What do you find more scary in horror/thrillers?

What is more scary for you in horror/thrillers?

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I always try to avoid horrors and thrillers cause I'm afraid they'll give me nightmares. But I realized that it's actually very specific ones that I can't watch. The others are totally cool.

SO I wonder... what do others find most scary?

Vote, and explain! >:D
I think the one that bothers me the most are serial killers since that element of ghosts or aliens kind of removes me a little in the realism department of my mind. Plus everytime I watch a horror movie that actually gets to me, I kind of wonder about what kind of brain it took to think it up. >_>
Definitely serial killers! Ghosts and such can be scary and all, get the heart pounding etc...but the ones about serial killers can freak me out! like Orion said imagine who could think something like that up? Worst part...serial killers are more plausible than ghosts meaning people COULD actually watch something like that and actually DO it o.O most of the time I'd rather not think about tha tactually happening!! >.<
who could think something like that up?


Everything comes back to the human mind, so the scariest stuff is the darkness in us all - a darkness willed and revelled in whilst still conscious of the light.

That's why I like Silent Hill and Giger - it blends horror and beauty, showing the attraction of each.
Hmmmn, they're all about equal, to be honest.

It's how you TREAT the terror/threat that makes the difference.

It might be cliche, but the killer in the black mask creeping silently around the house with the big, chunky knife in his hand is the scariest of them all. xD
I think everything scares me, but maybe not aliens so much. I like sci fi so aliens aren't so scary as they are interesting xD
Serial killers.

Cos with aliens, demons and the other assorted horror tropes, you have a sense of disconnection because they're not human.

With a good old slasher, that's you gone horribly wrong. He's still a person... but a person who has a love of dismembering members of the cheerleading squad (in a manner that Freud would have had a field day over). There's a connection, and that in itself is really fucking scary.
For me it's anything to do with the supernatural since I am the kind of person who can deal with just about anything that I can understand, or see. Serial Killers... they're real, and generally have some discerning factor that causes said behavioir, even though it might be something that's uncommon, or the like.

Ghosts, and the like? Screw that shit...
Ghosts and Supernatural, there isn't anything scarier then nothing you can fight against. On another note, the "horror" movies of late seem to be more about the gore effect and the gross out factor then actually scary things, so I get grossed out more then I get scared. Silent Hill games freak me out to the point that I can't go in dark areas for a little bit after playing
Aliens are fucking cool to me..Not scary..

Serial killers can be scary but they are only human like me.. I can just as easily kill them!

Super Natural is unknown... That scares me the most!
Hmmmn, they're all about equal, to be honest.

It's how you TREAT the terror/threat that makes the difference.

Assuming he means realism over camp, quoted for truth. I've seen some pretty terrible movies that are ghosies/aliums or killers. And I do mean both versions of the word 'terrible.' 13 Ghosts; terribly scary on principle. Freddy vs. Jason, terribly campy.
I'm one of those people who is willing to totally throw themselves into the movie-verse. Suspension of disbelief all the way! That's what movies were made for anyway!

GHOSTS. Of course that could be because 'ghosts' are pretty real things to my culture at least. They tend to be things you're taught you don't fuck around with and could bring untold devastation down on you and your stuff.

I would kill that serial killer right back. Or at least do my best to. Or at least run away >_>

Aliens aren't all that bad but I think I get the urge to take a baseball bat to them more than anything. Probably because of how tired I am of always watching alien-themed stuff at home. Probably donk it in the head, drag it in the house and throw it into the living room. "THERE. DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE THAT THEY'RE REAL NOW? OK. NOW CAN WE CHANGE THE GODDAMN CHANNEL PLEASE?"