What do you and your significant lover do together?

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  1. Out of curiosity, what do you guys do with your lovers? Like, quirky dates or activities you guys do.

    My boy and I are in the military, so sometimes I refuse to kiss him unless he does 50 push ups.

    We are going to prank all our friends this coming month or so. He's going to propose to me, and everyone won't know if it's real or a joke (we've been dating for a very short time) and then we'll say it's fake... but it's real, lolololol.

    We link each other to porns.

    We watch MLP:FIM together on his PSVita in public places. xD

    We sing together in public places and during PT. He runs backwards and (just this morning) sang Lion King. And he sings Flaming Lips or random stuff to me. We sang Disney songs together during a base-wide mandatory sports day.

    List fun things. GO
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  3. Hipster Ariel is my boyfriend, stalking me on the internet. P: As proof, another of our activities is interneting, but that's not unique or anything