hell

    Right now at the current moment I'm listen to something old.

    The Black Mages - Dancing mad

    Epic stuff.
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  7. Usually silence. but If I'm in a musical mood I'll listen to whatever matches my current mode of thinking, be it a parody song, or something metal. I listen to ALOT of game music.
  8. If it is fantasy, I'll use Adrian von Ziegler, depending on the scene. But normally I can't focus with music on, because I tend to get swept away with the music and forget about the post.
  9. depends entirely on what mood i'm trying to create in my post. haha, obviously.
    i listen to too much to actually list it all, though.

    but hey, if you're writing a fight scene or anything remotely awesome,
    sono chi no sadame is what you're looking for.
    blast dat shit.

  10. I can listen to anything. I have to have background noise. I play music while I am at work as well. Even if it is on low and I can barely hear it, I have to have music playing in the background. Currently, I am listening to Prince on Pandora, however, I am not currently RPing. That needs to be fixed...
  11. What I listen to depends on what the RP is about since I have dozens of playlist for characters, individual plots, pairings, etc.
    I usually take breaks between tracks to type or brainstorm since I actually can't write during songs that have lyrics (my head defaults to following the words instead of my thoughts). It's kind of annoying, but what can ya do?
  12. It tends to depend on the character I'm playing at the time, but I'll listen to almost anything. The music I want to listen to at any given time is tied to my mood, and listening to songs I associate with the moods of certain characters is a good way to get "in the zone" and write them consistently.

    I find that anything but the lightest metal is a bit too much for when I'm writing as it tends to distract me, but I can work with almost anything else. So for Dilitrio, a sexually repressed, morally iffy, and occasionally violent angel, we have...

    1. "Ready to Die," Andrew W.K.
    2. "U.N. Owen Was Her," Zun (Touhou)
    3. "Heilig," E Nomine
    4. "Climbing up the Walls," Radiohead
    5. "Hito to Shite Jiku Ga Bureteiru," Ootsuki Kenji and Zetsubo Shoujo Tachi (Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei)
    6. "Holiday in Cambodia," The Dead Kennedys
    7. "Kom Susser Todd," Arianne (The End of Evangelion)

    More cheerful characters get more cheerful songs.
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  14. Hmm...I can listen to just about anything in my collection while I am writing; novels or roleplays. But there are a few artists/songs that I have put together to help me when I need to focus on one particular character. Plus I have also begun to create playlists for my most loved of characters, so I am able to listen to that music and really get a feel for them and come up with amazing pieces when I write about them.

    Sci-fi story : I tend to listen to a good amount of dubstep for this one. Since my character is an assassin who is exceptional at fighting, I love to have music that really gets the blood pumping and helps me imagine her taking on numerous opponents at the music pounds away.
    My male demon : He is cold, intelligent, dangerous, and all around delicious. For him though, you would expect me to listen to something slower and darker when I would write about him. Instead I will put on a bunch of songs from a wonderful cellist by the name of Zoe Keating. Something about her music just makes me think of my demon; especially songs such as 'Optimist' and 'Hello Night'.
    My sweet female demon : Now this one is quite a hilarious thing to think of. This demon is very innocent looking with delicate features, slim figure, and the fact that she is always dressed in beautiful, yet simple clothing. She does not speak too often, but when she does her words are kind and eloquent. Now, what is it I listen to when I wish to writer about her? I generally throw on a band known as Alesana. They are a post-hardcore band that I have been in love with for years now. I had even created her while listening to them; mainly 'The Emptiness' album. Also songs that are meant to be sexual yet are filled with dark desires and blood are great songs to listen to while writing for her.

    Those are just some examples of what I listen too. In truth though, I can listen to just about anything while writing. My technique is not dictated by the music I listen to, but by the mood that I am in at that moment in time.

  15. My new favorite song :D
  16. Songs with little to no words are best for me when I'm writing. Reason being, I sing too much. When I get really into it, nothing ever gets written. XP

    So mostly, I listen to techno music and classical stuff. I'm too lazy to list any artists. In fact, I'm so lazy, I just use a Pandora station to play a variety of wordless songs for me.
  17. My music depends on my mood, but I'll get into Reel Big Fish and Linkin Park. I'm also able to listen to Cryoshell and other realistic bands. Maybe even some Daughtry.
    Does anyone here know any of those bands? I listen to this album on loop:
  18. Music is a paramount part of my creation process. I listen to a lot of different types of music spanning over 5 decades ('60's - present). I use my personal music vault to help inspire my characters, their relationships, worlds, stories, plot events, etc. This has led to me having "unofficial" soundtracks for most of my major stories like Azure Dawn (1-3), Final Fantasy (1-3 & counting), Five Kingdoms Saga (1, 2), Immortal Bonds (1-3), and many, many others.

    I use these songs, usually in playlists on youtube or my iPod, to help further inspire and flesh out these worlds and characters.

    Again, this is paramount in my personal creation process.

    Some examples of what I'm bumping at the moment for inspiration in creating Immortal Bonds III: Dark Embers

    Ace Frehley & Kiss - New York Groove
    Michael's Theme (Main)

    One Republic ft. Timaland - Apologize
    Michael's Theme (Alt)

    Filter - Where Do We Go From Here
    Robert's Theme

    Greenwheel - Shelter
    Jesse's Theme

    Outkast - Ms. Jackson
    Michael & Kelly

    Cheap Trick - The Flame
    Michael & Samantha

    Buck Cherry - Crazy Bitch
    Robert & Elizabeth
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  19. What do I listen to while roleplaying?
    Depends on the roleplay, actually.~

    If it's a horror roleplay, I will turn on some intense instrumental music and/or stuff like The Used and/or stuff by Voltaire.~
    If it's a romantic roleplay, I turn on some beautiful instrumental music and/or cutesy indie songs.
    If it's action, I turn on film scores from superhero flicks, or Pirates of the Carribean, for example.

    Honestly, it all depends on my mood, and the genre of the roleplay.
  20. Honestly, I have trouble focusing on writing (or anything else for that matter) so once I get started I need to turn the music off. But what I listen to for motivation (for pretty much anything, from rping to getting up in the morning) is Lindsey Stirling or the Piano Guys.
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