What do you Collect?

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  1. Astaroth stood up."If you're going to ignore me, could you at least not walk away."
  2. Harmony disappear back to the room with Melody.
  3. "City block can have nice views. Especially near the bay."
  4. Astaroth chuckled and followed Harmony.
  5. Astaroth sighed as he appeared in the living room.
  6. "Mm.." Anya smile, "Fine, but I'm hungry. We should tell Nora that we're leaving."
  7. Happy birthday to Juju!
  8. "But you can. Slowly, surely. Much like this little cutie, she's so damaged, she's better off dead." Harmony twist the stake.

    Melissa gasp and writhe in pain.
  9. Anya gently hold him arm, "Lets go."
  10. "No I can't." Astaroth grabbed her other wrist and crushed it swiftly. "Right now you're nothing, and there's no point in trying to break that.
  11. Anya slowly close her eyes, clearing her mind.
  12. Melissa immediately bundle herself into a corner.
  13. "She seems to be doing well, we're going to start looking for places tomorrow."
  14. Astaroth didn't respond to the cat, merely nursing his drink.
  15. Am I brining it to the next day? How far into the day should I go? The altar or before that?
  16. No, I don't, not anymore. Here's what I used to collect:

    Warhammer-figurines: Yeah, my dark past. I was hooked on that stuff. Thankfully one day I realized how lame it was and how much it costs. Took my stuff to some buddies and we ended up shooting my figurines to pieces with bb-guns. It was fun, but also a major fail, you can sell that stuff for a good price(well, I sucked at painting, but...).

    CDs: It's not that big, but I got some rare copies in my collection due to huge fandom of some specific artists and labels. Again, this ended when I found it to be too expensive and I ended it for some other obvious reasons.

    Basketball-cards: This stuff was awesome, used have a big collection when I was a kid. I don't know what happened to them though =/ And they didn't sell 'em in the part of the country where I live and I haven't seen any since. Boho.
  17. I collect manga (Particularly CLAMP's), I do have a small collection of various Hello Kitty stuff, and I have a small collection of limited edition Barbie dolls.
  18. I collect corsets. I find them absolutely beautiful and stunning! I may not wear them as much now, but I always buy a corset here and there if it catches my eye.

    Every time I'm at the beach, let's say in Florida, I always collect sea shells and coral. I don't even know why. It's like I pick up one sea shell and then I have to start looking around for other ones. I like it though :)

    I collect stuffed animals of piggies! I love pigs! I think they're so cute! So since I can't afford an actual pig, I just get little things that are pigs (stuffed animals mainly, but a friend of mine gave me magnets)

    I collect boots. Combat boots, hooker/fuck me boots, classy boots, fetish boots. I just really love boots and I don't even wear them all o_o

    And yeah I collect pretty bras too XD
  19. I collect notebooks, pens, pencils, reading books and shiny gemstones. :) And candles. Sometimes CD's. I have at least 85 shiny gemstones and probably over 500 notebooks not including the ones upstairs. Yeah I write a lot.
  20. Crazy dresses, usually vintage (c. 1950-1979) inspired.
    History books, especially martial art books. (This collection is getting huge)
    Cute underwear. It's sad, really.
    Plants, cool rocks, etc.
    Tessen. (Iron fans)
    Crazy foods I find at specialty grocery stores.
    Music and movies.