What do you Collect?

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Surrealism, Surreal Horror (Think Tim Burton), Steampunk, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Spaghetti Westerns, Mercenaries, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Historical fantasies
All of us have somethings that we collect either for a hobby or just for the hell of it.

I have two key things. As most people can tell from my photos, I collect a lot of original and reproduction military items. This is mainly uniforms and hats. I have a few various weapons as well, though I don't go out of my way to buy them. My other thing is books. I horde hundreds of books of all sorts in my collection. My oldest one dates back to 1791.

So what you have in yours?
I collect everything. I'm a hoarder.
Can you give us any examples of your most beloved treasured finds in your stashes?
I compile soundtracks and music in my iTunes... if that's considered a collection. Since I oftenly collects every track of each soundtrack album, I guess you could consider it so.

I also collects movies (only quality ones), anime (again, quality), and comic scans - all in one external hard-disk, readied to be shown to the world one day.

Yep. It feels good.
Little nicknacks, mainly things that remind me of moments or people in my life!
and buddha figurines, I like the good luck idea behind them!
What I have the most of and buy most often are sharp things, knives swords crossbows etc... So I guess thats it then... I also know hos to use them.
I like collecting bottles.... Ramune bottles... and .... figurines... and I love stuffed animals.... I collect manga. and CDs.... and I have more artists in my iTunes and in my collection than anyone I know. I collect papers, I collect clothing, I collect bras.... I collect foods....
Collecting bras? So you choose fanciest designs? lol
I'm going to be collecting figurines too =D They'll sent those guardsmen once i send the money (will do so in about 2 hours)
I'm a very sentimental person. I've kept every small little "cute" thing given to me as a gift, and I have birthday and Christmas cards from YEARS ago...

I used to collect foreign money. I still have a tin somewhere FILLED with coins and paper money from all sorts of places.
Haha, Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I still have a ton of those but I suspect my cousins stole a lot of them. *sigh* I also collect old coins which I keep in a tin and itunes.
i guess you could say i collect weapons. its usually stuff i've put together in case i met trouble any where. i have 25 knives (not counting my cutlass), 2 fighting pipes, 10 fist-packers made from various tape-wrapped lighters, steel rods and random cushioned sections from aluminum broom handles, all complimented by my whippy, osage orange-wood cane with polished copper handle.

my hands and feet don't really count among the weapons, and like vay, i can use all listed above with very good proficiency.

..........................i just realized how insane and paranoid i just made myself look
Movies! I have hundreds and hundreds of movies. I had to buy a new bigger shelf. c__c My movie watching time is a great way for me to detox, stress relief, chill, and turn my brain off. And having my huge variety always gives me something to watch no matter my mood. :D
I collect lots of little silly things that I like, along with gifts that were given to me. Doesn't really matter what it is so long as it was given as a gift; it's the thought that counts. A lot of the furniture given to me was a gift, and I keep using it because it touched me... even though I could easily buy brand new, fancier stuff easily.

One collection I would like to start collecting is sailboat models / paraphernalia, like a ship's wheel to hang on the wall. I already have a very nice looking sheet metal ship that looked like crap at the thrift store, but after a little love, it looks brilliant. I've got a picture of it in my pic album.
No, I don't, not anymore. Here's what I used to collect:

Warhammer-figurines: Yeah, my dark past. I was hooked on that stuff. Thankfully one day I realized how lame it was and how much it costs. Took my stuff to some buddies and we ended up shooting my figurines to pieces with bb-guns. It was fun, but also a major fail, you can sell that stuff for a good price(well, I sucked at painting, but...).

CDs: It's not that big, but I got some rare copies in my collection due to huge fandom of some specific artists and labels. Again, this ended when I found it to be too expensive and I ended it for some other obvious reasons.

Basketball-cards: This stuff was awesome, used have a big collection when I was a kid. I don't know what happened to them though =/ And they didn't sell 'em in the part of the country where I live and I haven't seen any since. Boho.
I collect manga (Particularly CLAMP's), I do have a small collection of various Hello Kitty stuff, and I have a small collection of limited edition Barbie dolls.
I collect corsets. I find them absolutely beautiful and stunning! I may not wear them as much now, but I always buy a corset here and there if it catches my eye.

Every time I'm at the beach, let's say in Florida, I always collect sea shells and coral. I don't even know why. It's like I pick up one sea shell and then I have to start looking around for other ones. I like it though :)

I collect stuffed animals of piggies! I love pigs! I think they're so cute! So since I can't afford an actual pig, I just get little things that are pigs (stuffed animals mainly, but a friend of mine gave me magnets)

I collect boots. Combat boots, hooker/fuck me boots, classy boots, fetish boots. I just really love boots and I don't even wear them all o_o

And yeah I collect pretty bras too XD
I collect notebooks, pens, pencils, reading books and shiny gemstones. :) And candles. Sometimes CD's. I have at least 85 shiny gemstones and probably over 500 notebooks not including the ones upstairs. Yeah I write a lot.
Crazy dresses, usually vintage (c. 1950-1979) inspired.
History books, especially martial art books. (This collection is getting huge)
Cute underwear. It's sad, really.
Plants, cool rocks, etc.
Tessen. (Iron fans)
Crazy foods I find at specialty grocery stores.
Music and movies.