What did YOU get for Christmas?

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  1. Was it what you wanted? What did you give others?
  2. I got the company of people who love me and accept me for who and what I am, I'm not alone. Nothing else is necessary.

    For the first time, I'm really enjoying Christmas. Because I got the one thing I wanted...

    So I'd say yes. I got what I wanted: Friendship, the antithesis of loneliness. I could want nothing more, and I've got more of it than I even know what to do with. SO MUCH KINDNESS. This is so very strange.

    (@Tempest I will get you back for that Christmas present you rapscallion! Just you watch!)


    Also, Christmas booze.


    I love all of you people why are you so unreasonable nice now I feel awkward because I've gotten like three games so much generosity geez! I'm just going to sit flabbergasted now. So many nice people!
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  3. I got this masterpiece; [​IMG] from my brother, along with ROME 2.

    The rest was a bunch of sorely needed clothes. And I got snow on the day of christmas! And my family was all together and happy and I ate untill I could hear my heart cry mercy :3. It has been a good christmas. Love you all.
  4. I got a kindle and also a bunch of clothes.(like I need any more.)
  5. Clothes, money and a few books from family and friends.

    I got a new bass, guitar and a world music percussion set was all was great.

    Chloe(the wife) got me a really nice leather jacket, chair and a few TV box sets and games.

    And also the most important, the company of my family and friends.
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  6. Nothing yet. Don't think I will get anything either, apart from family love, haha. Gave my cat some extra meat today and I bought a bottle of Sake for my father.
  7. Clothes (my favorite is a black and gold cocktail dress). Why'd they give me mostly black though xD I like them. Matching gold heels. And a leather body bag/purse thingie.

    Perfume. My bestfriend always has great taste in those (actually I use the ones she gifts me). Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell'. I still have two others I haven't even finished yet lol

    OH OH and my cousins gave me fruits. As a Christmas and birthday gift xD Apples, oranges. Lol at least I'll have a lot of Vitamin C

    But overall I just love that everyone came together on my birthday and Christmas eve. Even if it's tradition for us Christmas is never complete without my cousins and aunts and uncles. And grandparents on dad's side, granny on mom's. Seven cousins on my father's side and with me and my brother included there were nine of us just having fun. My aunts and uncles (my dad has seven siblings so... include their husbands and wives... ) also joined in on some of it. We played Lego that night :D
  8. 9 hours of work and verbal abuse from my coworkers.
  9. Lots and lots of MONEY!

    Which I used to buy games off Steam.
  10. I got some stuff I asked for, and other things I didn't. I Gave a crap ton of stuff to my friend!
  11. My present from my mother was essentially a larger "allowance" each month towards my phone costs, as I was renewing the contract, so I could get a better phone as part of the deal :3
    My dad and his girlfriend got me a few bits and pieces - a hat, a snood (it's so soft and comfy I love it so much), a little metal puzzle that's been driving me crazy the last few hours, and some money towards my uni costs or some new headphones, which is awesome because I LOVE music and haven't had my own headphones in a looonnggg time now.
    My brother gave me money, which we agreed on beforehand, on the same basis as my dad.
    And I got some vouchers and bits and pieces from extended family ^^

    As for giving, I paid for my brother's double ear piercing the other day, I gave my dad some fancy-ass designer wallet that his girlfriend said he wanted, and for my mum... well, she has wanted to go see Les Miserables in the West End in London for years and years, but it's ridiculously expensive and we've never been able to afford it. So this year me and my brother have put aside money towards doing that in February for her birthday and Christmas presents. We should have nearly enough now :D
  12. I got sixty dollars and Telltale's Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 from the PS4. So happy, I will have to wait until four to go over to my dad's place. I might just get clothes and some money.
  13. I got a bunch of giftcards and some straight cash. So, yes? I guess I got what I wanted. Although I always like to see stuff wrapped under the tree. But I'll live.
  14. A reminder of how shitty my family is, as well as a reminder of how alone I am -Sips hot chocolate-

    Though I gave an eight year old kid my copies of Omega Ruby & Sapphire, so that's something.
  15. got shirts!

    and fancy cheeses!
  16. NOTHING.



    We don't exchange gifts most years. O__O The family is a bit broke and we put all our money in to other things. So instead of gifts, we just have a nice family dinner. Minus things for the kids now, cause I can't resisting spoiling the nephew and niece. >> Kids are supposed to have a great christmas filled with exciting wrapped boxes.

    I am happy today. 8D Last year we didn't get to do christmas with the family because of dramas. And this year isn't the big traditional way I usually host christmas dinner, but I'm glad I actually get to spend it with people.
  17. My best friend took the opportunity to get rid of some books to make place in her bookshelf. So I got 7 books from a book series which I am collecting and she didn't want to read more than once, Dracula, Oliver twist (she had copies of them) and another vampire book cause she doesn't like vampire books and I adore them xD I was quite happy haha. I gave her one book (The returned) which I thought was really good :) And apparently she had wanted to read it for a while, so I made a good choice ^^ Glad I still know her preferences haha

    My parents gave me Heroes (all 4 seasons in a box) and a mp3 player (though I got that one early since my old one was pretty bad, and it always turn off in cold weather, so I needed the new one before the cold set in as I only use it outside when I'm going for walks.)
    I got to choose my presents myself though as my parents has no idea what to give me now a days. They give me an amount that I can spend on presents, and then I must get sudden amnesia and forget everything we've ordered for me xD haha
  18. I got my family some things. Particularly my kid, of course. I also received a two-sies gift of The Book of Sith. We got two of them, actually. Also, a calender that says "You can do it, champ!" in twelve different ways, a pen with my name on it, a comic collection (Tom Strong).

    Due to an unforeseen incident, I have to wait until new years to get more gifts. But I'll get them... THEN YOU ALL BETTER JUST WATCH OUT, BUDDY!
  19. A new custom built PC, a lot of cash, new headphones (my current ones are in dire straits), and feathers (don't ask).

    Also, twizzlers.
    Lots of twizzlers.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with this outcome.
  20. Some clothes, some lip gloss (what the fuck, grandma?), Book of Sith, a decorative sphere that hangs from a stand, a Wal-Mart gift card. Also got a Star Wars t-shirt, a mini food chopper, and a snuggly frog themed blanket.

    The most thoughtful is this shiny box set of Star Wars dvds (the good episodes, not the shitty prequels) my dad got me. He says it's a set that's not even made anymore. My old man wasn't always there for me as a kid, and he's totally stepped up since that time I moved back to Washington, but damn the presents he gets me... Never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

    Yes, the empress has feelings. How else would I be able to force choke so well?

    Now turn away or I'll gut you with my lightsaber.
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