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    Based on/combining elements of Shattered Angels, Noragami, & a few other sources


    Peace certainly was a rare and beautiful thing, wasn't it? Hard to find, but when you could, it would fill you with relief and comfort. A sense of being able to relax. However, peace isn't the best thing, in truth - for with such good feelings, anticipation and fear can sneak in as well.

    Rightfully so, in the case of what is now to occur.

    See, you sorry little folk were in that state before all of this, weren't you? Before His Lordship summoned you here? Of course, clearly his little attempt greatly malfunctioned, as you worms didn't end up where intended. Difficult creatures, aren't you? No matter - His Lordship shall harness what he needs from you soon enough. Even the Absolute Angels and their puny outsider allies cannot save you now.


    Right when things seemed to be getting normal, or perhaps not, it all came crashing down. Tch. Typical, huh? Oh, well- there's no use complaining, because it won't change that you've been brought into a Murder Game. There's a small chance of you getting out alive, but we'll get to that later.

    Well, we've got a psychopath on our hands. Sounds fun, right? ..Sarcasm there, my friends. He's a murderer, a kidnapper, and a hell of a lot more that I won't get into. He's a ways off from where you are, but you can get there. Anywho, I guess I should get this crap outta the way...

    So. Welcome to the Murder Games.

    It's highly likely that you won't make it out of here alive, but feel free to hope, if you want. There are murderers out to get ya, you'll have our least favorite psychopath sending his minions out to get you, and much more. There's a lot of ways you can die, to put it simply.

    You've got guys on your side, too, though. Guardians of sorts, investigators that'll help you unravel just who's doing the killing and dirty work for the big man, and, well... Whoever of you are innocent.

    I hope you got it, 'cause I'm not explaining again. Oh... And I guess I should mention, you're kinda stuck on a shitty little island at the moment, but we'll get there and lend a hand soon.

    ...Oh, and one last thing; be careful. Almost everything you do will have an impact... And you don't want to get on anyone's bad side here. This isn't some kiddy park, and murder is no game.


    Roles for this game will be as follows:

    Absolute Assassins - As the name implies, these will be the people that commit the kills. There will be 3-4 Absolute Assassins.

    Absolute Innocents - These characters will be the normal players of the game, and there's no special perk for this.

    Absolute Investigators - Each round, these people will be able to investigate a player. When they investigate someone, they will be told the role of that person - be they an Assassin, an innocent, a sword, etc. There will be 3 Absolute Investigators.

    Swords - The characters with this role will be something akin to a bodyguard. They will pick *one* character to be the guardian of, and when an assassin targets a character that one of the swords is a guardian of, the sword will die in place of the character that they're guarding. In addition, swords will gain mana slightly faster than other players. There will be 4 swords.

    Absolute Extractor - Characters with this role will be capable of draining other players of Mana. Every other round, the extractors will be allowed to steal a bit of Mana from another player, thus earning the Extractor more Mana, and in turn more power. The greatest amount of Mana that will be possible to steal at a time will be 12. The identities of the Extractors will be hinted at through how much power they have, so you'll want to keep an eye on how much Mana/power people have. There will be 3 of these.


    In this game, characters' powers will be nerfed - but not in a typical sense. They will all function on Mana, and with the more mana they have, the more of their original abilities will be able to be used. The less Mana they have, in turn, the less powers they'll have. Every character will start off with the same amount of Mana(that will be fairly little), and will be able to gain or lose it from certain tasks they do. They can also have Mana stolen by the Extractors. Even humans and the like can earn power this way.

    The Afterlife

    When one dies in this game, they will be reincarnated as a younger version of themselves in a different area from the main group. With each activity- or 'quest' -they complete, their aging will accelerate and they will regain a bit of their abilities, bit by bit. Eventually, they will be reunited with the main group.

    Character Requirements

    The basis for characters on this is that it must be some sort of AU version of a character. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be a major au-- for example, if you don't want to change the character too much, you could do something simple such as have them be right handed instead of left, or vice versa, etc.

    -Note; please excuse the low quality. Mobile sucks-
  2. So, I sort of took a nap, woke up at one AM, and haven't been asleep since. I only have the Trunks section of the update done, and I can finish the past section in a few minutes. But, no church update :(

    Also, @FireDrake150, the game is going again. We need some bishie in this RP. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.
  3. Name: Stella Rose
    Age: 28
    Race: Human?
    Appearance: (open)
    Now Stella was a fully grown woman, and while she was no super model she was very beautiful. She had shoulder length brown hair, lovely light brown eyes to go with her hair, a hourglass figure with a tone stomach as she was in shape, and her breasts, hips, and butt were making it easy to see her figure. She tended to wear her business work clothes which was a dress shirt, dress jacket to go with her dress pants, a belt, black lacy undergarments, and her stylish glasses. She was farsighted, and that basically meant she needed reading glasses and such for things up close, but had no problem driving or such.

    However, beyond whatever else sees. Stella had a secret. Her grandmother was one of the first scientists that succeeded in the breeding experiments, and it was her work that the labs were built upon. But unknown to everyone her grandmother 'tested' her work by mating with one of the animals. She had a son, and that son appeared normal, but was more beastal looking. Nothing that would get the government suspicious....well once some surgery was done to hide a few issues, but he still looked wild enough that he had no trouble winning females over with his wild looks. Stella was his daughter, and due to the extra human DNA from her mother was much more human looking, and stable.

    Except she was born a hermaphrodite, and while that was not really unheard of, even if only in fantasy books or strange animals. Or rare human cases. But her love life was nonexistent, because while she could hope for another female that would take her member as a blessing....but the problem was what little animal DNA she did have made her member canine. So she had a knot...and that made getting accepted by a possible lover much more difficult. She thought it was strange that of all issues her DNA would stabilize with her being a hermaphrodite, but figure it had something to do with the fact the DNA was a product of breeding experiments.

    She doubt she could give birth to an animal without experimenting like her grandmother did on her own body, but she figure what DNA she had from her grandmother passed down to her meant her member probably could get other specious pregnant. Not that she was going to test that...or a least she never planned on it. She however was not even going to entertain the thought of a male accepting her. But a female might. Maybe try to date an animal vet whom may find her knot interesting? Or even hot due to a strange fetish? At the very least she did not have balls. Since she was female, a hermaphrodite, but still female. So hiding her member was not that difficult. Mainly because she did have a sheath, and that helped hide her member. It was not just sticking out all the time.
    Bio: (open)
    Stella grew up with a dying father due to his still unstable DNA, a loving mother, and while her grandparents were no longer around....well her grandmother...since her grandfather did not have a complete human life span like some of the more recent animal experiments had...at the lab before it was shut down a least. Stella herself had went to school, and then college. She was now working in a Business that specializes in Marriage. It included everything from arranging weddings and decorations to marriage counseling and marriage lawyers. From helping couples thinking about marriage to married couples who needed help. The beginning to the end. Personally, Stella worked in the counseling area.

    Stella went to college focusing on psychology and counselling in general, and more specifically marriage counseling as she was hoping to figure out what kind of person she needed that would accept her, and be happy with her. The boss, Yura, named the business 'The Beauty of Love' which was not really unique, but got the point across. Stella, and others simply nicknamed it 'BBC'. Yura herself was a gorgeous young woman that had brawn and brain. Most of the workers looked up to her, admired her, and yes, some lusted after her. Although, Stella strangely was not attracted to her. She suppose that was because Stella herself was more of a natural beauty, and Yura looked more like an fake beauty. Too good to be true. Although, Stella knew Yura had no surgery, and simply worked out, and was 'blessed' with her breasts. Basically good gens. At worse possible Gene experiments.

    Or a least Stella hoped that was the reason. In truth, Stella 'knew' she had to be a lesbian as she did not think any guy would accept her. But she never was really attracted to any of the other woman either that she worked with, or saw in college, or in high school. Those others...she simply thought were too average, and nothing special to make her heart explode. But she had a feeling her animal DNA did more than just mutate her member...as the only time she ever had ...issues with her part was when Yura came during a holiday party, and brought her pet. And yes, since Stella did not find Yura attractive that meant she got turned on by the pet. She knew due to her classes in Psychology that she should not be ashamed about being different...even if she had a canine member. But she was no matter how much she denies it. And being attracted to an animal only made that worse. She thought back to that last party...

    How Reia growled and hissed at everyone that got too close, and that included Stella. But before the party ended it may had been her imagination but she thought she caught a few glance her way by Reia, and that Reia may had purposely 'ran' from people just in time to give Stella a good view of her privates by running in the proper direction. She talked with Yura, and Yura admitted Reia was part wolf, and part panther. It was that wolf half that concerned Stella. Considering her member...well Stella hoped it was just her imagination. Reia hissed at her like everyone else, after all. So maybe those peaks, or looks were just a coincidence. Reia was from the lab that improved animals....but still an animal, right? So she probably did not consider humans as possible mates, and had no way of knowing Stella secret. Well...unless there was a certain smell. But no other animal acted strange around her...then again they were not experimented on, or a child of an experiment.

    Still, when Yura asked if anyone was interesting in taking care of her pet, and maybe a few other things around Yura's home while Yura was away on her trip. Stella notice most of the workers were hesitant to take care of Reia considering how the girl growls at them, and they were probably worried about doing something that would upset Yura, and lose them a job. So Stella stood up, and said she would not mind taking care of Reia. But she need to know what she could, could not do, and so forth at the house. Like was she allowed to take Yura away from the house? Or bring her over to Stella's own home? Or should she stay in a guest room at Yura's place? Stella knew the FPL was shutdown due to how much damage happen due to animal activist groups, and that Yura had saved Reia from being put down. Still...Stella was going to spend the next few weeks trying to get Reia's permission to pet her...maybe that way Yura could take Reia during other times without worrying about Reia sticking too close, and running off all the people she needed to talk with....
  4. Keychain.
    Black pillow.
    A new bag.
    A multi-hanger, for ties, t-shirts, hats, and stuff like that.
    A Gashapon of the "Rizel" (Rigel? the katakana was 'rizeru') from Gundam Unicorn. It's on my desk right now.
    A new pen.
    A T-shirt given by my grandma.
    A handkerchief.
    My mom's camera, a Nikon D40.
    A new wallet.
    A can of WD40 straight out of the hardware store.
    Tekken 6 for the PSP.
  5. Boston shaker
    cocktail making stuff
    cocktail making book
    (i did a bair and waiting course)
    a 'goddamn' batman action figure (dont ask, i dont know why lol)
    two books
    Splinter Cell:Double agent (my little sister figured it had guns in it, so id like it 8) - its not too bad....just too sneaky)
    Richard Dawkins dvd set (the familiars figure im an athiest so i like the dude again, not that poor a statement when it comes down to it)
    Dawn of war two (bought with a $50 gift card by me)
    one of those favorites chocolate box things.

    well, the jolly fat dudes gotta stick together!
  6. I... hate... Richard... Dawkins... *twitch*

    2 thriller novels
    1 pair of snooty shoes
    2 dress shirts
    1 t-shirt from Malta
    1 t-shirt from Turkey
    1 month's rent
    1 Koran

    Grown-up presents are boring. :(
  7. A GPS and 1.75 Liters of whiskey (with flask)

    Why am I not surprised that someone would get Asmo the Koran?
  8. Daisuke Hirragi

    Daisuke was taken aback by everything that was happening so much so that he was silent. Chuu was able to send them in Adams mind with only two words. As Chuu explained the situation the Demon Daisuke growled and roared like a monstrous beast. Daisuke shot him a glare as Chuu was talking about the dangers of three souls in one mind. As Chuu faded it was clear what their mission was, they needed to calm the beast.

    Daisuke walked over to the cage and glared at the demonic incarnation of himself. "I thought I left you behind, you prick." The Demon clawed at Daisuke just barely missing his face. "You Cunt! That's it." Daisuke looked back at Adam. "Let him go Adam I'll kill this Dick once and for all then we'll be fine."

    Adam Kane

    Adam just watched as everything unfolded and was finally snapped back when Daisuke called to him. "Um, no. Look Daisuke Chuu said that's a part of you which means you gotta deal with it and stop running." Adam was content with his response it was something he had picked up from his meetings at child services when his dad gave him a black eye. "Look Daisuke you're like a brother to me, so I'll help you any way I can."

    Adam walked over to the cage as the feral beast clawed at the bars trying to get out. "Chuu said I can control anything in here right?" Adam closed his eyes and imagined a chain around the beasts neck and had it locked to the back of the cage. "Ok I'll let him out but no funny business either of you. Let's talk and see if we can't remedy the situation." Adam took a couple of steps back and removed the bars. The beast charged directly for Daisuke. He clawed at his neck missing slightly.

    Adam panicked and imagined a brick wall in between the two. "Crap. that didn't go well." Then from the other side of the wall Adam and Daisuke heard the beast speak. "Coward." Daisuke yelled back. "Fuck you. Coward? How do you figure." The beast spoke again, the sound of its chain scrapping across the floor. "You were always a coward. A coward with Father, a coward with the Yakuza, a coward with those drug pushers and a coward with Cal." Daisuke got furious and pounder on the wall. "Fuck you! You don't know shit."

    The chain scrapping across the floor as the beast looked for a way past the wall. "You moron, I am you. You are me. We are one." Adam slowly started to put things together. "Your Daisuke''s regrets arn't you?" The chains stopped. "Correct. I am the embodiment of his regrets, his rage, his pent up feelings. And honestly I was fine with it all that is until we died. This as hole just gave up." Daisuke spoke up. "Cuz Tyler was watching and asked me to stop." The beast roared "bullshit!!! You stopped fighting because you saw the difference in your strength and gave up. That Tyler girl was nothing more than a convenient excuse." The beast and Daisuke stopped moving the both sat against the wall, their backs to each other. Daisuke muttered. "He's right." Tears flowing down Daisuke face. "He's right, he's right I'm a coward. Ever since he shot me I've been terrified of Cal. I stopped fighting not for Tyler but because I figured I couldn't win so I tried to talk my way out of it."

    The Demon spoke up. I was ready to fight to the death and was about to but Daisuke stopped, just like with his father. Father was going to ask him to take over the family rice patty upon graduation, that's why the day of he left home for good. He's always running away"

    Adam spoke up. " You seem more people like. You've stopped trying to rip Daisuke face off." The beast spoke. "Hearing Daisuke finally accept his choices have calmed me I no longer feel hatred for that incident." Adam smiled and for what felt like a few weeks was finally finished Daisuke and the Demon were standing face to face as Adam spoke. "Daisuke, demon Daisuke I'm happy you both were able to get along now all that's left is to absorb the regrets and own up to them, face them head on. Daisuke embraced the Demon as he spoke "it's alright to fail however give it your everything and never give up. If you can promise me that I'll lend you my strengrh." A ball of light surrounded the two, as Daisuke became one with the demon.
  9. which Metallica cd?

    oh and Asmo, your supposed to.
    i mean im rather sure i hate the dude.
  10. From others:
    -Beatles Rockband
    -(Things that I have not obtained yet)

    From Myself:
    -External harddrive
    -LGW: Seeing Redd
    -LGW: Archenemy
    -The Looking Glass Wars Soundtrack

    I OBVIOUSLY give the better gifts. lol
  11. So, as I mentioned earlier I didn't go to Disneyland but they brought me back something cool... actually, it's a popcorn holder/container, guess it was from the Star Tours attraction.

  12. A huuuge amount of candy, 40 new notebooks, 5 cases of new pens, A DVD player, 2 dominoes pizza cards with 15 bucks on each, the Lady Ga-Ga CD's, cool stickers, a Sonic Card with 30 bucks on it, and....a whole lot of crackers and left over goodies. Dad even got me a ham xDDDDD
  13. Some dress clothes, a new scrub top, and 500 bucks to pay for hotel and food during the NAVC conference next quarter. I think I'm going to use the left over money to get myself a nice tattoo as a late Christmas present. ;3
  14. So, I've been meaning to make a post in this discussion for quite a while, heh. Anywho, I'll get right into it. I really like weird fiction, cosmic horror, dark fantasy, atmospheric locational horror with macabre themes circulating around everyday life, the whole shabang, and despite the fact that there're so many writers catering to stuff like that out and about, I sometimes find it hard to locate something that sticks with me, y'know?

    That was until I was messing about on this art blog I keep up with, yog-blogsoth, and saw some stuff about some book called Greener Pastures, by Michael Wehunt. The artist of the blog had designed the cover.
    Like I said, I'm a real literary weird horror dilettante. I use that word because I don't go all-out with it, even though I do write a sizable bit in my spare time and share most of what I find with my friends. But yeah, I saw Greener Pastures, and I was pretty intrigued. It was a debut collection of short stories, and had been hailed with pretty great reviews already, having been somewhat new when I'd first seen it.

    Anyhow, I ordered it up straight from the publisher, Shock Totem, and it came, and I read it in one day, having little else to do.

    And it was good.

    As I've mentioned, I'm no expert, no cultured artist of the review, but I can tell when a book's hitting all the right notes, especially if those notes center around being unsettling and genuinely disturbing, at times. I like it when literature makes ya feel something, y'know? And without a doubt, Mr. Wehunt's writing did just that. Reading it on my couch, I felt uncomfortable, genuinely, throughout a good few of the stories. That awed kinda discomfort, realizing that words on a page can evoke strong emotions like that.

    Every story in the book is creepy, unsettling, varyingly sad, and just plain good. Shared it with every amateur horror lover in my immediate group of friends, and all of them loved it as much as me. So yeah. I'd definitely recommend it. I'd rank it as my favorite book.​
  15. Poor people don't share gifts.

    We only drink until we can't remember our names.
  16. Amen to that! ^^^
  17. - Whey Protein Powder w/ bottle
    - Rage Against the Machine Live dvd
    - A pair of boxers
    - Money
    - 500KR gift-card for the local mall
  18. -Boxers
    -G.I. Joe t-shirt
    -Dallas Cowboys t-shirt
    -Terminator Salvation
    -Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    -The Onion Presents: Our Front Pages
    -The Prehistory of the Far Side
    -An 8-in-one Screwdriver/Flashlight
    -G.I. Joe
    -A pair of safety glasses (because it never fails that when I'm under the truck a piece or pieces of rust falls into my eyes...)
    -Scout Class Decepticon Tankor, model paints, and paint brushes*

    *The reason for the paint brushes is because I have expressed a desire to repaint this:


    ...into the Autobot Warpath:


    It's a personal project I hope to finish by the end of 2010.
  19. An M15A4 Classic Army Sportline Carbine

    And the 40K fifth addition rulebook...