What do you do when you have no internet?

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  1. Okay guise, so I had to disappear for a few days completely since my internet was out.

    Sometimes, I go to a library or a place with free Wi-Fi, but since it was the weekend, I haven't been anywhere that free internet was available.

    So what I did was I invested more time in some extra homework.

    What do you do?
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  2. Depends what I feel like doing. I'll read, or write by hand, work on costume projects for conventions or head to the gym for a few hours.
  3. Reading, drawing, cooking...

    also offline gaming, lol.
    Or go outside (Gasp!) and look for cool bugs. Works best in springtime when all the weirdos hatch out.
  4. Well seeing as how most of my homework without internet.....I sit and watch tv.....and be bored....and lonely....
  5. When hurricane Sandy hit, didn't have electricity for two whole weeks. I read books and crocheted by candlelight at night and by day I would draw as a sat close to a propane heater.

    Achievements unlocked!!!
  6. There's been very few time's my nets been out, but if it is, or I just don't feel like being online I read or work on some of my fanfics (which I've been neglecting) sometimes I''ll watch a movie and knit. It's also fun to torture play with my cat.
  7. Me? I go hiking, read, I have my own adventures. I don't need the internet to be happy, just need the ability to run about in the woods.
  8. I read. Or draw. Or play games (usually this option).

    >> Usually, though I watch tv or read a book.
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  10. Spend more time with friends. Read more. Play more games. Generally be more productive or more lazy.
  11. Lots of shit!

    And I make it a point to spend a big part of the day working/playing without Internet anyway, so it's not a huge change

    • Clean my house
    • Prep dinner
    • Read
    • Play Videogames
    • Text people
    • Go for a walk
    • Get the shopping done
    • Work on sewing project
    • Draw/freewrite character info
    • Watch movies
    • Call a buddy over
    • Call my mom
    • Play yugioh/duel monsters

    I also like to reorganize my stuffed animal collection, crochet, play with my doggie outside, draw, and read :)
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  13. Considering the things most people accomplish when there is no Internet should be more than enough to remove it forever!
  14. But then there would be no Iwaku D:
  15. well, I'm going to an island...
  16. Lately, I don't think I'm ever really without internet. Which technically says a lot about the type of world we live in now! I recall a time where the internet did not exist; if you wanted to write school essays, you needed to use the encyclopedia XD etc

    But yeah, if my wifi is not available for whatever reason, I have my phone's 3G/4G, and if that is unavailable (which it never is), I have the university computers. Literally, most, if not all my classes require the use of a computer and some use of the internet.

    Alas, if there was no internet, I'd just spend my time drawing and reading. The internet just makes the reading part... ever to much easier for me to do. It's like this bast library, with a more or less easy searching system. I adore it.
  17. I usually read, or text friends. I really should do more artwork though......
  18. When our internet goes out, we use a different internet. Like someone else's network, or the android phone that is a hot spot itself. Most of my schooling is online, so I can't not have internet. Otherwise, I'll just migrate to a coffee place or library that has wi-fi I can use.

    If by chance there's nothing I need to do that requires the net, I just watch DVDs or take a nap or something. Even though it'll be super boring without internet access, it's not impossible to find worthy pastimes.
  19. Get on my phones cellular. :D

    Weird isn't it how we have these hundred to thousand dollar machines that become useless the second the internet goes out. I have a hard time remembering that "Oh wait, I have like a billion other things I could do on this!" So I play 3d pinball, single suit spider solitaire, and minesweeper. Ahhhh how I love good old Windows XP
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