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Hello everyone! My board name is SevenYears, but if you want you can call me by my real name, which is Gregory. I am new to this website, but not new to roleplaying/writing by any means. I've loved writing since I was 10, and discovered roleplaying shortly after. It's always nice to find new places to write and people to write with, and so when I stumbled upon this website, i decided to give it a shot. I hope you will welcome me with open arms as I try to get used to everything here. I am open to almost any type of roleplay, and always open to new ideas. I'm also friendly and seldom bite.


Manikos Karagiozis
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Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Modern, History; just about anything, really. Though, I am not too big on Romance.
Welcome to the Iwaku, Gregory!
Fortunately, the site is filled with wonderful and active writers! ^_^
If you need questions answered, feel free to ask the members in the purple, blue, and red titles! (Staff, Global Mods, and Administrators)

Do enjoy your stay and...have plenty of cupcakes~ :3

*tips hat and leaves casually out the back door*


Divine Space Witch Ò◇Ó
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Hi Seven Greg! :D Welcome to iwaku!
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Welcome to the site Sevenyears. I hope you enjoy your time here and I'm sure you'll find lots of awesome RPs to join!


Original poster
[DASH=blue]Welcome to Iwaku.
Don't hesitate to ask questions, and if you have writers block, please check this out. we're willing to help you in any way that we can possibly.[/DASH]


Original poster
Hello and weeeelcome!
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
I hope we get to play together soon~