What did you learn today?

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  1. “The education of a man is never completed until he dies”
    Robert E. Lee

    It's been said that we learn something new every day. Sometimes it's a fact about the world, or a fact about ourselves, or just an experience that we learn from. I know a good number of Iwakuians are still in school/college, so it's a given that you'll be learning, but the rest of us are still learning from the school of life and this thread is the place to share that information. Whether it be useful, profound, mundane or amusing, just share one thing that you learned today. Go!

    The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle.
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  2. That if set on fire the maximum you'd live is five minutes, but you'd pass out from shock and pain long before that.


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  3. I'm going to hope you learned that fact from a book, or a television show or just... anything that isn't real-life experience...
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  4. Unexplained white blood cell counts into the 20,000s warrants a full skin exam, during which I found a decubitus ulcer that I suspect to be the culprit occult infection I've been looking for.
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  5. I have a small beauty mark on my right breast.
    Not sure how long it's been there.
    But I found it.~
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  6. Fijo gave me a cookie...
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  7. You're right, but it doesn't stop you being homicidal... (;

    The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
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  8. Feminists, Functionalists and New Right sociologists are bizarre :P
  9. you know what they say

    location, location, location
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  10. That Social Historians have a predisposition towards wanky intellectual circlejerks, and must be beaten with the 'Proper Historical Method' stick periodically to prevent this.

    And also that Marxist Historians are still fucking stupid.
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  11. That March Of Progress sociologists are too positive about the changes in childhood >.<
  12. Feminism is the dictionary definition of people who want equality between all the sexes. Yay!
    All females together in America get paid a little less than thirty cents per a man's dollar,
    African American females get paid .66 cents to a man's dollar,
    and Hispanic women in America are paid .58 cents to a man's dollar.
    Not so yay!

    Also the governors race in Maine is going on and I'm learning tons of new stuff about politics and Im not sure I like it.
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  13. That you should definitely not cook home made mini pizzas solely on broil but rather cook em at around 350F for a while first. Melted cheese but it was only lukewarm. :/