What do you do to your hair?

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What do you do to your hair?

  1. Nothing! :]

  2. Dye it

  3. Straighten it

  4. Curl it

  5. Perm it

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  6. Dye with henna

  7. Other (specify in post)

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  1. Well, I straighten my hair often along with dying it. Sometimes I don't straighten it and just style my hair curly.

    What about you people?
  2. I hate doing shit to my hair. :P But, at times, I feel like looking good for once in my life, so, I go to the local salon, get my haircut (I prefer short hair and short sideburns, thank you) and get my hair all styled up. I wouldn't know how I want it to be styled, though, so I'd normally just ask one of the smugs there to help me decide.

    It ends up weird-looking most of the times... o_O" It's like, I don't even recognize myself anymore.
  3. Shave it down to 1/8 of an inch every few weeks.
  4. I used to get faded up every two weeks, i'de just leave a little on top. Recently I've been growing it out though, not super long but longer, and I'll even bleach it once in a while.
  5. I use to get red highlights a lot when I was in high school, but now I finally grew accustomed to my dark hair. My hair is very VERY curly, it used to be that "Hermione" hair back in high school. Curly, frizzy...ugh.

    So in order to really control the curl and frizz, I just wet my hair a lot and use this spray that basically tells my hair "calm the fuck down, I got this."

    Once in awhile, I straighten my hair, but with my curls it's really difficult. So I just leave it natural -_-
  6. I know what ya'mean, Necella 3:. During the summer when it's really humid, my hair becomes a mess unless I use smoothing products of some sort so I often end up going "I give up for the day" and put my hair up in a ponytail.
  7. My hair is naturally pretty straight~ so I don't usually have a need to straighten it unless I want that flat ironed look~ which I don't xD because its too flat for me x)

    When I want my hair curly~ I just leave it in braids for a while~ it get its all wavy and windblown and I don't even need to use a curler. (Normally, people would use a large barrel curler to get the wispy curl look and the smaller barrel for the twirled/twist curls).

    Occasionally (once a year or so) for some cousin's party or a wedding or something like that in the summer, my cousins will curl my hair into barrel curls (twisting in because out looks terrible on me xD) And those look pretty cute~ just too much to worry about all day because they're getting uncurled or the ribbons are tangled or they're bouncing all over like a distraction~~ but they're worth it >> once in a while, that is because they make me look ADORABLE <3 xD

    And then, there's DYING <3 OMG this is my favourite part ^^
    I use henna dye~ which pretty much, depending on which kind you use, can do one of two things. If you use the darker one, it practically makes your hair pitch black, but gives it a golden tinge in sunlight/light/etc. If you use the other one (the lighter one I guess, it's the one that smells better! xD), it makes your hair black, but not AS black and gives your hair a dark red tinge. But this is all only if your hair is DARK ^^ See, henna dye is pretty much dark red/ brownish dye. But when it gets on dark hair, it makes darker. Light hair ~ will become orange or red depending on your shade. I have medium brown to dark brown with some lighter strands~ so I end up with darker brown hair with coppery red streaks. Then~ when I wash it out, after a while, the darker brown fades away and leaves me with my normal brown and new copper highlights <3 which are awesome ^^

    OTHER >>
    Well, last summer, I went a little nuts and dyed my hair blue. Now it was a really pretty electric blue and I had gotten through the main portions of my hair and was leaving streaks for some BRIGHT YELLOW <3 but daddy totally made me wash it out till it came out and there wasn't any left. I had darker brown~purplish hair for a while, but IT WAS WORTH IT XD

    This summer, I wanna go GREEN. Not like icky forest green, but like that deep, primary color green. Pure green <3 Like grass or leaves. And I want to see how it looks. Just for fun. Maybe with red or yellow streaks. You know, the wash out eventually hair dye. It's more like hair gel. xD

    If I ever DYEDYE like real temp dye my hair, I'd dye it blonde just for fun. Because I wonder what I would look like with blonde hair you know <3 Eyebrows and all ;] Blonde xD

    ~_~ And that concludes my massive hair post xD I feel so silly ^^

    Make a thread about hairstyles too! I'll go even crazier!
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  8. Sakura, beware of using the blonde dye from the drug store. My mom uses it, and even though her hair is pretty light naturally she still gets this brassy strawberry blond color instead of the platinum blond on the box 3:. Speaking of colors I've dyed my hair in the past year, I don't really dye my hair crazy colors (although I have put in pink extensions while straightening my hair before). I tend to dye my hair a dark brown in the winter and then a caramel blond in the summer, although for the past six months I've kept it light brown with blond highlights. (What can I say? I've become attached to the blond ^-^;).
  9. It's partly nothing and partly something. See, my hair, when wet, is wavy and fling-y and just an all-around cool guy.

    When it's dry, it is a math teacher. It will dismiss any suggestions I give it and subvert any changes I make to it. D:< I have to either dunk it in gel and sculpt it into position, or not clean it when I shower and slowly calcify it into position. Usually the former. Otherwise it slowly retracts up my head as it dries and forms a shaggy helmet. Most of the time I comb and gel it, then.
  10. I comb it, and pull it into a pony tail. That's usually it.

    Buuuuuuuut, sometimes when I'm bored, I straighten it.
  11. I'll stick to my Thirty Sixty High and Tight.

    Easiest style to get, easiest to maintain. It's also quite comfortable in summer and, if faded right, very professional looking.
  12. You're supposed to do stuff with your hair? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.
  13. My hair is usually very very curly, but I like to straighten it. I have bangs, and my hair generally falls almost to my mid back. Usually I just put it up in a ponytail when I work, but on weekends I like to either leave it down or put it up in pigtails. Also considering dying it hot pink. It used to be blue, green and purple (all separately) so I miss messing with it. =P
  14. I leave my hair out because I'm not married :x Unless I'm alone or braid it cuz I just want wavier hair in the morning...

    I want to get a light haircut but cutting hair means you're in mourning. Too many people would be all up in my business once I got home! Plus I would have to make the 300+mile trek to a proper salon...I don't trust any of the small shops around here. All they do is shave everything off.

    My hair is really, really, REALLY long. Like, turbo long. As in gets-caught-in-the-cardoor long. Beyond "sitting on it" long. People touch it all the time too AND THAT PISSES ME OFF >:( Stop touching my goddamn hair. It's mine, goddamnit.

    Having it so long makes it hard to style. Plus my hair is really heavy and thick.

    In short, I do nothing :(
  15. I dye it usually some tint of red, because im jealous im the only sibling that didnt naturally get the red! But i got permy straight hair so i just wear it down and try to do the whole Jessica Rabbit swooosh style!
  16. I do two things with it, depending on the day: water it and comb it out, or NOTHING.

    However, I've done a LOT of things to my hair. I've:

    -Bleached it
    -Shaved it into a mohawk
    -Dyed said mohawk blue
    -Had blue hair, period
    -Dyed my hair red (the scarlet kind)
    -Had it down the length of my back
  17. I

    MAIM IT!
    KILL IT!

    Oh wait wrong thread..

    I comb it.
  18. I use a wave brush on mine.

    I get some funny looks for doing so. *Pale as a ghost.*
  20. I had so many adventures dying my hair.. xD It's been lavender, ruby red, orange, brown, black, dark blonde, and BLEACH blonde. :3

    Usually if I'm going somewhere and want to dress up, I usually straighten my hair. If I'm going to school, where we aren't allowed to have our hair down during lab anyway, I pull it into a tight ponytail to keep it out of my face while I'm working.