What did you hate as a kid that you love as an adult?

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  1. I hated fresh veggies, and cheese, and also rock music
  2. I hated broccoli (wait, I still hate that)

    But in all seriousness, I hated math. Because I was teased so badly for being bad at it, I loathed the subject. Now it, along with science, is my favourite. I also used to hate cats at a young age, though I am not too wild on them, who could resist this:

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  3. Vegetables, scented lotions, babies, medicine, sandals, brushing my teeth. Also, surprisingly, Star Wars. I was terrified of Darth Vader (and pretty much anything else that was intimidating) until I finally grew a pair.
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  4. I'm having trouble thinking of anything I hated as a kid that I don't hate now.

    I was adventurous. I tried anything and everything, and often found myself enjoying it.

    It was more my parents who hated me trying things, because they were afraid I wouldn't like it... or because they didn't like it in the first place.
  5. Spicy food. I was pretty much fourteen before I would accept anything hot. Then at fifteen I discovered Indian food. Now I like my curry somewhere between "ouch" and "permanent damage". I can go to a legit Indian buffet where I'm the only white person in sight and eat almost everything there. Peppers are my frieeeeeeeends. ^^

    Hated waist-fitted pants. Now I like everything to fit at my waist. Might have something to do with having hips now.

    I also never liked fancy shoes. I was too busy running around and getting dirty. Now I have more pairs of stilettos than I know what to do with.

    Superheroes. Thought they were stupid as a kid. Actually, I still think a lot of them are stupid... but I love some.
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  6. Lev likes most of what he used to hate:
    • Being the center of attention. Can we say attention whooooore?
    • Bitter gourd vegetable. Something about bitter foods became appealing to me.
    • Dark chocolate. Same as above.
    • Avocados. I used to think they made my throat itchy, but now...MAAAANN put me in front of anything with avocado, especially guacamole and I can THROW DOWN.
    • Karaoke. I didn't like it partly because the first reason and then because I know I'm not a good singer. Then I realized that you sing because everyone's probably too drunk to even notice you even sang.
    • Smoking. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS BEHAVIOR. However, smoking reminds me of my uncles, my aunts and my grandfather, who would smell of cigarette smoke. I never saw them often since they lived overseas, but smelling cigarette smoke would remind me of them. Now I smoke. AGAIN DO NOT ENGAGE IN SMOKING. IT IS NOT HEALTHY. #hypocrite
    • Balut. I know, this is pretty nasty to you...Westerners, but it's essentially a partially-developed duck embryo boiled so there's a little baby duck with feathers and bones and a beak that you eat out of its eggshell. I always feel bad because I feel like I'm committing duck abortion, and I have never shook the feeling, but it doesn't taste TOO bad.
    • Quail Eggs: They were just bizarre-looking to me. When I was young I swore it was eyeballs.
    • Lentils: My mother convinced me to eat it because my favorite cartoon character "ate it too."
    • Liver: Specifically fried liver. I don't like the irony taste of liver, but the breading on fried liver is gooooood.
    • Gizzard: Specifically fried gizzard. Same reason as above.
    • Spicy foods: After working at a Thai restaurant, I want my food spicy going in and spicy going out.
    • Scent of a Man: I KNOW THIS IS SO FUCKIN WEIRD BUT I LOVE THE SCENT OF A MAN. But it has to be a grown man--it can't be those awkward teens and tweens who haven't grown into their body and their odors smell pungent. Also, not every man has a good natural scent. Ew.
    Definitely now probably the weirdest member of Iwaku now.
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  7. Squidward. Need I say more?
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  8. Vegetables, listening to music (I didn't understand how teens could have fun with this but boy do I understand now), math (sucked at it but learned to love it), raw fish, reading, writing, spicy food, dark chocolate, rpg games, some of the temples from ocarina of time and all of majora's mask (geez shadow temple scarred me). Also anime and pokemon. I was raised with the incorrect belief that pokemon is dangerous and that all anime was hentai ahaha
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  9. I discovered last night that I love raisins. Plain raisins. All of a sudden. I grew up hating raisins unless they were in trail mixes or cookies. ><
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  10. Corn. Until I had corn on the cob.
    Onions. Now I love them.
    Fish, mainly Catfish. Childhood incident when I was eating catfish, I stabbed the roof of my mouth with a bone. I love Salmon, Tipilia and grouper.

  11. Women.
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  12. As far as food goes, it's actually this topic in reverse. I now hate sweets - candies, chocolates, etc. are disgusting to me. I do enjoy dark chocolates still, and licorice (especially black licorice)

    Beer. As a child, when given my first taste of beer, I thought it was gawd awful. Even in my teen years I detested alcohol in it's many forms. Now I love drinking beer at dinner. Sam Adams is my homie.

    My dad's brand of music. Now, the likes of Rush and Black Sabbath are like gods to me.

    As with Dorkness, women. Love me some women now, though.

    EDIT: How could I forget sports? I used to HATE sports, now American football and baseball are my all-time favorite things outside of music.