What Disney teaches men about attracting women...

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Well obviously if you're anything less then perfect you'll not get the princess. Might as well give up now!
Hah, I can name them all because I'm a Disney freak... While the Disney beast does not actually have a name, he's called Prince Adam in some stories.

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm pretty sure that stuff would work on me.
One of them is definitely named Phillip.
Must be blessed with naturally good fortune, as I never aim my sights at princesses.
Well poop, there goes my chances of finding love.
@ Flurry, so the Beast was actually cursed into inhuman form by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull because Prince Adam over there fucked up trying to take down Skeletor and had a messy breakup with redhead/brunette Teela, so he had to wait until replacement/second love brunette Belle turned him back into a human and...HOLY SHIT! FANFICTION IDEA! IMAGINE! ThE DISNEYVERSE BECOMES THE BATTLEFIELD OF A CONQUERING ARMY OF EVIL LED BY AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF SKELETOR AND HORDAK!

Anyway, let's see...

I'm a doctor, so rich.

Geek girls crush on me like crazy for some reason, so there's gotta be charm in there too.

And I'm engaged, so I'm thought of as handsome by at least one female.

Holy shit, I'm a Disney Prince.
But they all have different importance to the story. Erik is an oblivious fool for most of the story...and some of the other princes are only important long enough to look pretty and slay a dragon or something.

As though women require you endanger yourself against some stereotypical villain in order to win their hearts.

*Hurls Gestan (spelling?) Off a roof.

Do you like me now?
Phillip was a badass. He stabbed a dragon in the heart.

Just throwing that out there.
So if the rose dude isn't Beast, then who is he? That ain't Tarzan.
Lets see, I'm an arrogant charming prat, women like to stop and stare as I walk by, my wife thinks I could be rich and famous (perhaps delusional) I'M JUST LIKE ALADDIN.
What gets me is the old school movies really set the bar low. They got married without even knowing each other. Meeting only once before killing something. Even Eric and Arelle only knew each other a few days. Belle was the Beast prisoner, and thus really the only ones that dated, two sequels and a multiple season series, was Aladdin and Jasmin.
The Beast used Stockholm Syndrome so that doesn't count Ocha. haha.
Beast was better before he turned into a pansy-ass. Favourite Disney movie right there.