What do you do when not RPing?

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  1. Hobbies, jobs, responsibilities, getaways.

    What's your thing outside of Iwaku?

    Me, I am a huge anime otaku, retro video gamer, tabletop gamer, cosplayer, Parkour traceur, martial artist, and pianist.

    I love working out, reading medical journals and physics, and hanging out with me wife.

    But if I am not relaxing or working, I am thinking of how to nearly kill myself next by thinking up cool ways to vault, climb, or otherwise overcome various obstacles Assassins Creed style. I am no David Belle yet,but what I do know makes getting across the street sooooo much more entertaining!

    So what do YOU do outside of the forum?
  2. Oh, God? Really.. I have to answer this?
    I thought I passed my young age for such discussion..

    Decides anyways to explain^^

    Housekeeping, going to gym sometimes- yes I like my abs a lot to be in shape!-
    Playing the guitar ( well trying at least)

    And working ( occasionally because I don't have a busy schedule right now lol!).
    First job- Subway part time xD
    Second job- I just moved to work in a Tesco( supermarket ) at the frozen fish stands lol

    Sooo yeaAh :). That's about it..

    Oh shot! I almost forgot about my Personal Life.!

    I don't have much of a love life right now.. Yes I am dating.
    And no I am not available ! ^^

    * pets her Tiger in a corner munching Oreo biscuits *
  3. WORK O.O

    I work full-time at a combination Handmade-Chocolates-and-Cafe shop downtown, and I play (stealing term from @Diana cause it makes me smile) " House Elf ". I cook and clean and do laundry and tidying around the house, and between chores I try to keep up with helping Iwaku be a safe, fun, and organized community. And after ALL OF THAT, If I'm not passed out in pain/exhaustion (I have a muscular condition that acts up under stress, strain, and repetitive motion), I try to reply to roleplays, work on my newborn editiorial service, hang out with my friends, spend time with my boyfriend, and get some gaming done.

    The bright side is I do enjoy most of the work I do, except cleaning bathrooms >.<
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  4. Outside of being on the internet and RPing, I don't do much. Except band, I do that almost all of the year. Or at least spend time playing my flute everyday. Other than that, I like to play Skyrim, play Skyrim, oh, and play Skyrim. >:3
  5. I think minibit wins at life because she makes chocolates
  6. My job is carpenter and I like building things! Although I don't own my own house yet so I can't do much 'home improvement'. One day though, I will build a hobbit hole addition that will kick ass....one day.

    Other than the long, endless hours I spend building rich people ridiculous structures I like to watch movies and read. I spend WAAAAAY too much time in front of the computer screen, but oh well. Like Razilin, I also love to work out. My favorite exercises are ones that require no weights; push ups, dips, pull ups etc etc. I need weight for squats and presses so theres that, too. I used to run a lot, but have stopped to save my knees for carpentry. The sacrifices a young man makes for a career in the trades! Eating my girlfriend's cooking is nice, too. She can ROCK that kitchen like no other.
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  7. Yo October knight. So I was huge into weightlifting when I started out, but yeah, I pretty much converted to body weight training too. Funny enough, when I went back to try the weights to see if I got any weaker, I could still press my old max. So I guess body weight training really works out and is certainly a hell of a lot more convenient.
  8. Unfortunately I don't get to make them, just sell them and taste them :(
    The owner of the shop is a certified chocolatier, and the pastry chef who makes our cakes and cookies studies under her and makes the chocolates when she's too busy to.
    I'm actually not that great a cook, so it's probably for the best xD
  9. There's not much for me outside of Iwaku. It's sad really. I attend college during the school year. I love to draw and read books. If I play any games, and I'm no gamer at all, I like puzzle games. They keep my brain working. I write short stories and haikus. I usually end up trashing them because I don't feel they're any good. I've been looking for a job, but haven't had much luck. Aside from that, I sleep. I love to sleep. e//e' I get my best ideas from my dreams. I don't get out much, as none of my friends ever really have time for me anymore and it's no fun to go do things alone. Overall, not much of a life.
  10. @Minibit: you win less at life for not making awesome chocolate.

    @akiko: good news is, slumps in life are temporary. Stick around long enough and fortunes invariably change.
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  11. My main squeezes are reading (holy jesus I read A TON), video games, and crocheting--or just making things/crafting in general. I'm an old lady at heart, it's almost kind of sad.

    I also adore running. And sports. I like playing and watching them, though I'm not involved in anything atm. :c
  12. Mostly playing video games, reading, watching things on tablet/pc/tv.
    And sometimes I actually do my work while I'm on the clock.
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  13. Wait what? Is there things to do besides roleplaying? o.O Huh, I've missed a lot I guess. xD

    I have some hobbies that goes in cycles. Some weeks I'm obsessed with Sudoku puzzles and other weeks I'm stuck at the computer screen just watching anime or reading manga. Then some weeks I play tons of games while listening to audiobooks.

    I do get obsessed with working out from time to time, and then when that hype lays down I go back to being a couch potato (is that a thing in the English language? Cause it is in Swedish)

    Except for that and roleplaying, I don't do much with my days.
    I do a bit more when I'm working, but at the moment I don't have a job sooo, I mainly lazy around at home.
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  14. I work, play a few games, eat, sleep, contemplate life, wait for games to come out, read comics, and most of all.....I was a LOT of youtube. Because I'm cheap...and won't pay for cable.
  15. Why get a tv when the internet has all your shows anyway.
  16. pffft I don't even watch any shows on a regular basis. I mostly listen to people talk over games.
  17. Mike Rowe.
  18. Another very important thing that I Enjoy doing outside the RP ..

    Drinking my coffee in the garden xD

    And totally not spending time with my Bf just because he is busy like. 24/7 working at the computers with the trading markets ^^
  19. So I found something new to do in my spare time. Troll the wife. She's funny when annoyed.
  20. Work.
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