What do you do...

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  1. I have a couple of concepts for some rps, but I don't have the time currently to be (what I feel is) a reliable GM. And I feel they're too involved to make for very good "Jump-in" Rps. So, what do you do? Can you scout for someone else to GM your concept? That makes sense, but kinda feels...idk, sorta selfish?

    lol...I don't mean to be so needy...

    I have a roleplay blog where I write down and save all my plots and character ideas. So when I know I can do something right now, I save it for later. >:3

    Sometimes I tell people they can take and steal any of my plots too if they wanna.

    People DO try searching for GMs to run their concepts too. O_O They post up their ideas in Roleplay Talk and ask about co gms and stuff like that.

    In the past we have had plot bunny adoption threads but they never really worked out well. >> I've been trying to think of ways to have a cool plot database where people could grab freebie plots from, but haven't yet figured out a way to do that in a clean and cohesive way. ><
  3. lol, those are good ideas :)

    And it's good to know that others do seek GM help. I guess too, since I'm newer to Iwaku, it'd be helpful to know this: what are the general expectations of a GM here? Is it just someone who approves of new players coming in and passively observes to make sure everyone's following the rules? Or is it more like a table-top GM where they really should handle most if not all NPCs and plot progression?