What did you get for Christmas


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Sound off!

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
-World of Warcraft Time Card
-Xbox Live Gold Card (3 Months)
-A short case of Pepsi (Long story. Don't ask.)
-Volumes 1 and 2 of AI Love You.


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Gibs bought me a new laptop! :D Now I can use my own damned computer to play games and get on Skype! Yaaaaay!!


- Keychain from my friend.
- Explosives from another friend. (kiddy firecracker)
- Chocolates from another.
- A new Body Bag, a new wallet, a new pen with a nailcutter and scissors at the back, and earbuds from my parents.
- A shoe bag and car reflector screen (?) from my aunt
- Desk organizer and tie hanger from my other aunt
- A shirt from my grandmother.
- I bought myself Gashapon. Got a Unicorn Gundam standing on my desk right now.

Captain Nic

Black pillow.
A new bag.
A multi-hanger, for ties, t-shirts, hats, and stuff like that.
A Gashapon of the "Rizel" (Rigel? the katakana was 'rizeru') from Gundam Unicorn. It's on my desk right now.
A new pen.
A T-shirt given by my grandma.
A handkerchief.
My mom's camera, a Nikon D40.
A new wallet.
A can of WD40 straight out of the hardware store.
Tekken 6 for the PSP.

Warmaster Death

Boston shaker
cocktail making stuff
cocktail making book
(i did a bair and waiting course)
a 'goddamn' batman action figure (dont ask, i dont know why lol)
two books
Splinter Cell:Double agent (my little sister figured it had guns in it, so id like it 8) - its not too bad....just too sneaky)
Richard Dawkins dvd set (the familiars figure im an athiest so i like the dude again, not that poor a statement when it comes down to it)
Dawn of war two (bought with a $50 gift card by me)
one of those favorites chocolate box things.

well, the jolly fat dudes gotta stick together!


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I... hate... Richard... Dawkins... *twitch*

2 thriller novels
1 pair of snooty shoes
2 dress shirts
1 t-shirt from Malta
1 t-shirt from Turkey
1 month's rent
1 Koran

Grown-up presents are boring. :(

Ike Sapphire

Well this is what I got

- New Super Mario Bros. Wii
- Case Closed movie: The Last Wizard of the Century
- The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap *Manga*
- Metalica CD
- Clothing *well that is what Piro and I always get almost the same is clothing*

That is pretty much it I guess.


From others:
-Beatles Rockband
-(Things that I have not obtained yet)

From Myself:
-External harddrive
-LGW: Seeing Redd
-LGW: Archenemy
-The Looking Glass Wars Soundtrack

I OBVIOUSLY give the better gifts. lol


- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- Chibi Vampire Vol. 13
- Candies cuz apparently those can be presents.
- 1 pack of Zendikar
- And an orange.......seriously

A pretty mello Christmas...nothing really got me excited. I mean I'm happy I got CoD6 but with my internet connection the way it is I can't play it online. Chibi Vampire I'm missing volumes 4-12 and I would have really liked a whole box of Zendikar to get back into Magic. Overall a depressing Christmas but hey karma will pay off eventually right?


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horror, fantasy, magical, paranormal, hetero romance
A huuuge amount of candy, 40 new notebooks, 5 cases of new pens, A DVD player, 2 dominoes pizza cards with 15 bucks on each, the Lady Ga-Ga CD's, cool stickers, a Sonic Card with 30 bucks on it, and....a whole lot of crackers and left over goodies. Dad even got me a ham xDDDDD


Some dress clothes, a new scrub top, and 500 bucks to pay for hotel and food during the NAVC conference next quarter. I think I'm going to use the left over money to get myself a nice tattoo as a late Christmas present. ;3


Poor people don't share gifts.

We only drink until we can't remember our names.
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Amen to that! ^^^


Super Peace Busters Always Together, Forever!
- Whey Protein Powder w/ bottle
- Rage Against the Machine Live dvd
- A pair of boxers
- Money
- 500KR gift-card for the local mall

Arsenal XA4

-G.I. Joe t-shirt
-Dallas Cowboys t-shirt
-Terminator Salvation
-Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
-The Onion Presents: Our Front Pages
-The Prehistory of the Far Side
-An 8-in-one Screwdriver/Flashlight
-G.I. Joe
-A pair of safety glasses (because it never fails that when I'm under the truck a piece or pieces of rust falls into my eyes...)
-Scout Class Decepticon Tankor, model paints, and paint brushes*

*The reason for the paint brushes is because I have expressed a desire to repaint this:


...into the Autobot Warpath:


It's a personal project I hope to finish by the end of 2010.

J. C. Quiinn

An M15A4 Classic Army Sportline Carbine

And the 40K fifth addition rulebook...