What do you do to your hair?

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What do you do to your hair?

  1. Nothing! :]

  2. Dye it

  3. Straighten it

  4. Curl it

  5. Perm it

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  6. Dye with henna

  7. Other (specify in post)

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  1. The son comes right before arrives. Hes a newborn when she shows up.

    And no problem.
  2. I'll read it in the morning and reply tomorrow.
  3. If you're quick, I might be able to get you a few replies tomorrow while I do my school work. It'll be during the day, not in the evening.
  4. "That's true."
  5. "We could have a nice nursery."
  6. "She's precious."
  7. "It would be nice."
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  8. "Here. This is mine." Anya's eyes sparkle with dominance, "This is where Aria is born and she loves it here. I want to keep it that way."
  9. More to follow but for now...

    Stephanie Brown aka The Spoiler aka Batgirl aka Heron

  10. Astaroth let his hands wander up Harmony.
  11. Astaroth grabbed the cereal and offered it to Melody.
  12. Melody started munching as Harmony took her to the garden.
  13. Oh, I wanted to talk to you about opening another chat in our clan here. I want a resource where we can put important people, events, and such for quick reference. I forget and to shift through 20 pgs of posts is a lot of work lol. It'd take a lot less to just update a page every so often.
  14. Harmony gently put down Melody and sat on the grass.

    Melody stare at the grass, the texture seem new to her and she didn't quite like it.
  15. Go for it
  16. Harmony pierce into Melissa's flesh with the stake, "I've always been bad at slow torture anyway, here I was hoping we could both take our time and learn together Lyra."
  17. "Of course."
  18. "Mm.. morning." Anya murmur.
  19. "Yes. I like this bed."