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  1. What do you guys do while typing up an rp post? For me I listen to a lot of anime themes and soundtracks. Depending on the situation in the rp I listen to music basic on that atmosphere. What do you guys do?
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  2. I type o.o

    I can't listen to music while typing - especially if there are lyrics - it's too distracting. I usually get plot ideas off a 'what-if' basis, design a Charavter that could reasonably contribute to that plot, and away I go!
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  3. For me, I listen to music as well; however, I also tend to view different pieces of artwork that I believe reflect the kind of story that I want.
    Of course, there are times where I can simply come up with an idea and begin writing endlessly, but art and music are huge stimuli for me.
  4. I can also write in silence, but when I need a instant change in the story, sometimes I listen the music that fits it well.
  5. Music usually gets my creative juices flowing. Otherwise, I message my co-author for some ideas. I really like to be able to discuss ideas with them when I'm at a loss for what to write. :3 Rarely do I need much stimulation, though. My brain's always coming up with fun ideas for RPs, even in my dreams. To be honest, most of what I write are things I came up with in my sleep. My imagination's hella vivid. x__x It's both a curse and a blessing.
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  6. I listen to music that fits the mood. Florence and the Machine, Panic at the Disco, Blue October, Rammstein, and The Cranberries are probably the most common, depending on the mood.

    I also find it useful to watch clips from movies if I'm in the wrong mood. Need to write something sad? Mufasa's death or the first five minutes of Up it is. Something happy? The end of Atlantis. Romantic? Caaaan you feeeeeeeeeel, the looooooooove toniiiiiiiigt?!
  7. Is it weird that music doesn't inspire we while I'm writing? It's more distracting than anything else. :\

    The things that inspire me are characters. I have a wide variety of them and all I do is think about them and the plot falls into place. Or I draw maps. (Maps are cool) But those are for my more 'epic' type stories.
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  8. I pull things out of my ass. No, seriously. Nothing really "inspires" me to write an RP, I just get an idea in my head and think "Damn, that'd make a nice roleplay". Sometimes the RP itself has some influences (such as Riders in the Sky taking some aspects from Firefly), and sometimes it's completely of my own creation (Nightlife). For the most part, my RPs tend to be experiments in what people like or would enjoy playing. As such, I don't get too down when an RP of mine "dies", as that is the nature of everything. Birth, Life, Death.

    Of course, as with anything else, exceptions are made. Sometimes I'll draft up a character that I really connect to and then an RP is born from his or her backstory. Sometimes I'll hear a song and a certain theme just sticks in my brain and I'll write something up about it. I get more inspired from works that grab hold of me and don't let go. Riders in the Sky was as much a nod to an old space cowboy RP I took part in as it was a desire to tell Isaac Larsen's story. Inspiration, when it comes for me, comes from many places.

    I read a chapter of one of my books.

    Otherwise, I listen to video game and movie soundtracks, If I need to. I usually plan far ahead so I don't get stuck.
  10. Listen to music. Good music. Epic music and as I am doing that I daydream, build character profiles(easier to do in my head than writing them out) play out scenes, the whole works. I must give a big thanks to music for it has helped me all these years.
  11. Most of the time, once I get past the first sentence or two of a post, things tend to just fall together. I am one of those people who believe my characters are their own people, and while I may not consciously know what they would do, if I stop thinking, most of the time they will tell me what to do through my own subconscious reactions to certain thoughts. Usually, when I can't get that first sentence or two out on a particularly challenging post, I'll go tackle one of my easier ones. Once I get in the mood to write, I can usually just keep writing until I run out of time or replies..

    As far as a new idea? I tend to build off of unfulfilled potential from other stories. Most of my best ideas have come, in one respect or another, from that. There are ideas that can go along with basic plots, and the plot they pick doesn't follow it. But my plot does. So I take that idea, I modify it and evolve it until it is its own idea. And then I run with it.
  12. Usually the original idea starts with a dream or daydream I managed to write down, and the rest poops out of my brain while I'm way too excited about the story (and usually with epic movie music playing, also usually in the small hours of the morning). Sometimes a creative mood simply strikes at a more convenient time of day, but that's less often.
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