What do you fear the most?

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  1. What do YOU fear the most?

    When we break it all down, fear itself is the only thing to be feared. However, people like to put their fear, compress it, into one thing. It helps the mind cope as well as escape from fear in general.


    What do you fear?
  2. I fear dying young or someone killing Me O.O

  3. Death is just another part of life, it is really nothing more than a matter of perception. I have known people, on their death beds, who all had one notable comment in common: Death is a bad thing. Regardless of age. If you look deeper into your life, maybe you'll find that your fear of dying young is actually a fear of your personal achievements. It's possible that you are scared of dying young because you haven't lived life to it's fullest, or maybe because you haven't fulfilled your life to the utmost of its potential. Fear not death! It is one of the few things that is a given in life. Instead, accept it and learn to live each day to its fullest!
  4. Being alone I suppose is the most assoteric thing I fear. I have a few phobias that can be pinpointed to things that actually gave me pain, but just because I know where those fears came from doesn't mean I've concerned them. It does give me prospective though.
  5. Being alone.
  6. What I fear the most... I think I don't fear anything more than death actually, but at the same time I don't fear it. It's a bit complecated feeling xD

    Sometimes I come to think of death and feels terrified because I don't know what will happen, what I fear is that everything will just disappear, all memories I have and my feelings, all of it will disappear. If I knew that something existed after death then I wouldn't be afraid of it so I hope there will be something after death but I don't know and that's why I fear it.

    Was that even understandable? xD
  7. A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
  8. Sometimes I have an initial hesitance towards pain, then I experience it and that goes away. Sometimes I worry about being unprepared, but I remind myself that I am capable and that goes away too. I often remind myself that we go through life with little to no real way of seeing what's coming. Unforeseen events never grip me so thoroughly that I freeze in place, so I never find myself stopped in place and worried about the future. It will come and I will be ready. Or I won't.

    In all things I often remind myself that I am strong and equally as dangerous as some animals, that I can cause just as much chaos and upset as any accident or incident. These reminders keep me from being gripped by fear.

    It should be noted that being afraid and being aware are two different things and that while I may not fear heights or spiders, I'm aware a fall could severely injure or kill me, a spider can poison or kill me as well. It's important, I think, to not be afraid, but to always maintain an awareness of what might be.
  9. "Death"
    "Being Alone"

    These things are scary, but they are not why I fear the most. Death, I know is coming. I don't know when it's coming, but I'll be ready. As long as I take each day as my last, I will keep trying to become a better person each day. So when the day comes, I won't regret it.

    Yes, I get lonely. A LOT. But, I am not afraid of it. We all have those moments in our lives where we have to embrace the silence of being alone. As a child, I was often alone. At the time, it never really bothered me. When I got older, I only understood a little bit of what people meant by "lonely". I think, 'being alone' is just a notion that people have created as an excuse to be with others, to run from their own insecurities. Of course, that's only a portion of it. Myself, too, there are times when I am by myself and wish I had company to cheer me up. But, I remember those days, when my dad would be at work, I couldn't go into the house because the family we lived with wasn't back yet and I didn't have a key, so I would walk around the neighborhood, passing the same faces, houses, and stores over and over again after school until the sun went down, the streets were dark and the crickets chirped. At the time, I wasn't lonely at all. I remember it now, and somewhat pity myself, even though I know I was happy. It's just what we've been taught, by society, that loneliness is dark. It isn't necessarily. It can make you stronger. Sure, company is brighter, but loneliness, it's neutral. It's what you make of it.

    What am I really afraid of? Sometimes I think that I fear darkness. Laugh if you will, but I am still afraid of being in a room with all the lights off, unless I'm completely familiar with the room. If I know the room well enough to navigate in the dark, then the darkness will not bother me, but if I do not, I will fidget, I will worry, my imagination will run wild. This leads me to believe that I'm not actually scared of darkness, spiders, or anything physical or concrete.

    The fear of being unable to live, achieve, overcome, because of a fear.... I am most afraid of
    being crippled by fear.
  10. You're very insightful, Sakura. I admire and respect that. Sometimes I don't know how to make heads or tails of a situation or even my own feelings. I even wonder if knowing what they really mean is overly important. I feel them, they're there. That's enough for me most of the time. I don't feel like understanding them will really help in the long run.

    What do I fear? I fear many common things: Heights, being judged unfairly, rejection. All of these can be associated with childhood events or poor love life experiences. Do they matter in the grand scheme of things? Are they rational? No, not really. I fear heights despite my trust in my own sense of balance. I fear being judged because it had hampered me so much when I was a child. I fear rejection due to my familiarity with it and knowing it never gets any easier to accept.

    I'm afraid that I have already let one chance at happiness pass me by. It was hard to accept but I could only blame myself for never finding the courage to say what needed to be said until it was already far too late. This fear turned to pain in my chest that ate away at me for a long time but now I feel like I'll soon have my second chance to find who I'm meant to spend my whole life with. This fear is now a twinge of regret, but I suppose it could have been a lot worse. When I meet my someone the regret too will disappear so it won't be there forever.

    More than any of those things, I fear losing the strong bonds I make with my precious friends. I know what it's like to lose them and I dread ever having to go through it once more. I will very likely experience the pain of it again some day, but that makes it no easier to face down. I don't have to be with them all of the time, being alone was most of my early life. I'm both used to it and enjoy it on occasion. It gives me time to think and unwind, but just knowing when I'm done being alone that I have those friends waiting for me makes all the difference in the world. I don't think I have it in me to go back to that old life.
  11. I'm afraid of lawnmowers. No, seriously. I run away, sometimes I scream (and it's not manly). I used to be afraid of blenders and food processors to.
  12. I have only two major fears in my life. One physical and tangible and horrible beyond any rational comprehension, and one that just rears its head once in a while.

    One of my great fears is that someday, at some point, I will fail someone I care for. Just one instance where I well and truly let them down, with varying degrees of consequence. This has fairly deep roots, given that there have been times where I've let someone down, and met with tragic results. Ergo - I'm a people pleaser usually at my own expense. I'm aware of the problem, and trying to fix it..but its still there, and the cause of a good panic here or there.

    Primarily though, I'm arachnophobic. Spiders are the Devil's own creation and should be completely and utterly destroyed in every shape and size until the universe is purged of every last fucking one. This is all because when I was a child, my uncle (whom I love like a father despite all of his faults) took me to an exotic spiders exhibit at the San Diego zoo. There............well, I got a good glimpse of what I imagine Hell to be like. I was forced to 'pet' tarantulas, a bird eating spider pounced at my face despite the glass, etc. That, officially and well and truly has scarred me for life. I get full on panic attacks when I cannot escape or avoid them, paranoia sits in heavy, and when I am forced to look at one, I either freak out or go into full paralysis and....its horrible. Therapy has not helped, and when my "peers" learned of this in school, they used it against me in horrible ways. I mean.......just awful.

    And that is why I propose that anything with more than 4 legs should be completely and utterly incinerated and eradicated to the last atom, damn the consequences to the natural order.
  13. Mine as well.

    Indeed, there are times when I actually prefer being alone. In fact, right now I am alone in this apartment with no one else. But the point is that I don't feel alone. The alone that I'm afraid of is of a day I will become abandoned, forgotten, hated, etc. I actually know that such a day will never exist, but that doesn't mean it's not my biggest fear. I've become too accustomed to that feeling of warmth and happiness that can only be given to me by others. I'm always looking to return that feeling as well. So whether it's me giving comfort to others or others giving comfort to me, loneliness is no longer an option for me anymore. If I become alone, I will try my hardest to forge new friendship, so that I won't be alone.
  14. I have two fears that seem completely irrational. The first one came from a childhood accident that made me afraid of heights. Even if someone picks me up I freak out. The second one comes from my mental state. I have a fear of things I do not understand. So if I see something I don't get I will research it to death then lock the fear away and move onto something else. This can range from dieing to religion. Those are past examples. Just seems like a never ending cycle seems now I have a fear of cancer, just because I don't understand it. I get its a disease and all that. Yet I don't know everything about it....Bugs me and I'm afraid of it.
  15. I have two fears.

    One is a fear that many people carry, which is the fear of losing a loved one. Whether it's my grandmother or my boyfriend, thinking about their deaths and living life after their deaths terrifies me. It's very much rooted in being alone and struggling through life without their support or love.

    The second fear is a bit more elaborate. It has to do with me being a mother and my future children if I choose to have kids. I'm scared of being a bad parent because of what my mother and father have done to me. I constantly think about what my parents could have improved upon to make me a better person. I find myself wondering if their teachings, discipline and punishments weren't that bad compared to other parents, and if I'm just being spoiled. This fear possibly outweighs my first one and it's one that's slowly creeping up on me.
  16. I spent a lot of my life alone, and although that is a thought that has crossed my mind quite frequently, I have accepted that maybe it is just who I am. That I may have to be alone. I know someone who let this fear rule his life, actually, and it had consequence, and I don't want to be that person. But the lack of fear of being alone has given way to a fairly new and fresh fear that lurks deep in my mind: I fear being a sociopath.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I have inadvertently burned every bridge in my path because of one reason or another, or simply because it was 'natural' for me. Often times such things came with their own baggage, and it always confused me as to why. I cannot empathize very well with people at times, and my rational is usually seemingly that which coincides to my suspicion of sociopathy. Not to mention my pride which I am learning to revolt against.

    Other fears of mine are that of claustrophobia, arachnophobia, haemophobia, and a bunch of other phobias I have listed in Fear Incarnate. The sociopath thing hits me pretty hard in the fear factor, but I think one thing that I fear the most is the truth. The truth regarding quite a few things, actually. Who I am, what made me who I am, why I am, daily consequences and encountering them. The phrase goes that ignorance is bliss, and in my case, I would rather be blissfully ignorant than face the cold hard facts. Especially when it comes to my social situations. I hate to know what they think, yet I deeply relish in their opinion and almost beg for it. I think it's just a strain of masochism, personally.

    I fear loss. I fear losing that which is mine, that which I have fought for or posessed for many years. The closest objects to me are what I will carry with me to my grave if I could help it even against all rationalization. But this does not stretch just for ordinary objects, but also for the creatures and people in my life. If someone has made an impact on me, I want to keep them in my life no matter the cost and I often put myself in compromising situations because of it. This fear appears because of my dog. She is aging, and I can assume in a few years she will pass.
  17. That you guys will not vote for Ron Paul ;(
  18. Except loosing my loved ones I have three strong fears that I can't get rid off plus a strong dislike against drunk or high people.

    I'm deathly afraid of snakes, I can't even look at one on the TV or computer or even in a book, when I went to school studying the Natural Resource Programme I tried to get rid off that fear by handling the snakes there but it didn't work. It's enough thinking too much about snakes for me to get nightmares about them.

    My other fear is of the dark, I know I'm over 20 but I can't easily go outside after nightfall and when I do I have this feeling along my spine that someone or something is behind me, I'm not scared of monsters though, it's the dark that intimidates me.

    Closed spaces, I have never noticed until just about a year ago that I get uncomfortable when in closed spaces and when in small spaces I know I can't get out of instantly I get scared and almost panicky, like whe two boys in first class opened a door fully so I was locked inside the small triangular space behind it or of cellars (I hate cellars) especially those that are in apartment complexes and such where the doors often are locked and hard to open, though I mostly don't show my fear to others.
  19. I have a strong fear of people leaving me. One could say I'm afraid of "goodbye." Besides that, I'm afraid that I might not have the energy to complete what I want to do. To just fall short before completing things that are terribly important to me. I'm slightly afraid of spiders, but that's about it.
  20. Not being able to accomplish my dreams or goals in life.