What do you like in a Historical world?

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  1. what enchants you about writing stories set in the past? Do you have fun researching and learning about the time period? Is it just fun to use the fashions and inventions of history in your story?

    For me, I'm not gonna lie, I love the aesthetics. I love looking up fashion trends and dressing my characters up in gowns and suits and lace and capes. It makes for interesting plot opportunities too when modern conveniences aren't an option, because you have to improvise and work out how someone would have handled a situation with the tools available
  2. Accuracy's a big one that I don't always see and it keeps me from looking for historical RPs because there's kind of a certain level of knowledge required to RP in those kinds of settings effectively.

    Part of the appeal of historical RPs, for me, is reliving certain events and bringing to life mentalities and technology of the era. I've been wanting to explore the Viking era more, as well as The New World, and I'd love to do something related to Stalingrad, but unfortunately pop culture is a double-edged sword that kind of presents a lot of misinformation along with popular interest.
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