What do I say?

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  1. All I can think of is saying, I'm new. You probably new that already. I've roleplayed a bit before, I've been attempting to lenghten my posts. So far I've got to six lines on a page. But that was just on my screen. On proper computers (Mine's a laptop,) it would be about four. So I'm not that good yet. (If four is bad.) But I like to try it out. :bsmile:
    I was on another forum but I was never online. I guess I wasn't into their roleplays. So I hope to enjoy this site and be an active member.
    Well this is the end of my post, until next time.

  2. Welcome to the forums, Blockington. Hope you enjoy them.
  3. No bother. Hope you fit into the community.
  4. Sir Blockington. Ah, A MAN OF ROYALTY! And blocks..
    Tons of blocks..

    You don't need to worry about length, it's about quality, not quantity. ^^ And eventually you find yourself growing more and more.
    I hope you find many awesome RPS. If you need any help, just lemme know!
  5. Hello SirBlockington. Hope you like it here. Lots of Rp's to go around and lots of fun to be had.
  6. I instantly think of Minecraft whenever I see your name. Good deed.

    Nice, lengthy posts are always welcome here! I write a good chunk as well, and I also love to read! So you're at the right place! If there's anything you need, yank on my piggy tail and I'll help you as best as I can!