What do you do to get off your butt?

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  1. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat (and I use the word 'healthy' loosely because many people have many different ideas of what is 'healthy', and some things are healthy only in a certain context; ie: eating Granola bars while sitting on the couch, bad. Eating a granola bar after a long hike up a mountain? Fine!), you don't gain muscle or drop fat by sitting on your ass all day

    So what gets you off the couch/computer chair? Do you do lunges while watching TV? Light weights? Go walking? Biking? Swimming? Is just moving around the house doing chores enough to satisfy you, or do you go for working up a sweat?

    I go for walks sometimes, but I lack a pair of headphones, and I have too many other important things to save for to go buy some, so walking is pretty boring without tunes to listen to. I sometimes do stretches or light weights while watching TV (canned food ftw!)
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  2. Fencing or swimming depending on the season/temperature. Fencing during colder months, swimming in the summer.
  3. What gets me off the couch? My legs and feet. On a serious note however, I put aside 30 minutes to 2 hours a day for cardio, jump training and lifting. I jog, do yoga on my off-days, and I swim during the warmer months.
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  4. I'm lazy as fuck, no if ands or buts about it.

    That said, I have begun working out more and more. I lift, and I have a recumbent bike to work cardio (I can't run, bad knees and bad feet). I'm going to purchase a heavy bag in a few weeks, when I can afford the stand for it (or build one), and I've been known to practice sword forms with my bokken.
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  5. Like seiji, I am also lazy as fuck. Work gets me off my ass though and gets me going. Hunger and being broke is a great motivator. Plus, if I don't pay the bills there will be no internet, YIKES!

    When I was unemployed I forced my self to workout daily though. Weight lifting and running is what I did. Mindless and repetitive...but when you have no jerb and no reason to get "off the couch" it's a must imo.
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  6. Cleaning and children. There is enough of both to keep one active ALL day. Other than that yoga and going out on the hunt for employment. As a college student there's attending classes and such but that's been slow for me. I used to exercise daily until my dad took over the one room that ha enough space to do it in and no traffic. Now it's cleaning and children and dinner and every now and then walking them to or from school which is about a mile.

    Did I mention I'm a single college sophomore? xD
  7. I turn on some tunes and dance like an idiot. But there are plenty of days where I don't want to do anything. It's hard for me to get motivated as I need music and I like to sing to it...so a gym is outta the question, I don't feel safe outside alone so dancing's about it. I'd love to swim more and run on a treadmill but not much I can do about that.
  8. I'm fat. And lazy. And surprisingly, I'm okay with that.
  9. Hey, if you're healthy and like how you look, more power to ya!
  10. I so wish I lived somewhere else. I used to have so many available activities to keep me from getting fat and depressed. Hiking nature trails always got me off my ass, so did walking along the beaches. As long as there was shade, lots of allergy medication available, and a buddy to go with I was always out. :]

    Now though, I'm in this small boring town that has nothing. Plus I have a kid. The most excitement/exercise I get is walking to the grocery store and back (as well as school when I have math). So most of the 'getting off my butt' motivations are "Nothing will get done if I don't get up" or "He'll die of hunger if I don't get up." XD I get some moments where I can sit here to do homework, write, or surf the web. Otherwise, I'm constantly getting up to mother my boy and clean up my dirty apartment. Tires me out just as good as hiking did, haha.
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  11. Stepping machines are a much cheaper and smaller variant of treadmills; you can also do step exercises on a footstool!
  12. I would totally get a stepping machine if I had a full time job. Maybe that's what I'll get myself for landing one!
  13. You could even just get an aerobic step for like twenty-thirty bucks. :D I love using mine! Or... Loved, rather. I should really pull that thing back out and go back to daily step aerobics. I like to listen to some funky tunes while I step. Could totally work for you, yo.
  14. ooooo that might be a better solution though I would like a bike at some point. Because I don't feel safe outside might as well bike inside!
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  15. I bought a recumbent bike a few years ago that I've recently dusted off and started using again. They're great! You just sit back and pedal away. Mine was $150 or so? So not too bad a price, and it has bells and whistles-- varying resistances, records calories burned/distance traveled... Pretty good stuff.
  16. Pretty much what I want. I like bells and whistles XD And I guess for now I'll go to the college Fitness center after work starting Tuesday (They closed it due to resurfacing the basketball court and fumes otherwise I'd start tomorrow!) You guys have kinda motivated a very VERY lazy asthmatic to at least exercise a little. And don't worry, I know where my limits lie. If it gets to intense I simply slow down! ^.^
  17. [​IMG]

    I dunno. Walking to my car/class? I have my laptop set up at the head of my bed so I can just chill there all day. I'll get up if there's some food in it for me though, for sure. Now that the semester is over I'm livin' the hikikomori dream. Wait, we were supposed to talk about something healthy that we do?

    I do not understand healthy.

    You are talking to an otaku hikikomori. Exits are north and south.

  18. Fruit trees (you have to work for your delicious treats P: ), interesting other things to climb, getting hyped up about cool movies/games and then running around town (literally) with friends/random people I meet at theatres, etc.
    I don't do well with schedules, so what keeps me up and out and relatively fit is finding the little things that are fun in life. Interesting building/statue/tree, and no cops or cameras around? Climb it! Dogs in the park? Play with them! I pick a lot of small alternatives to sitting/standing around (when I'm not on my computer, lol) that people always mention, like taking the stairs. Additionally, if you have a significant other with whom you have sex, lots of that will keep you a little fitter (abs, thighs and arms that are in good shape just keep getting nicer with use).

    The other part is two of my personal rules: "always in moderation" and "if it's fake, don't eat it." Oversimplifications, but pretty good.
  19. Stumbled upon a cosplay music video on YouTube. Thought for a minute, and then got into cosplay and started swinging a foam sword at imaginary enemies.
  20. I do all the yard work at home and all the physical labor at work

    I also try really hard to be part of the community with volunteer duties and orchestra since I am in a constant state of fear that I'll regress back into the socially awkward girl who couldn't even hold a normal conversation with someone in person. AND I CANT BE SUCCESSFUL LIKE DAT YO
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