What are your PET pet peeves? :D

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  1. As I type this, the amount of cat hair in my eye is steadily rising to the point where I could make a fine rug with it, due to my cat's insistence of walking back and forth between me and the laptop, rubbing her tail across my face whilst yowling incessantly for food. D:<

    Each time I replay to a post, tense action-movie music plays in my head when I'm about to press send if she's nearby... I forsee lots of hurried scrambling to correct the posts before multiple "cat like typing" ratings are received... -.-;

    Do any of you guys have pets? And if you do, what are your pet-based pet peeves? Because there's no doubt that we all have an encyclopaedia's worth of them...

    (*Said cat is currently alternating between using the carpet and my back as a scratching post, ignoring the actual scratching post nearby* >_<)
  2. Anal gland expression.

    In our bed.

    A few hours before its time to actually get up.
  3. Every single time I get cereal, my oldest cat will find me and get all up in my business. It doesn't matter if he's two levels away and fast asleep, or how quiet I am, he will somehow know that I have freaking cereal and try to get his nose in it. No, kitty, you don't get any milk, you chronic puker. Get your butt outta my food.
  4. Omg, you should see me trying to defend my milkshake! More than once I've put one down, turned away, then turned back a few seconds later to see a silly cat head in it. Darn it, cat, geddoudathere! D:<

    Windsong... *Pats shoulder* You have my deepest sympathies.
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  5. My dog will start jumping on me whenever the child is asleep or whenever I let him in. Like, dude, I know you are excited and stuff, but why must you jump on me every chance you get? He does not do it to my husband, only me.
  6. That's another thing. His begging. He will sit right next to my daughter, waiting for her to get up so that he could eat her food.
  7. My fucking rugs, Molly has said death to all rugs. Can't ever keep one straightened out.
  8. Oh, I get that one with blankets. Try spreading a sheet around here, and you'd think there was a rave going on under it.
  9. Uh, uh... sometimes, like, my fish tank starts to smell if it hasn't been cleaned recently. It's SO annoying.


    Sorry, I wanted to contribute... >_<
  10. Whenever I want to give my cats attention, they're feeling anti-social and generally act like jerkfaces. But when I want to focus and get shit done, they won't leave me alone. o_e Why can't they want to be pet when I want to pet them!?
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  11. I'm sorry, Kylulu, but that does not fall within the basic operating parameters of the standard model of house cat.

    Goat...Go over there and clean your fish tank. Do it now. *Shakes head and points at said fish tank*
  12. It was cleaned on Sunday! It doesn't need to be cleaned again any time soon.

    It's actually not that bad at the moment, there's only one fish left in it. I want to buy more, but the one fish left is cantankerous bully that ate most of the others, so I'm not going to start adding in new fish just yet. He's pretty old though, so... it's not like I'm hoping that he dies, but I am kind of waiting for it to happen. /:
  13. *Slams fist on the table*

    I said...!

    Nah, I'm just kidding. Though do keep up with it though. <_< What kind of fish is it? And, at least you don't have to worry about him stealing cheese off your plate, like SOMEONE around my place... Silly cat head... ¬_¬
  14. At least your cheese-thief doesn't kill off your other pets...

    I actually don't know what kind of a fish it is. See, I got the fish tank from my Nan when she decided she was too old to keep cleaning it out, so I went and picked it up, along with the fish she had in it at the time. There weren't many fish, so I went to the aquarium and bough some colourful fish to make the tank a bit more interesting.

    When she gave it to us, there were three bottom feeders. They look a bit like this:


    Except they're not that fish. They don't have the right markings, but they look pretty similar. Anyway, the three of them were supposed to just hang out on the bottom of the tank and hoover up food from the gravel. At first things seemed fine, but each morning I would find that one of the new fish was missing, and before long, I was back to the five fish that I had been given by my Nan. The three bottom feeders, and two larger silver fish. The bottom feeders had their own territory, and the two silver fish stayed together, and I think that their larger size and greater numbers kept them safe, because when they died, I found them floating in the tank, whereas the smaller fish had disappeared completely, hence my belief that the bottom feeders were eating them.

    Since I inherited those five fish, I never knew their type or anything. My boss is pretty big on tropical fish, and he's got a lot of books on the subject, but he doesn't recognise them as any kind of a catfish-type-thing that he knows of. Most of the Corydoras family are supposed to be very docile, which makes them ideal for mixed fish tanks, so it doesn't really make sense why the ones my Nan had were so aggressive. Still... I'm not going to buy some new fish, just to subject them to death by the catfish-thing.
  15. That sounds like the ideal plot for a blockbuster psychological horror movie that would terrify the life out of any sealife that watches it...
  16. I don't have pets.... Not anymore, at least. I want to get another pigeon.
    I used to have a rat. I always used to sit and use the computer, and he'd sleep on his back in the crook of my arm, or curled up in my shirt. There are obvious complications with that.... He would soil my clothes or chew holes in them. I would let him sleep on me while I eat, and the greedy little rat would steal bits of food and hide them in the cushion to eat later.
    I also had a pigeon, and he had to follow me everywhere. When I went to the fridge, when I was on the computer, when I was in the bathroom he'd peck at the door. When he didn't follow me around he hid under the couch, pecking people's feet when they came to the edge. At least when he didn't have to be in his cage.
  17. D'aww! In the cushion... :D How did you manage to acquire a pigeon?
  18. I have a cat who loves to leave the stinkiest, wettest gifts for us to clean up.
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  19. I have a 65lb American Pitbull Terrier that thinks he's a lapdog... And an 8lb house that must be part siamese... He yells and yells and yells, all the time. >.< They both shed uncontrollably... I've given up on trying to keep the pet hair up. :/
  20. Oh, I found him on the side of the road with a broken wing.