What do you go after most?

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What do you like to eat more?

  1. Meat

  2. Veggies/fruit

  1. This is a test of social behavior of Iwaku members.. you must pick one...
  2. Vegetables and fruits aren't the same.
  3. For the purposes of this particular poll, they are! >:D
  4. But they're not.

    Normal people don't snack on scallion.
  5. For once Darkness is right, and not calling anyone a faggot.
  6. ... i could have chosen both because i am not picky with my food.

    though candied scallions might seem weird.
  7. Vegetables.

    While I like meat, I feel sad if a meal is all-meat.
  8. Since my option isn't listed, I'll just write it in.

    (It works in presidential elections, so it'll work here.)

    My choice is "whichever is closest to me when I set the plate down."
  9. STEAK! no seriously, I love steak, chicken, lamb, pork, ham, fish, scallops, and steak.
  10. For the SECRET PURPOSES of this poll, fruits and veggies are in the same category! D:< Smartasses!
  11. Steak, Chicken, Seafood.
  12. WHAT?!?!?!

    NO RICE OPTION?!?!?!





  13. And so the preparations for the secret food fight begins.
  14. There will be a more detailed list later when we take the step farther.. right now it is simply carnivores and herbivores..

    Should have been more simple and put plants and animals.. At least this test has proven there is a large number of simple minded folks around...
  15. Jacqueline

    I grin as he quotes Alice in Wonderland. Someone has good taste in literature. My mind is quickly taken off that as he mentions the girl again

    "Er, yes...her name was Jenny Clemons I think. According to the interviews that were taken there is no way in hell she ran off with a secret and scandalous lover." I click to the next page "It looks like that Itlize brother may have been considered a runaway. It took some digging but I found some article to suggest he might have been. This is from a long time ago...and the article writer was a conspiracy theorist more than anything else. But it's a start...huh. He also did a paper on the Rivers family. That was a rich family back in the day. The parents died in a car crash, supposedly, and their kid kind of went off the grid. Ha, this guy says their deaths were murder." I shake my head and go back to the original page "The writers got a lot of theories. It's almost fascinating."


    I shrug and finish up. "I wasn't trying to be funny. I don't need to try in order to do that." I wink at her and recline back in my seat, deciding to reach for another piece of food. I wish we could eat everyday like this. It's nice and this is the strongest I've felt in a long long time. I almost feel normal, if that's at all possible, which I doubt for me is.


    She blushes and I blush in return. We both must be red enough to anger a bull. I chuckle and let her go slowly "Sorry about that, I just needed a moment for how much I appriecate you being here in my life." I rub the back of my head sheepishly and I see the lady is gone. She must be tired of me already. I don't blame her to be fairly honest.


    May God strike me down now if I don't feel utterly horrible. I swallow the bitterness forming in my mouth "I-Itzlie I had to check on the kids. I was doing evaluations...I just found out that Sam had gotten through to Jennifer...I had to make sure he was okay too you know? God I didn't mean to hurt you like this...I wasn't even thinking...I wasn't thinking of you and your brother okay?" I admit to her in a dry voice "And that was selfish of me...I just..." my nails travel up to my scalp and I take a deep breath. I don't think I've ever been so compromised in front of this many people.

    "I wasn't thinking. All I was thinking of was..." Samuel. All I was thinking then was Samuel. First the kids...and then him. I try not to bite my lip any harder than I already had. "Well that's the thing. I wasn't thinking." She asks me about the police and this is the moment I knew I could possibly lose it all. Without hesitation I say

    "I didn't call them."
  16. I prefer a health mix of both, although nothing can really ever beat a nice apple or orange...or strawberry... Strawberries are amazing! >u<
  17. Or uncultured swine, and who would want that?
  18. How is this social behavior? oo Are you just using this poll to track trolling/the obvious gender bias?
  19. We can't tell you, otherwise people would FIX the results. D:< But it's VERY SCIENTIFIC.
  20. Jacqueline

    "is it possible they..." I had heard rumors a long time ago that people with abnormalities would be sold off, but I didn't really know if that was truly the case. But, if that kid was sold off, and he ended up being trained to...oh God. My brain is trying to connect the pieces but it doesn't want to. I just shake my head "If we didn't find Ivan I would have assumed they may have tried to get rid of him." I mumble softly and place my hands in my lap. What sort of parents were they? My fist wants to connect to someone's face.

    "Oh..." My mind is snapped back pleasantly and I laugh "That's the thing with that show. You watch it and you get freaked out so you can't sleep..." He says the truth is out there and I erupt into giggles. I end up laughing even more and have to clutch my stomach. I have to try and stop myself but my chest is still heaving from giggles "That's the main character's phrase." I eventually control myself and I can hear Jack laughing not at the coincidence, but rather at me. He's laughing pretty hard at me. I blush hard.

    "Oh...I did find the name of the investigator that the article writer used. Er, he is a...Ves Tor. Ves Gaye Tor. Oh..." I place my hand against my forehead "That's an alias if I ever did hear one."


    I pout again, trying to stifle a chuckle under my breath "I will not give you the money just yet." I shake my head "I will win this I am sure. I can be very well behaved." I wink at her and yawn as I lean back. "Mm, you just have to keep me well feed and I won't cause any trouble. Oh no, I think I gave away my weakness. Food. But I feel like you should know that."


    She says that they weren't mean to her and my eyebrow raises "Please tell me you weren't neglected." Now that I noticed, she did seem sort of small, I always figured that was sort of a genetic thing. "Vi, you can be honest with me, you know that." I take her hand in mine and kiss her knuckles in reassurance. "But I do understand if you want to keep it to yourself."