What Causes Are You Into?

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  1. I like to think that most people have at least charitable thoughts, even if they don't have the cash or desire to donate to charities. I know that a lot of causes are personal for people and they can get super defensive about it, like breast cancer. That tends to run in families and makes people knowledgeable about it, and they'll tell other people, which is great!

    I'm curious to know what causes YOU are passionate about.

    Part of the reason I'm asking is curiosity, but the other part is because I make Christmas ornaments. 'Tis the season to start crafting, fa la la la la.. You get the picture. I'm looking for new ornament ideas. I already have one for Autism, as well as two different ones for Breast Cancer. I will be taking each of the responses to this post into consideration for new ornaments this year! The proceeds from those specific ornaments will go to organizations that are developed for assisting the specific causes.

    PSSSST! If you can't think of a cause, just give me something you're passionate about! A hobby or whatever :D Those make good ornaments too! Thanks guys!
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  2. The number one cause for me is probably Autism.
    That's mainly due to personal experience though, having been born with it and spent about 10 years of my childhood volunteering for Autism Charities, 12 years being in Therapy, and another 2 years working as a therapist.

    In truth though you could get me to help most charities.
    But there are few more runner ups on the personal motivation list:
    • Anything Depression related.
    I've seen enough friends and family suffer from this thing for me not care about it.
    • Freedom from Religion movements.
    I never had to experience it personally, but I've seen how badly peoples lives are harmed when they come out as atheist and their religious family turns on them.
    • Aiding the homeless.
    My Sister does a charity drive to help the homeless once a year that I help out with.
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  3. Animal Welfare or just Animal Care in general. I volunteer at my local animal shelter, and it astounds me at the amount of animals that are given up/surrendered, abandoned, or otherwise sent to a shelter.

    The Arts, whether it be writing/music/art/drama/etc. I'm a writer, so yeah, it'd be cool if artists were valued more for their work.
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  4. I am huge into non-profit/charity work - as a current accounting major, I hope to someday work in the non-profit sector.

    My biggest passion is animal care/saving homeless animals. I started doing a co-op at an animal shelter and never looked back. I haven't been back in several years, but I plan to go back once I get my paperwork done! Animals are just such beautiful, innocent creatures! I can't imagine them being all locked up in a cage.
    I am also big into providing food to those in need - I used to volunteer at a warehouse that distributed food all around my region.

    Lastly, a big issue in Canada right now is the loss of Indigenous lives, especially Aboriginal women. Many go missing every year and many have unsolved murders. I'm not sure of this situation in other countries, but it's causing a huge uproar here up north in Canada.
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  5. The causes I take the most interest in are environment related. Save the trees, reduce the E-waste, restore the habitats--things like that. I feel like this doesn't get enough attention.

    Ones that support disadvantaged kids, too. Have a great big soft spot fer youngin's.
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  6. AIDs & Hemophilia Research. o__o Hemophilia has run in my family for a long time. And because factor is made with blood product, it occasionally ends up tainted. :( There was a bad breakout of AIDs in the 80s and it ended up tainting a lot of the Hemophilia factor. My Uncle ended up with HIV and later died from it. My brother has also gotten tainted medication and now has Hepatitis C.

    We do yearly drop offs to the Goodwill and Salvation Army when we do spring cleaning!

    And then I just do more personal kinds of hands-on helping. O___O fixing them cats outside, taking care of strays, helping out friends when they need it.
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  7. In broad terms, human rights, the environment and various other areas of sustainable engineering.

    More specifically, HBTQ activism. Being a gay man with more HBTQ friends than not, it motivates me not only on a personal level. I try to help as much as I can, given my awful resources and whatnot.

    The same goes for the environment, really, and it touches a lot of different areas. Basically I just want humans to stop fucking things up in search for money, power and materials we don't actually need.

    That also touches on fishing, cattle farming and such. I'm against any form of animal cruelty, this includes keeping large amounts of animals (for meat or fur or whatnot) in less than acceptable conditions. Don't get me wrong, I love my steaks, but we could eat a little less meat and such.

    I'm also into a whole bunch of other stuff, but listing all of it would take too damn long.
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  8. BC Children's Hospital
    Spirit of the North Healthcare

    Emercency relief efforts (research carefully ont hese ones to make sure your money actually goes to relief efforts)


    most of the charities I get asked to donate to at stores and stuff are for things like sports camps though :/ sports camps are good and all, but I think they're kind of a luxury; there's more important things that need money, y'know?

    EDIT: oh, homeless efforts, too. I always donate my old winter clothes to shelters when it starts getting cold out again, and I donate to shelters and soup kitchens where I can as well.
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  9. Though I am a somewhat well known "pothead", I rarely support legalization simply because it has enough champions. I mostly put my backing in legalization of industrial hemp production.

    I am also a big supporter of LBGT rights. I am close to too many people who fall under this banner to not be. Beyond that, I personally feel that the amount of hatred directed at this is appalling and embarrassing.

    Lastly, I often tout the idea of self sufficiency and reliance and personal strength. I believe we, all of us, are able to have great strength and ability if we put our will and minds to it. Though this isn't necessarily a movement or cause, it's something I believe in strongly.
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  10. Ending BSL... (Breed Specific Legislation)
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  11. The freedom to believe whatever you want so long as it doesn't affect the lives of other people.

    Specifically, LBGT rights come to mind, because for some reason people think that religion gives them the ability to deny others basic rights, such as marriage. Now, personally, I don't care what anyone believes in, but trying to force others against their will to follow your way of life is just plain wrong. Quiet frankly, it should be considered a sin. I just wanna say that marriage is not a religious ceremony; it is a contract of love between two people, and it always has been. No one has the right to control who can or cannot get married. End of story.
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  12. I thought Just Cause was a pretty cool game.

    I was into it.
  13. You guys have some really awesome answers!! There are some things on this list that I didn't even consider and probably wouldn't have thought of if you hadn't brought it up, so thank you all for responding! I didn't expect to get so many people! :D

    Anybody else??
  14. a. American Diabetes Association. I have Type One, or otherwise known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes. While there is no known cure yet, the ADA has been raising money for many years now in an attempt to find one. May these fine folks succeed sooner, rather than later.

    b. Lighthouse International. These guys are a charity that helps people who require eye care and procedures obtain the special care they need, but otherwise would not be able to afford. Whether it be a general optometrist visit for a new pair of glasses, or intricate eye surgery, these guys help with those and everything in between.
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  15. quality and safety
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  16. --> Mainly human rights - Feminism, LGBT Rights etc etc. Especially LGBT youths who need support!
    Lots of personal experience with this one.

    --> I try to donate to mental illness charities and do work in my school for MIND.
    Personal experience is also relevant here. Plus, the support for mentally ill people is so sketchy, gotta work to get it improved.

    Those are the main two which are close to home, but I try my hardest to help out with whatever I can, whatever the cause.
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  17. Those who suffer from depression and similar mental tragedies. I've had it myself for years and my goal is to find comfort for others and to let them know that it's ok and that things will get better. I want to show them that it's ok to feel and think in such darker ways at times, but that a "permanent cure" shouldn't be death and that you can live with it and beat it. I often use my poetry as a way to express such things. I wish to merely spread my word of comfort and knowledge with my words to the whole world.
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  18. You guys are awesome :D
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  19. I don't have a cause I'm super passionate about, but I am a child sponsor with Plan Canada, and whenever I'm offered to make a charitable donation whenever I'm out and about, I throw some money at it.

    A good rule of thumb for society as a whole is that most people will donate if you make the framework for them to do so ridiculously easy. Big regret of mine was I wanted to set up a donation drive for War Child when I was in high school, but I didn't know how to go about doing that, and I should have tried a lot harder.
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