What comics do you read?

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  1. Because this needs a comic thread.

    DC, Marvel, IDW, or smaller comics like Gunnerkrigg Court, HELLPER, Bluechair, etc.?

    I've read most of IDW's newer Transformers stuff (MTMTE and exRID). I've read Marvel's Wolverine and X-Men, although I don't remember much... Nothing from DC other than Gotham Academy.
  2. I've never been into reading comics really. The closest I've gotten to it is Manga i'm pretty sure.

    But I watch 3 youtubers who go over comic stories and gives me the story of them and whats all said/done. Pretty interesting stuff, but as I said, i'm not much of a reader (Probably can't afford it either XP)
  3. Uhhhh I have some Doctor Who comics. And some MLP comics.

    .......And that's it. owo"
  4. Mangas are comics too! I used to read them a lot myself, before I lost interest.
  5. Nice! What're they about?
  6. Weeeell the Doctor Who one is about... Doctor Who... and the MLP one is... MLP.

    They're basically just expansions to the TV show, adding a whole bunch of extra adventures to the story, playing around with old characters/villains and adding new ones. Fun times. Cool thing is, they both have some extra freedoms in the print medium that they don't have in the TV show versions.

    In Doctor Who's case, they can pretty much bring back any old character that they want, at any time -- something that's a lot harder in the TV show for obvious reasons. In the TV show, it's very rare for them to bring back an old Doctor or companion, and it usually only happens for special occasions. But in the comics, not only can they do that sort of thing a lot more liberally, but they even have a few series that are currently running for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors and I think even some of the Classic ones, too, because there's no reason why they can't, really. XD Sooo it's interesting to see.

    As for the MLP one, well, I wouldn't say that it contains adult content or really anything close to it in that regard, but it is a bit more clearly aimed at the older portion of the fanbase. Because of that, it can make the plot threads more complex and a bit more serious than the TV show -- not that the TV show doesn't have more serious and darker stories, but, those sorts of things (in the TV show) are usually more spread-out and often only come up during season finales/openers, whereas here, from what little I've seen of the comic books so far, it seems to be more of the norm. Oh, and it can also play around with a lot more fandom in-jokes and references to things that kids probably wouldn't recognize (which is also something the TV show does, though, again, not quite as often). Oh, and it also contains... a surprising number of Doctor Who references. Again, more than the TV show, anyway. XD

    I don't read a ton of comic books in general -- I just picked these two up because I'm already a fan of the TV shows. I like what I've seen from them so far, though.
  7. Nice! I think you'll like the Steven Universe comics then.

    Also, if you want a laugh or two, read Bluechair! Seriously, they're short, simple comics which hold the truths of life.
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  8. I also wanted to add that Transformers is also in the same regards, however used more for advertising than G1 universe expansion.

    While More Than Meets The Eye now sports better designs than the toys, and is essentially better in every way, Prime and RiD get most of the fame, and it's a shame, really (nothing wrong with the designs tho).
  9. Watchmen and Jessica Jones have been my two most recent projects.

    I have read, mostly, X-Men and TWD, though. I started some of Marvel's Star Wars ones a while back, but my store stopped stocking them regularly.


    Comics Thread.


    Not as big into DC, but I'll always read a Bat-book.

    Huge Marvel fan, but I'm bigger to the ancilliary characters like Punisher, Hawkeye and Moon Knight. I also freakin' LOVE Daredevil. I've read most things Daredevil. Huge X-Men fan too. I've read literally most-everything X-Men. CHRIS CLAREMONT YYYEEEAAAHHH.

    IDW has been kicking so much ass these past few years, I'm totally digging it. Transformers, Judge Dredd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Yeah bruh, gimme-gimme!!
  11. So far, I have only read X-Force (Earth-616) and Constantine (New 52).

    I'm looking into any comic books that Include these heroes:

    Doctor Nemesis (Marvel)
    Constantine (DC)
    Judge Dredd (No Idea who has the license)

    ^ These characters are why I read comic books.
  12. Any advice on where to get started with Hawkeye, Deadpool and Cpt. America?

    But oh my god did you see the Angry Birds comic by IDW?
  13. I'm so glad this thread is gaining attention! Why haven't you guys made something like this sooner?!
  14. There's been a couple comic threads over the last month or so, I think, but I'm always happy to see more of them.

    Also, here's a list of shit you should read if you haven't already:
    • Watchmen: Alan Moore helped build the modern superhero. Then he made Watchmen to destroy it. And it's beautiful. There's been a lot of satires and spoofs of the whole superhero thing, some great some not, but this is the classic.
    • V For Vendetta: Because Alan Moore is a fucking god, that's why. Don't settle for the 2005 movie, even though it was alright in its own right; the movie was re-jigged to focus on Bush-era politics versus personal liberty, and it loses the original's focus on fascism versus anarchism. Loses a lot of the intrinsic Britishness too, which is a damn shame but that's what tends to happen when Burgerstanis re-write shit.
    • Transmetropolitan: The greatest cyberpunk story ever committed to comic book form, you ask me. What makes it so great? They built a cyberpunk world then they stuck Hunter S Thompson Spider Jerusalem into it. The writing is great, the dialogue's consistently hysterical, and it has a real bite to the message it aims to convey.
    • Batman - A Serious House On Serious Earth: When it comes to Batman comics, people tend to recommend one or two books as standout classics. They either go for The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, or Batman: Year One by Frank Miller (thankfully written before Miller became an angry old drunk). I'm gonna be a hipster cunt and suggest A Serious House by Grant Morrison, though, because it remains my favourite Batman story. The artwork is fucking incredible: genuinely unlike what you're used to seeing in comics. And this is also the story that inspired the Arkham Asylum games. It's also written by Grant Morrison, though, so it's basically pants-on-head insane.
    • The Boys: Garth Ennis is probably my favourite established comic book writer still working. The Boys (and also Preacher) is the reason why. He stepped into the overcrowded arena of superhero satire with this one, and he blew the competition away. It's crass, it's ugly, and at points it's just plain fucking gross, but Ennis shines when he's able to show us the gross realities of fantasy situations. He sets up a situation which has you basically rooting for the folks who would normally be the bad guys, because the heroes are so much fucking worse.
    • Rat Queens: The funniest comic I read in 2015.

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  15. I tend to stick to online comics/graphic novels. So many beautiful online works, and saves me money.
    I have been trying to read some manga, though.
  16. - I enjoy IDW's Transformers, too. I've been falling behind due to a lack of interest lately, however. Mostly into RiD.
    - When it comes to Marvel, I've got a soft spot for the early Avengers titles, and West Coast. Still not sure what to think about Rage of Ultron, though.
    - DC. Red Hood and Flash. Teen Titans. 90s Young Justice. (I have a Death in the Family somewhere around here...)
    - Walking Dead. Every issue is on my bookshelf, though I'm hoping they change up artists again soon. The current style is good for gore, not much for faces.

    Aaand... a bunch of other stuff I can't remember at the moment.

    Other Bat-Books:

    -Batman: Hush (Jim Lee. Batman fights Superman. Incredible new Badguy. Aw yiss.)
    -Batman: The Long Halloween (Batman "early" in his career. Covers Two-Face's origin, and the largest influence over Batman Begins. Great story.)
    -Batman: Earth One (Alternate universe Batman. Really good read.)
    -Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (Alternate universe steampunk Batman. Fuck yes.)

    And, as said above:

    -The Dark Knight Returns (The greatest Batman story of all time. 50+ year old Batman decides to come out of retirement.)

    To get started in Hawkeye, start with the brand-new-ish book that came out in... 2012, I think? Purple and white cover, just titled HAWKEYE. It. Is. Incredible. Some of the best writing in comics. Matt Fraction is incredible (and he gets to bang Kelly Sue Deconnick. Hnnnngh.)

    Deadpool, do the same. Read the latest run with Brian Posehn and Duggan. 2012-ish, I think.

    Not sure where to start with Captain America. He had a run that also started 2011-ish I think...
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  18. No printed ones, at least none that are ongoing. I've got a respectable amount of Calvin & Hobbes though.

    I mostly follow webcomics
  19. Thanks!

    I watched some episodes of Young Justice, are the comics good/better?

    @Dipper You shoulda read the Christmas special! Or if not... Read Windblade. Do it now.

    Anyone here read Aldebaran and Dungeon? I've got the whole Aldebaran book/series (basically the first) for Christmas, and got Dungeon vol. 3 - The Barbarian Princess...
  20. None.
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