What Are Your Skillz?

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Tuxedo Mask

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Everyone knows that girls like guys with skills and vice versa. Like nunchuck skills. Gorilla fighting skills. Rhinoceros riding skills. Punching-people-in-the-face-so-hard-their-head-explodes skills. Everyone has some type of skills. However most are not fortunate to have skills as awesome as these.

What kind of skills do you have?

What skills do you want to develop?

Any skills that you are jealous of?
I'd like to think I'm pretty good with makeup. Opinions vary from person to person. It's something I deffinately enjoy. I was a makeup artist for a few years and heres some of my work.



I wish I could be a better dancer.

And I'm jealous of those who have a natural ability to draw or paint.
I have a natural artistic talent that I do nothing with.

I practice with various weapons and such. I wouldn't count that as a skill since I'm not officially trained by anyone, but I practice still. All the time.

I'm really good at changing trash bags. It's almost supernatural, I'm so good.

Also, I wish Hope was a better dancer 'cause that would be hot!
Gee, thanks Peter! lol and I'm so jealous of your trashbag changing abilities.
What kind of skills do you have?
Mm, I don't know what skills I have. I'm awesome at crosswords - that has to count for something, doesn't it?

What skills do you want to develop?
I always wanted to get into parkour. It's takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it's amazing what they can do. Also, I want to learn to sew - maybe be able to make a few of my own clothes - I made a rockin' hoodie a few years back in HS, and it's so worn out now. I always wanted to make another one. And it would be nice to have some mad driving skills too. Eventually.

Any skills that you are jealous of?
Hell yeah! People who have any sort of balance and coordination, who can juggle, and (very recently...like three hours ago) people who are very flexible. Damn contortionists!
I have the ability to dress myself in the morning. It is the envy of everyone, and I even put it on my resume so that any potential employers know that I'm the real deal.
skills I have: ....i'm sarcastic? I can play piano, I can play flute...

skills to develop: ....anything? I have been trying to improve my cooking skills...i'm sure there's plenty other things

JEALOUS: writers, artists, photographers....haha not in a bad way i just tend to admire people who are able to have those skills
I can write, tell good jokes and put my leg behind my head.

I want to develop my Kung Fu and be able to talk faster and clearer.

I'm jealous of musicians, because I have 18 songs composed in my head which I can't play. >:[
I can play 6 instruments, compose music, dance (hip-hop, breakdancing, swing, and blues), magic tricks, and draw realism art.

Get better at breakdancing and hip-hop dancing in general.

I've always been terrible at photography and math. Two things if I could do would probably use a lot more often. Not to mention drawing non-realism art.
Traditional Jujitsu, bicycle ninja, fencing and soap making.

I want to become a better surfer and writer.

Jealous of people who can drive a car without hyperventilating. Smug bastards.
good at:
non-drag street racing (very dangerous, never attempt), getting myself in trouble, fixing almost anything and shooting.
martial arts, sword play and talking to random women
people who do/did good in school
What kind of skills do you have? I am an artist. I favor pencils and enjoy drawing in different styles. I'm also a writer. I am a kick ass gamer too.

What skills do you want to develop? I want to be better at drawing, always. I want to go into color with pencils as well as paint. I want to develop patience and be able to keep at projects instead of throwing them away. I want to try not to be so much of a perfectionist.

Any skills that you are jealous of? Other artists, though I appreciate their work and talent, I still feel a twinge of envy that I'm not as good... yet. Authors; who had the luck to get book deals even if their books are shit. And obviously the great authors, because their books are masterful. OH and people that have photographic memories, are brilliant with math, and can walk through their house without running into a door handle or the side of a doorway.
I'm an artist and writer who enjoys dirtbiking. I like developing my artistic abilities, and my non-existent ability to manage my time well. I'm not really jealous of any skills.
What kind of skills do you have?
Plotting skills. >:D Cooking Skills. Creative skills!

What skills do you want to develop?
I want to practice sewing skills and make myself some cool clothes. D: And improve my painting skills.

Any skills that you are jealous of?
I am jealous of people that are skilled at self discipline. c____c
I can ride a bike. Pretty good at voice stuff. Can pull off some pretty good driving tricks depending on the car. Sound effects gathering/ designing. Making corny/ lousy jokes.

I would like to be a much better dancer and learn to sing. Although I feel singing is impossible for me. But still.
What kind of skills do you have?

Well Looks like Diana is jealous, lmao. One of my skills is self discipline. I have the ability to set goals for myself and usually stick to them. I guess I am good at installing stereos and setting up sound systems, its more of a hobby though. Oh Oh, I also got Carpentry skills, I can use any power tool I get my hands on!

What skills do you want to develop?

MUSIC. I can play and sing, sorta...but I want to get better, much better.

Any skills that you are jealous of?

Some peoples ability to pick up other languages. It seems like some people have a natural ability to learn other languages.