What did you dream about last night?

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  1. Hmm, I didn't dream last night but what did YOU dream about? What is your favorite kind of dreams or your favorite dream that you've had? Mine are vampire dreams. Those are awesome! Lol.
  2. LAST NIGHT? Oh boy...I had like 7 dreams which I told my bf about...THEY WERE CRAZY

    But... I like dreams that has to do with food or something I have never done before like flying...
    Dreams I hate...when I feel like I'm falling and falling, or zombie nightmares >.< Hate those
  3. I actually had a dream about the cutest little bunny EVARH.

    He was soooo little and adorable and I named him Sir Wiggles because his tail always wiggled. ;_;

    Iwanthimsobad. Immagocrynowbecauseitwasonlyadream.
  4. These cats I rescued were dragons. They changed before my very eyes, you see! From itty bitty kitties into giant, flying dragons. Fire breath and all.
  5. I love dreams where different characters come into play in the wackiest of scenarios.

    As for last nights dream..Can't remember..
    Something with Turtles.. -shrug-
  6. I dreamed a dream I was Susan Boyle. ;-)
  7. The singer O_O B-but how?
  8. I have a better question..What was he dreaming about?
  9. This is actually quite interesting.

    I dreamed I was the Avatar. Yes, but I only knew how to Fire Bend. All I knew was hurt and destruction. Eventually I found someone in need of help but once I turned my back on them, they were being attacked by other Fire Benders. The poor little boy was a Water Bender but he couldn't bend a rain drop let alone defeat 6 Fire Benders. He pleaded with me for help. I didn't want to, but something inside me kept making me take more and more steps until I eventually ran backwards and encountered the Fire Benders.

    Then this epic song played.

    I was doing all kinds of neat flips and shit, Fire Bending and stuff. Standing in front of the kid and protecting him. It felt like I was protecting someone for the first time and it felt good. Towards the end of the song, I let out and enraged roar, bending the river of water behind me into a cyclone and washing all of the Fire Bender enemies away.

    Epic as shit.
  10. I had this weirdest dream where the house I was in was haunted and had to leave. The most scary part was the fact I was wearing a dress! I recognize the belt and top as being the same ones I borrowed from Diana for the Ren-Fest. Then I went across the street and had to do battle with invisible people and my mother quit her job because her boss was being an asshole. I'm pretty sure I can turn that into plot fodder.

    I woke up at 3 a.m. in the morning and had a milder dream I can't remember the last time I drifted to sleep.

    ... I really should stop eating chocolate macadamia nuts right before I go to bed.

    My favorite dreams are the ones where I KNOW I'm dreaming. It makes squishing spiders and defeating perverted gnomes so much easier--because there's never a badass sword around when I want one in my dream.
  11. My last dream that I remember went like that. There were those two boys that I look after plus my classmate from high school. It was weird because the boys never met this friend of mine. Nonetheless, they were sitting in the kitchen and giggling. I got this feeling that they did something against the rules and for some reason I knew that they put cupcakes into the microwave and switched it on. So I told them off, went to the microwave which was switched on. I opened the little door and it was still going. I saw those cupcakes and began taking them out. Those three behind me where still giggling so I told them to shut up. Only then I noticed that there were also dirty dishes in the microwave. And that was the end.

    Not the weirdest dream I have had but still...
  12. My awesome mind has been giving me horror movie-like dreams lately. It's pretty damn awesome until I get killed. :D
  13. I love romance dreams they are awesome because you control what happens fun right? :)
  14. You really wouldn't want to end up in my mind...when I dream my dreams are somewhat complicated.

    True that as of late, I had been dreaming about gothic women crying in bathrooms, smashing mirrors, blood everywhere..true despair, that I think I remember waking up with my heart racing like mad.

    What I dreamt about a few days ago, I think had what to do with the *great* roleplaying I was doing with an old friend of mine...

    Funny thing, is that it's amazing how even two good vampire friends can make such great roleplays, between each other..it's amazing!!

    Other than that, I suppose that my mind dreams about them, clear as crystal, and exciting as heck....and since I have the gift of playing with words, and writing in good graphic detail, it obviously stays stuck in the mind...

    Anyone fancies a trip iinto the dark recesses of my mind? :P

    ASteala ;)
  15. I dreamt about a big scary person who was stalking me in the night. .___.
    It was very freaky. The person kept breathing heavy when I walked outside and crossed corners, but I couldn't see em.. Q ^Q...
    then I saw a pair of red eyes staring at me from a tree.. and kept walking.

    Eventually the dream shifted into a new one, in which Miru was there to protect me. o wo'
    and then all the darkness slid away, cuz he was radiating this really bright light.

    turned out nice? ^^'
  16. Dreamt I was a six weeks pregnant woman, riding a train, in a world that was similar to ours, but circumstances were different.

    And even my dream self knew that something was wrong with that. There was a scene that played out exactly like this.

    Mom: "Oh hunny, you shouldn't be lifting anything!

    Me: "Its ok mom, its not that heavy."

    Mom: "Sweetie, you are six weeks pregnant. Let us pamper you a little bit."

    Me: "Aww, thanks~ .... Wait, what? Pregnant!? That... I can't be pregnant! I physically can not be pregnant! When did... When the held did I have sex, than?! ...Oh wait, Im dreaming, aren't I?"

    It was... very strange, to say the least.

    I enjoy dreams in which Im a guy. If I'm a man in my dreams, I know they're going to be good ones. Even the one where I got stabbed through the knee (NO ARROW JOKES! >.<) was pretty freaking sweet up until that part. And when I woke up. Because my knee hurt like hell for the next two days afterwards o.e
  17. I dreamt that the guys from Ghost Adventurers (I think it was Ghost Adventurers, I could be wrong though.) came to my house and to see my haunted bedroom.
  18. A lot of my dreams are based at least loosely on what I was thinking about when I went to sleep. I dreamt last night about climbing waterfalls and studying the isolated biology of certain types of plants in several South American sink holes. In my dreams, I tend to at least vaguely resembling a female, biologyish version of Indiana Jones. ;)
  19. I dreamt about the woman professor from Pokemon Black and White. I was at her home, and she was showing me the nightsky. The stars were rapidly circling around us in a ribbon like pattern, and she explained this happens every year when the planets realign. She poured me some Bicardi, and we clinked it and sipped away. I asked her what she plans on doing tonight, and she said she was planning on getting drunk and riding an ostrich.

    Later, I had another dream where some characters from Metalocalypse were involved. There was this sphere in front of a museum, and I took it from it's place. Then, I stabbed it into one of the characters because he had died, and it brought him to life. The other characters wanted the sphere, so they chased me, and shot at me. I ran, I ran very fast. I watched people die. But I clung to the sphere.
    I ran through houses, and backyards. I climbed fences. I swam through a pool and slo-mo lept over a roof.
    I then waited until they were gone, and I snuck back to place the sphere in it's rightful position.
    A lot of police were around, and some friends were asking me what happened. Then one guy started hitting on me, and I said NO MEANS NO, and threw a rock in his face.
    And then I ran again.

  20. I had a dream where I had a Coke Zero, and liked it.

    ._. I shit you not.