What can't you eat?

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  1. We all have foods we hate, but (ASIDE FROM Medical reasons) what is the ONE SINGLE food item you find almost physically impossible to swallow?

    I cannot eat liver.

    I just... Can't

    I hate the smell, the taste, the way it feels in my mouth, all of it >.<
  2. Televisions. It is the one item that I have attempted to eat that is physically impossible to swallow, as per the prompt on the first post.

    I don't know how people eat televisions, but I just can't eat televisions.
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  3. Pickles! I want to like them, I really do. I just can't, though. It's more because of the texture... Textures trouble me more than flavors do. I really hate the way that pickles crunch in my mouth, plus they make me sick. I feel like I'm eating a big juicy bug and then throwing it up.

    Even when I was pregnant, they weren't appealing. o__o People called me weird for that because pregnant ladies LOVE pickles, usually.
  4. Sweet potato. Disgusting.
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  5. Raw cilantro - hate the flavor
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  6. Pizza.

    Can't even smell it.
  7. Wut

    I can't eat melted cheese though, which is almost as bad. It's like eating snot.
  8. Why is that so hard to believe that someone could hate pizza?
  9. Pomegranate. I just... Even the smell makes me ridiculously nauseated.
  10. I like almost all cheeses. Havarti, however, is disgusting and I will steer clear from it. Can't get it down.

    Its also a bitch to package sliced. More hate.
  11. cabbage. yuck
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  12. Oh, also, I cannot eat (or even stand to look at) tripe. Good god the images.....

    or Shepard Pie. Blah.
  13. Ditto on tripe. Also sauerkraut.
  14. Soggy bread... Just thinking about it my mouth makes me gag.
  15. Meatloaf

    Any kind of meatloaf. The very smell carries a sense of dread.

    Because I love my wife I've tried several types. The last attempt resulted in a violent stomach reaction which left an unfortunate mess in the kitchen.

    Never again my love. Hand to God.
  16. The piscines. Actually the majority of seafood; fish and crab especially. There are exceptions, of course.
  17. I find any food with the approximate consistancy of Phlegm, (yogurt, sour cream...etc) to be of more use to me as a projectile than a food source
  18. Certain Shell Fish like Oysters, Scallops and Clams. All of them make me chuck.
    Chocolate - Before you skin me a live. I am not a sweets lover. The only chocolate I will eat is either white chocolate, Organic Chocolate, Caburry or imported chocolate. Hershey, Nestle or cheap chocolate makes me puke.

  19. Any nut but peanuts, pecans and cashews. Everything else, almonds, hazelnuts etc. are disgusting.
  20. Raw tomato makes me gag. I can't even stand the smell of it. Especially if it's lukewarm and on a burger. Ugh. It's so gross.