What Do You Call it When a Turtle Can't Come Out of Its Shell? ;D

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  1. REPTILE DYSFUNCTION!!!!! nyuk nyuk nyuk XD
  2. I don't like your alias.
  3. well i used to go to this site called zetapets where my name was Darkness20,but ppl shortened it to darky so i just kept the nickname lol.u cant really shorten shatten to anything lol
  4. Boy that's interesting.
  5. ikr? and plus schatten is just German for darkness soooo...yeah >>
  6. I vote Scat to be your new nickname.
  7. I agree with that chick with the short name and no numbers.

    And the big tits.
  8. o.O why would u say that?
  9. Which part of that do you question his knowledge of?
  10. the large chesticles part o.o'
  11. Because she has big tits, that's why.

    And nobody else has the name Scat, it sounds pretty cool when you say it with a german accent.

    Or you could just make a lot of posts doing shit like "BA DOOP BA DO DO DOROP PA!" and people would totally get it.
  12. pics or its not true..
    now all i see is kitti with pancake flat boobs ^_^ mmmm pancakes *drools*

    oh and if you call yourself scat i say you change your avatar to that of a brown eye ^_^
  13. but my eyes are blue! and why brown? o.o

    and why pancake titties? o.o
  14. you have never heard of flat as a pancake
    and please tell me you are joking with the brown part....you have never heard of your third eye -_-
  15. i have but what does scat have to do with it?

    and i haz heard of flat as a pancake but why does Kitti's remind u of them XD
  16. jesus i feel like im freaking taking your innocence away

    he said she has big boobs i said pics or its not true...and because i havent seen pictures of any big boobs all i picture kitti to have is flat as a pancake boobs

    and scat is another name for shit and shit comes out of your brown eye
    because no matter what color eyes you have everyone has a brown eye
  17. ...ooooooooooo.....

    I have never heard of one's ass being called a brown eye, and now im changing it back to darky cuz i dont wanna rhyme with shit XD

    and if ur not sure maybe kitti posted a pic for the national cleavage day thing lol
  18. i couldnt look at that this is a shared computer with my mom and i think if she saw that i had been looking at a thread of nothing but cleavage i think she would try to kill me
    and please tell me you already knew this or im just going to cry because i turned someone as innocent as that into someone ready for the gutter
  19. oh trust me my mind was in the gutter years ago, im just still unaware of a few euphemisms like that lol
  20. oh love you have no idea what a gutter is until you have had a chat with my real life friend we can turn anything into a sex joke
    and most of my friends can turn any conversation naughty i kid you not we where talking about a tv dinner and it around the end of the chat we had talked about oral, and toys. ^_^ i love my whore friends.