What do you find beautiful?

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  1. A very broad and general question,

    What do you find beautiful?

    This can be anything from the arts, everyday life, an emotion, an object - anything. I'm curious to know what pleases your eye and your soul.


    For me, I find nature very beautiful. Since Spring is arriving in full force here, all of the flowers and trees are blooming and I've been dragging the boyfriend out with me to look at all of the colors. Unfortunately his allergies tend to attack him. XD I also find the arts to be very beautiful, in a soul enriching way. I love drawing, painting, music, writing, and embroidery. I always find myself in a very serene place when I'm surrounded by the arts.​
  2. Lush dense forests, sunsets, sunrises. I am very in tune with nature and natural beauty overall.

    'Course, I find some music stunningly beautiful, too... but overall, I really love nature.
  3. Girls who are inexplicably insecure, even though they turn heads when they walk through the door and are in no need of makeup. The kind of girls who don't see how beautiful they are but everyone else in the room does, and they light up my life like nobody else just by flipping their hair or smiling at the ground, and if they could only see what I see they'd understand why I want them so desperately. And to prove them wrong I write a song for them, even though they turn away shyly when I look in their eyes. Na na na na na na na.

    They don't know they're beautiful.

    And that's what MAKES them beautiful.
  4. Asmo is quoting One Direction... I... I don't know what Tegan is doing to thim! D:

    *Ahem* COLORS. That seems to be my theme today. I am highly attract to things that have vibrant colors, or palette pleasing colors.

    I also tend to find sparkly or glittering things beautiful.

    And like Alan I also looooooove nature settings. I like a page called Amazing Nature on facebook, and every day they post of these GORGEOUS pictures of natural wonders and I'm always baffled at how stunning these places are.

    Also beautiful? I love piano and violin sounds. I'm always thrillleeed when I hear a piano or violin cover of my favorite songs. There's just something really awesome about those sounds.
  5. This is scary... even I don't like One Direction for their cheesy lines D:

    & I find nature beautiful the way you do! But I think for me, something that moves me even more is sincerity. When I see something sincere in someone's eyes, I'm floored.
  6. Things that are somber and melancholy. Lots of people throughout my life have pointed out that there's a "sad" aura about me. They look at me and even when I'm smiling, they sense sadness. It used to make me feel depressed, but over time I learned to embrace it. To think myself beautiful, I had to think sorrow as beautiful. Plus it gets me lots of hugs. My boyfriend is oddly charmed by my gloom. x3 I dunno, I'm weird. I think it also has to do with my desire to restore things to a happier condition.

    So, I am very drawn to:
    - Gray rainy days
    - Tears, especially when they smudge make-up or smear ink on paper
    - Damaged books
    - Caged birds
    - Art of wastelands
    - Songs, stories and poems that are tragic
    - Abused toys

    So strangely...beautiful.
  7. *reads Asmo's post*


    *commences repeated facedesk*
  8. Tattoos, especially ones like this.
    Feathers, wings, things of that nature.
    I love the look of trees drenched in rain and streets streaming with water.
    I find snakes and spiders gorgeous.
  9. Dark and eerie things like a forest of dead trees ..branches lifting upwards in supplication against a gathering storm, withering floral life, the whistle of the wind through a dead bough, bats, long black talons. Things of that nature usually, and foxes.
  10. ANYTHING in the natural world, old/weathered things, the inner-workings of things both natural and not, human and animal nature, impossibilities and improbabilities, sentiments, voices and sounds. Bright and cheery, dark and gloomy, completely mellow, or conflicted feelings. Lots and lots of things.

    More specific things are bears, the insides of watches, rusted metal, run-down factories/mills, train wreckage, the female body (I don't care how it sounds, women are freaking pretty), any body of water - Clear or murky, snow, morning dew, all eyes, mausoleums, scars. Just as a few examples.

    Pretty much - And yeah, I know it's corny - I enjoy the beauty in nearly everything I see, even if I don't go out of my way to express it.
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  12. Galaxies and Nebula shot from the Hubble Telescope.
    How is there anything more beautiful than that?
  13. I find a lot of things beautiful in life, and nature is one of them. There is simply nothing that can beat climbing up on a mountain so one can embrace the absolute silence, then the scenery which unfolds in front of them. The long walk which takes me there I also find beautiful and I enjoy, because it takes me through a journey that not many are willing to take, because they do not know what is waiting for them at the end.

    I also find snow to be very beautiful, especially when it is combined with frost. The trees, the houses, the roads and everything look just dazzling when they are covered in snow, in pure, white innocence. I just find it amazing.

    Another thing I have a fascination with is dissonance and some forms of abstract art like surrealistic music and art. For some reason, I find myself enjoying if I read a story in which a young child is depicted as creepy, not innocent or dreamscapes are being depicted. It just makes me feel great and gives me so much inspiration that I cannot begin to describe.

    I could go on with this list for a long time, because many things in this world are worth admiring. But I think those stand especially high on my list.
  14. What do I find beautiful? Honestly, I'm a firm believer that pretty much everything is beautiful, it just needs the right perspective to appreciate it. There are some exceptions, but overall, pretty much anything can be seen as beautiful.
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  16. [video=youtube;DO0Os3LCdg8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO0Os3LCdg8[/video]


  17. Money. As shallow as it may seem, there's nothing like looking at a crisp £50 note, for me.
    Working machinery. Just looking at a giant behemoth of a machine, and imagining its inner workings - I love it.
    Stark realism. As much as I love escaping to a world of make-believe, there's something oddly beautiful about seeing things for all they are, warts and all.
    This scene.
  18. There are so many things that I think are beautiful but these are just a few off the top of my head...

    Songs with deep meanings.
    A million and one pieces of art.
    Sunrises and sunsets.
    A (geological) place untouched by man.
    Crisp, undisturbed, fresh fallen snow.
    Grimdark settings and bizarre creatures.

    And most of all, every single one of us is beautiful.

  19. "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"

    I find emotional beauty in the simple things of life:

    A smile to someone else
    A kindness given or received

    Things like that.

    I find physical beauty in natural things:

    The stars/solar system/moon
    Sunrise or sunset

    thins like that

    I find artistic beauty in expression:


    so yeah I think you get the picture...