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  1. This is a thread where you can post about the dreams you've dreamt. I had a disturbing one a couple hours or so ago and I can still remember it.

    My brother and I were riding in my Dad's truck (which is an old and nasty thing, mind you- 10 years old) and uh, my Dad was driving us. We were going on this highway, then we stopped when I said something like "clutch Mr. House" and my Mom and Step-dad were stopped down the road. I rolled down the window and peeked out from it and yelled at them to hurry up because "Daddy's abusing us" :|

    Pretty fucked up.
  2. Kind of a summary of my dreams over the past months: they tend to be unpleasant, such as getting into a car accident, someone I care about dies and I'm notified through my phone, and I totally miss an important deadline at work (or school, sometimes my dreams flash back to my college days).

    The only pleasant ones I've had were of deceased friends/relatives suddenly being alive and talking to me.
  3. I tend to have random dreams, many times nightmares, then silly ones involving friends. A couple of days ago I dreamt I was a dude in a shopping mall being attacked by a huge monster.

    This morning I woke up from a dream where I was apparently slowly dying of some sickness. And my grandma was yelling at my mom over the phone about something or other.
  4. I had a nightmare not too long ago about the Joker and Harley torturing Bruce's parents. It makes no sense with canon timelines, but a dream's a dream.

    I had a much funnier one a couple months back about accidentally flashing people at a mall restaurant. My friends were in it too, it was great. xD

    I've noticed that bathrooms are really important in my dreams. Often there's these large public bathrooms in the basement of buildings and they include tubs and showers. I've yet to figure out what it means. I...really like to be clean?
  5. I used to have reoccuring nightmares about dinosaurs hunting me, often in places I know.

    Worst dream I had I was fighting an alien invasion, got captured and turned into a cyborg against my will and was forced to hunt down my family and friends without having control of my body.
  6. Had another dream today (never had so many dreams until now) where I lived in California (it sort of felt like it) and my Aunt lived on a high mountain. My dad sent my brother and I up to my aunt's for whatever reason (I assume it was because of work since we were young and he was a single parent) and he proclaimed he wanted to be an electrical optician (which doesn't even make any sense lol) but showed a moment where he was fiddling with some electrical wires from a TV, trying to get it to work again if anybody knows what that is. I also had a brief episode where there were buses lined up and I fainted in the snow. Talk about weird.
  7. the last one that was actually an adventure was when me and one of my OCs needed to break into this nazi concentration camp-esque place to save all my Asian friends. I had no idea what I was thinking about.

    Oh, and the time I was actually a secret agent trapped in my local supermarket with a bunch of criminals so I subdued them all by going bowling with watermelons and slapping them with fish.
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  8. I dreamt that our universe collected perfectly with parallel universe, so people who didn't exist in that universe had stopped existing - but their physical bodies still existed in our world. So they became mindless, violent bodies that lashed out on anything that came near it.

    Long story short, I escaped my home where my brother and parent's didn't exist, and I climbed into this deep underground complex of bunkers. I saw some light, followed it and found that in the world we collided with, famous people who died still lived underground. I saw Hitler and when I tried to kill him, Elvis shanked me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I have ALLOT, cool, nightmares, silly, etc etc. Lets go with my most recent one ^^

    So I'm apart of some mercenary/para-military/some kind of group with military gear. So we have stolen US military vehicles and we are going through some part in china. So we get up a cliff and drive along a cliff side, well there's a town below and citizens saw the vehicles and start freaking out. So we turn around and rush to this glass 6ish story building. So I go up the elevator, but its a very inconsiderate elevator. Each one only goes up 1 floor, then you have to switch to the one next to you. So I go to the top floor and then I run into superman working for china (He's not chinese, just working for china) And he wants to break my thumbs for some reason XP Well real superman comes out of nowhere and tackles china superman against the glass wall, causing an explosion. Well they get to fighting and real superman gets taken down. So china superman grabs my fist with his thumbs pressed against mine as he lifts me up in the air. So we're talking (Stalling) and then real superman gets up and gets china superman off of me. So I look around, go down a story, see someone important, then the dream ends.
  10. I very frequently (like at least 4 nights out of the week) have horrible dreams about the people I care about most hating me and treating me terribly. I'm talking things like my mom telling me she wished I had succeeded in committing suicide, or throwing me out of a moving car - that kind of thing.

    Otherwise I dream a lot about work, my elementary school, my dad driving us off cliffs, and grocery stores. I have no clue about the last one, but I dream about so many grocery stores. Also, breaking or overflowing toilets...

    Sometimes I have nice dreams that are video game based, which are pretty cool. Unconscious me comes up with really cool video game concepts. Or I'll dream about my oldest OCs being cute idiots together. I like those.
  11. This so much x.x I don't know why. Maybe it's my dislike of strange washrooms but they feature a lot in my dreams, and they're always nasty as hell. TT_TT
  12. I've told a lot of dream stories in threads like this before. I know in that other thread I said something about repeating some of those dream stories, but, now that I think about it... have I ever told the full story of those recurring Paul McCartney dreams that I alluded to? I don't think I have.

    So that being said,

    The first dream was one where I saw Paul wandering around in public someplace (and by that I do mean his old, current-day self -- not his young Beatle self or anything), and I wanted to approach him and at least say hi -- I mean, why wouldn't I? -- but, for some reason, I hesitated, and I let him walk away and get lost in the crowd. And then, just after he was out of sight, I realized I'd made a mistake, and I tried to run after him, but I could never find him.

    And, if that was the only dream like this that I had, then this wouldn't be very interesting -- oh, Kaga's having fangirl dreams about her old man crush?? No surprise there. But... they kept happening. I kept having dreams where basically the same sequence of events played out -- I caught sight of Paul in public, I wanted to approach him but didn't, he walked away, I changed my mind and tried going after him, and then I never found him. The scenery changed each time, but that main sequence of events was always in place.

    But then, there was one dream that started off following that sequence -- but then, as Paul started to walk away, he stopped, and he turned around and said, "No, hold on, we're not doing this" -- and then he started walking towards me. He made eye contact with me specifically and then started to approach me. Unfortunately, that was when I woke up -- maybe the break in the familiar sequence was just too surprising and exciting? o_o" Still, the point is, I stopped having those dreams after that. It was as if dream Paul knew what was going on and wanted to break the pattern -- so, if I still wasn't going to approach him when I had the chance, then he would approach me. XD And then, by breaking the pattern, he stopped it from repeating.

    So that was an odd little thing that happened. It still shows that I'm just an obsessed fangirl, though.
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  13. The one occurring dream (Or well, nightmare) that I keep having is those of being chased by the weeping angels. You know, the creepy ass things from Doctor Who. (If not, then, uh, google it up shitlord.)

    I mean, I consistently have dreams about trying to survive from a pack of these things. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with other people. Sometimes with the Doctor (That overly blinking son of a bitch.)

    Like, it happens so many times and it's so thrilling. Though sometimes in the dream I realise that this shit happens all the time and I'm just like "Really, guys. This again. Can't you find someone else to harass.

    And while they are frightening in my dreams, I do think sometimes that I me in my dream defo cheats and basically goes "NAH MAN YOU DIDN'T CATCH ME DIDN'T FEEL IT BRUV".

    Seriously though Capaldi. Pick up you're slack bruv, I cant be doing all the staring myself.
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  14. I have PTSD, so my dreams are rather terrifying for me because I am reliving a lot of my traumas. I haven't slept more than four hours (four if I'm lucky) for the last few days.
  15. Last week I kept dreaming of fire for some reason. First I was afraid of getting felony charges for burning down a building and some stuff in my backyard (woke up just before my stepdad got home in the dream to hear the news- THANK GOD). Then the next night I dreamed of a broken lighter that would flare up without you flicking it. I was worried about it giving off carbon monoxide (which I know does not come from bic lighters, but hey, dream logic). It eventually ended up burning my hand, and I could have sworn the injury was real until I woke up and there was no scarring.

    I still never figured out why fire was such a prominent theme those few days :/
  16. Last night I had a dream of someone breaking in my house and I knocked them out with a baseball bat but they came to and aimed a gun at me. I run outside where the cops are and continue to run, hoping they'll hold them off. But the guy catches up to me and is about to shoot me until one of the cops shows up.

    Needless to say, I woke up very paranoid.
  17. Last night I dreamt that Niantic had updated Pokemon Go with all pokemon species up to Gen IV, including legendaries. And also the legendaries were really common for some reason. I remember running into four Moltreses and two Manaphys. And yet, I still remember thinking, "why is there no trading yet?"
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  18. I dreamt about taking a nap in a small cube of a room with no stimuli. After complaining loudly about this, the ceiling opened up and the branch of a fruit-bearing tree came down, frustratingly out of reach. The room got more (almost) comfortable as I complained, and I woke up after I went to bed on the rock-hard IKEA mattress I just got rid of.
  19. The other day I dreamt I was outside some small church in the middle of a forest with my mom, her car standing outside. Over the trees, we see a large smoke cloud, that somehow bursts into flames. That cloud was huge. Quickly after, a roar is heard, and a dragon composed of smoke, flies up and starts firing fire-clouds wherever. I suggest we hide in the church, but mom, without speaking, gets in the car. Not really given other options, I follow, and she starts driving.

    As we are driving, my dream is occasionally interrupted by close-up views of the dragon (and let me tell you, that thing was scary). We eventually arrive at a really old looking house, and step inside the basement. Except the basement looks like a medieval catacomb or something. A 4-5 people in medieval clothing are sitting in a room there on their phones, until we come in. They all get up, some mutter something about finally starting.

    And then I wake up.
  20. You must've arrived late to the LARP.
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