What did you get for Christmas

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    Based on/combining elements of Shattered Angels, Noragami, & a few other sources


    Peace certainly was a rare and beautiful thing, wasn't it? Hard to find, but when you could, it would fill you with relief and comfort. A sense of being able to relax. However, peace isn't the best thing, in truth - for with such good feelings, anticipation and fear can sneak in as well.

    Rightfully so, in the case of what is now to occur.

    See, you sorry little folk were in that state before all of this, weren't you? Before His Lordship summoned you here? Of course, clearly his little attempt greatly malfunctioned, as you worms didn't end up where intended. Difficult creatures, aren't you? No matter - His Lordship shall harness what he needs from you soon enough. Even the Absolute Angels and their puny outsider allies cannot save you now.


    Right when things seemed to be getting normal, or perhaps not, it all came crashing down. Tch. Typical, huh? Oh, well- there's no use complaining, because it won't change that you've been brought into a Murder Game. There's a small chance of you getting out alive, but we'll get to that later.

    Well, we've got a psychopath on our hands. Sounds fun, right? ..Sarcasm there, my friends. He's a murderer, a kidnapper, and a hell of a lot more that I won't get into. He's a ways off from where you are, but you can get there. Anywho, I guess I should get this crap outta the way...

    So. Welcome to the Murder Games.

    It's highly likely that you won't make it out of here alive, but feel free to hope, if you want. There are murderers out to get ya, you'll have our least favorite psychopath sending his minions out to get you, and much more. There's a lot of ways you can die, to put it simply.

    You've got guys on your side, too, though. Guardians of sorts, investigators that'll help you unravel just who's doing the killing and dirty work for the big man, and, well... Whoever of you are innocent.

    I hope you got it, 'cause I'm not explaining again. Oh... And I guess I should mention, you're kinda stuck on a shitty little island at the moment, but we'll get there and lend a hand soon.

    ...Oh, and one last thing; be careful. Almost everything you do will have an impact... And you don't want to get on anyone's bad side here. This isn't some kiddy park, and murder is no game.


    Roles for this game will be as follows:

    Absolute Assassins - As the name implies, these will be the people that commit the kills. There will be 3-4 Absolute Assassins.

    Absolute Innocents - These characters will be the normal players of the game, and there's no special perk for this.

    Absolute Investigators - Each round, these people will be able to investigate a player. When they investigate someone, they will be told the role of that person - be they an Assassin, an innocent, a sword, etc. There will be 3 Absolute Investigators.

    Swords - The characters with this role will be something akin to a bodyguard. They will pick *one* character to be the guardian of, and when an assassin targets a character that one of the swords is a guardian of, the sword will die in place of the character that they're guarding. In addition, swords will gain mana slightly faster than other players. There will be 4 swords.

    Absolute Extractor - Characters with this role will be capable of draining other players of Mana. Every other round, the extractors will be allowed to steal a bit of Mana from another player, thus earning the Extractor more Mana, and in turn more power. The greatest amount of Mana that will be possible to steal at a time will be 12. The identities of the Extractors will be hinted at through how much power they have, so you'll want to keep an eye on how much Mana/power people have. There will be 3 of these.


    In this game, characters' powers will be nerfed - but not in a typical sense. They will all function on Mana, and with the more mana they have, the more of their original abilities will be able to be used. The less Mana they have, in turn, the less powers they'll have. Every character will start off with the same amount of Mana(that will be fairly little), and will be able to gain or lose it from certain tasks they do. They can also have Mana stolen by the Extractors. Even humans and the like can earn power this way.

    The Afterlife

    When one dies in this game, they will be reincarnated as a younger version of themselves in a different area from the main group. With each activity- or 'quest' -they complete, their aging will accelerate and they will regain a bit of their abilities, bit by bit. Eventually, they will be reunited with the main group.

    -Note; please excuse the low quality. Mobile sucks-
  2. Gibs bought me a new laptop! :D Now I can use my own damned computer to play games and get on Skype! Yaaaaay!!
  3. - Keychain from my friend.
    - Explosives from another friend. (kiddy firecracker)
    - Chocolates from another.
    - A new Body Bag, a new wallet, a new pen with a nailcutter and scissors at the back, and earbuds from my parents.
    - A shoe bag and car reflector screen (?) from my aunt
    - Desk organizer and tie hanger from my other aunt
    - A shirt from my grandmother.
    - I bought myself Gashapon. Got a Unicorn Gundam standing on my desk right now.
  4. Keychain.
    Black pillow.
    A new bag.
    A multi-hanger, for ties, t-shirts, hats, and stuff like that.
    A Gashapon of the "Rizel" (Rigel? the katakana was 'rizeru') from Gundam Unicorn. It's on my desk right now.
    A new pen.
    A T-shirt given by my grandma.
    A handkerchief.
    My mom's camera, a Nikon D40.
    A new wallet.
    A can of WD40 straight out of the hardware store.
    Tekken 6 for the PSP.
  5. Boston shaker
    cocktail making stuff
    cocktail making book
    (i did a bair and waiting course)
    a 'goddamn' batman action figure (dont ask, i dont know why lol)
    two books
    Splinter Cell:Double agent (my little sister figured it had guns in it, so id like it 8) - its not too bad....just too sneaky)
    Richard Dawkins dvd set (the familiars figure im an athiest so i like the dude again, not that poor a statement when it comes down to it)
    Dawn of war two (bought with a $50 gift card by me)
    one of those favorites chocolate box things.

    well, the jolly fat dudes gotta stick together!
  6. I... hate... Richard... Dawkins... *twitch*

    2 thriller novels
    1 pair of snooty shoes
    2 dress shirts
    1 t-shirt from Malta
    1 t-shirt from Turkey
    1 month's rent
    1 Koran

    Grown-up presents are boring. :(
  7. A GPS and 1.75 Liters of whiskey (with flask)

    Why am I not surprised that someone would get Asmo the Koran?
  8. Well this is what I got

    - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    - Case Closed movie: The Last Wizard of the Century
    - The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap *Manga*
    - Metalica CD
    - Clothing *well that is what Piro and I always get almost the same is clothing*

    That is pretty much it I guess.
  9. which Metallica cd?

    oh and Asmo, your supposed to.
    i mean im rather sure i hate the dude.
  10. From others:
    -Beatles Rockband
    -(Things that I have not obtained yet)

    From Myself:
    -External harddrive
    -LGW: Seeing Redd
    -LGW: Archenemy
    -The Looking Glass Wars Soundtrack

    I OBVIOUSLY give the better gifts. lol
  11. - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    - Chibi Vampire Vol. 13
    - Candies cuz apparently those can be presents.
    - 1 pack of Zendikar
    - And an orange.......seriously

    A pretty mello Christmas...nothing really got me excited. I mean I'm happy I got CoD6 but with my internet connection the way it is I can't play it online. Chibi Vampire I'm missing volumes 4-12 and I would have really liked a whole box of Zendikar to get back into Magic. Overall a depressing Christmas but hey karma will pay off eventually right?
  12. A huuuge amount of candy, 40 new notebooks, 5 cases of new pens, A DVD player, 2 dominoes pizza cards with 15 bucks on each, the Lady Ga-Ga CD's, cool stickers, a Sonic Card with 30 bucks on it, and....a whole lot of crackers and left over goodies. Dad even got me a ham xDDDDD
  13. Some dress clothes, a new scrub top, and 500 bucks to pay for hotel and food during the NAVC conference next quarter. I think I'm going to use the left over money to get myself a nice tattoo as a late Christmas present. ;3
  14. AH, the black album.
  15. Poor people don't share gifts.

    We only drink until we can't remember our names.
  16. Amen to that! ^^^
  17. - Whey Protein Powder w/ bottle
    - Rage Against the Machine Live dvd
    - A pair of boxers
    - Money
    - 500KR gift-card for the local mall
  18. -Boxers
    -G.I. Joe t-shirt
    -Dallas Cowboys t-shirt
    -Terminator Salvation
    -Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    -The Onion Presents: Our Front Pages
    -The Prehistory of the Far Side
    -An 8-in-one Screwdriver/Flashlight
    -G.I. Joe
    -A pair of safety glasses (because it never fails that when I'm under the truck a piece or pieces of rust falls into my eyes...)
    -Scout Class Decepticon Tankor, model paints, and paint brushes*

    *The reason for the paint brushes is because I have expressed a desire to repaint this:


    ...into the Autobot Warpath:


    It's a personal project I hope to finish by the end of 2010.
  19. An M15A4 Classic Army Sportline Carbine

    And the 40K fifth addition rulebook...