What do you like to drink?

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  1. What are your favourite drink(s)? :DD

    It can be something you've only tried once or something you drink regularly.

    As for me, I like green and jasmine tea. Can't live without it.
  2. I love "fancy" lemonades... and other nonalcoholic oddities you find in bars and whatnot. Smoothies are good... I really like fruity drinks XD
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  3. Strawberry Milkshakes :3
  4. Ginger peach tea is my current favorite. I am also addicted to smoothies, specially peanut butter and banana smoothie. Aside from those I just have water.
  5. Chai tea steeped in milk for 6 minutes with two tea bags sweetened with vanilla simple syrup for me. And most things coffee based.

    Although Japanese melon cream soda is the bomb diggity~
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  6. My ever-growing collection of black and green tea. Too many lovely choices, so I'll go with all of them.

    For a serious answer, my own hot chocolate. It's best with a handful wee marshmallows on top.
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  7. Liquid.

    Okay I'm a sucker for lemonade/tea, and other lemonade flavors.

    Also root beer.
  8. My favorite tea is peppermint. It's pretty soothing when you have cough or sore throat. Green tea with mint is also good. The last blend I like is Earl Grey.

    Oh, and milk teas are quite popular here too. Wintermelon is nice.
  9. Liquids. Usually the non-gutrot kinds.
  10. Tea all the way with coffee once in awhile. I use to drink soda out the ying yang, but now I've been soda sober for over 2 years XD
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  11. Tea, mainly green tea and ginger tea and mango juice. I like kumquat juice as well.
  12. nonalcoholic hot: Mocha made with real chocolate

    Nonalcoholic cold: real fruit juice

    Alcoholic hot: Monte Cristo coffee
    Alcoholic cold: Holy water
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  13. I'm a big fan of soda. So yeah.

    I do like a good glass of Jack and Coke, too.
  14. Black tea, Dr. Pepper, Vodka/Redbull. Fox's drinks of choice. ^_^
  15. Alcoholic:
    To me, nothing beats a glass of quality whiskey (I prefer scotch) on the rocks.

    Tea! I've been on this white tea craze lately and have been buying up Silver Needle White Tea and brewing it at home. It's so delicious @_@

    Also, Monster Energy. That shit is crack.
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  16. I DON'T DRIN... Wait.. this isn't another alcohol thread? YAY :D

    I have a hate love relationship with coke. I love it while I don't drink it and think it's the best thing ever, and the feeling stays for around 4 sips, but then it becomes boring and I suddenly ask myself why I drink it just before I continue doing so xD I might be slightly addicted *whistles innocently*
  17. It USED to be cherry coke. I had to fight really, really, really hard to kick my coke habit though for the good of my health. O_O It took a few years and I fell off the wagon a few times. But now there is no coke in this house and I am only drinking it when we go out places.

    NOW my drink of choice is Sweet Tea. Still chock full of sugar, but I control how much. >>

    I also LOVE:

    Iced Coffees. Preferably Vanilla.

    Chai Tea of any variety.

    Dark Mayan Hot Chocolate. O_O
  18. Tea.

    But not the fancy shmancy stuff all of Iwaku seems to drink.

    Good ole' stereotypically British breakfast tea.

    One tea bag, a sweetener, and a dash of milk.

    I woke up an hour ago and I'm already on my second cup.

  19. Earl Grey Tea. I blame Star Trek. :ferret:

    I'll also drink coke cola if I just want a quick shot of caffeine without having to prepare it. For alcoholic beverages? Cherry Vodka (Smirnoff usually, why yes, I am a pleb thank you) or Jack Daniels are my mainstays. Cheap, easily available, good to mix or shoot straight. Potent enough to get me drunk without completely obliterating my liver.
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