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Which game should Grumpy run?

  1. Fortresses of Endless Night (Pathfinder)

  2. Gotham City Imposters (World of Darkness: Mortals)

  3. Shadows of London (Shadowrun 4E)

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  1. Kay, so going by the increasing interest Asmo's Crimvale Keep RP (a delicious Chat RP run on the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop) seems to be receiving, it seems that there may a market for a bit more online tabletop RPs on Iwaku. I've had several ideas for such games brewing in my head for quite some time now, but I'm not sure which one people would like more.

    Thus I come to you fine folks with this cheeky little poll, which you should see below. I provide a brief overview of what the games are and what they'll be about, and you let me know which you'd like to see made into a proper Chat RP run on Roll20.


    FORTRESSES OF ENDLESS NIGHT (Pathfinder) (open)

    Night has fallen.

    It has been this way for longer than any mortal can remember.

    Through the schemes and machinations of Vaasz, the God of Darkness and Despair, an era of perpetual night has seeped across the land. The influence of the Black God's divine rivals has waned, cut off from their followers and driven back by the gloom. From the darkness ancient and terrible things have emerged, no longer held in check by the power of the sun.


    Vampires rule from ancient castles in a blood-soaked frenzy, the daylight nothing more than a distant nightmare for them.

    Ruined settlements fester with the living dead, rotten corpses and skeletal fiends all that remains of the vibrant communities that once where there.

    The land itself has shifted, how host to bizarre and twisted new flora and fauna suited to the complete lack of sunlight.


    In amongst it all, the mortal races desperately struggle against the chaos and upheaval. Small pockets of society do still remain, in great fortress cities where the Gods can just hold the darkness in check or else in isolated castle towns that must stand vigilant for the ever-present threats that haunt the land. Yet most are forced to live under cruel and inhuman new masters, little more than cattle and slaves in the new world order.

    And from these hardened survivors and subjugated prisoners rise the heroes of the land, faced with a choice.

    Do they try to save this realm of endless night?

    Or do they further damn it?


    GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS (World of Darkness: Mortals) (open)

    Gotham City. With it's masked vigilantes and deranged crooks decked out like clowns, it's caped crusaders, boy wonders, super-assassins and sociopathic dwarves with incredible skills at human resources.

    Oh, and you guys.

    The freaks, geeks and hangers-on, the watchers at the sidelines, the fanboys and girls who idolise their favourite heroes, watch their every move, document and discuss their every exploit. In a city like Gotham, there's always crime to be fought. There's always some crook planning something that breaks the law, always some maniac with an axe to grind against humanity. And for all you love your favourite heroes, you know that they can't be everywhere at once.

    Then one day, you and your fellows had a grand idea.

    Why were you just sitting back and letting some other guy have all the fun?

    Gotham City Imposters is Batman meets Kick-Ass, in essence: you take the role of a bunch of ordinary-ass people who've decided that this whole crimefighting shtick sounds like a barrel of laughs. You don't have tragic backstories. You lack incredible powers. You don't know kung-fu.

    What you do have is a whole lot of enthusiasm and a new obsession that's likely to get you killed.

    SHADOWS OF LONDON (Shadowrun 4E) (open)

    “Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve your ammo.

    And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon.”

    - Runner's Motto

    London. 2072. Things have changed just a little in the last century or so.

    Though perhaps a more apt term would be “gone to hell”.

    In the wake of magic returning to the world in 2012, cybernetics and new technology running rampant through society, and megacorporations becoming so powerful they are now effectively running the whole damn show, the world ain't what it used to be.

    But that doesn't mean things can get shifted up a bit.

    With the conclusion of a popular uprising that toppled the old druid dictatorship that had been running the show for several decades, the United Kingdom is a brand new pie for megacorps to begin expanding their reaches into. New opportunities and investments, new markets and shareholders. New rivals. This shit is big business, friends, and sometimes the megacorps have got to look outside of legal means to achieve what they want.

    And that's where you come in.

    Shadowrunners. The people living on the edges of this dystopian future society. Ork hackers, elf combat-mages, troll street samurais. Mercenaries all, ready to risk life and limb for a fat paycheck and a boost to their rep. They take the jobs the corporations don't want traced back to them, the missions deemed to risky.

    Business is war.

    And cousin, business is booming.
  3. As a fan of Pathfinder, I would wholeheartedly enjoy the chance of playing one such campaign. However, the setting sounds like it would be difficult- if not outright impossible - to play any sort of Paladin what with the gods being pushed out by the darkness.

    I'm assuming this is more of fluff than something that would actively effect class choice? If so, I definitely already have a character in mind.

    EDIT: I'm also assuming that, since it's Pathfinder, Paladins will be using CHA instead of WIS for their rolls and multi-classng will be fine. Also, what level will we be starting at? Lastly, will we be using core or will we have accessed to advanced materials and Prestige Classes?

    EDIT 2: I'm so excited about the possibility that my mind hasn't stopped running since I originally posted my interest. I've just got so many questions. Are you going to provide character sheets and other materials? It might help for anyone joining that might be new players. If not, I can go digging and supply them.
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  4. One day... my Pathfinder group will kill your Pathfinder group.

    *retreats into the shadows*
  5. Yeah, I'm not planning on placing many limitations on what people can play, so holy characters are fine; these characters would just be some of the last of their profession still alive and kicking, but that's mostly just setting flavour.

    I'm willing to allow some advanced stuff in the game, but in the interest of preventing me from getting a headache and making things open for newer players I'd prefer if people stuck to the core materials more often than not. Makes things easier for everyone.

    There's a character skeleton that I'd totally steal from Asmo provide for the game, ans we'd likely be starting around Level 4. That's around the point where characters can be pretty badass at points, but its not too heavy-going yet. Depending on the number of nublets playing, however, I might lower that.

    And finally...

    *Unzips his fly and slaps his e-penis on the table*

    Fetch my measuring tape, Asmo. We shall settle this like gentlemen.
  6. Ooww another place to play :)
  7. Right. I completely understand that. I was just trying to understand how much access we were going to have so I could eliminate a good portion of ideas going round about. Barring prestige classes, there were a few things here and there that I was hoping to use from the advanced materials, mainly an add-on to a feat already available to Rangers, which would allow specializing in weapon + shield instead of being stuck with a choice between Archery and Two weapon fighting.

    EDIT: And, going by your response, it would probably be best to leave out core class archetypes to keep it plain and simple.
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  8. LOL cuz Dhampirs and stuff.
  9. Seems we have a purty clear winner on this one. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    Fortresses Of Endless Night currently exists as loose setting details and a few maps that I've cobbled together on Roll20, so I'm going to need time to get things pieced together into a coherent chronicle.

    When your main rival in this whole Pathfinder shtick is Asmodeus and his crazy level of detail and interesting setting you gotta bring your A game, after all.
  10. Yay more pathfinder goodness. May try my hand at a melee character, something like an inquisitor.
  11. Also, if you're juicing for some more setting details please enjoy a cheeky wee creation myth I drafted up instead of working.
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