What are your pet peeves?

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  1. Everybody has them! At least one. The discussion is simple, divulge yours here!

    -When people don't rinse off all the sloppy glop that is their food from their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

    -People spitting loogies on the ground.

    -When someone degrades one's work out of jealousy, instead of offering them a compliment.

    -Hate, without reason.

    -Those who talk as if they've been down the publishing block and critique writing as if they've been a pro before.

    -When owners leash their dog in their yard and don't let them run free.

    I'll probably think of more later, but these are a good few that come to mind at the moment.
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    • People who don't know how to drive.
    • Hypocrisy.
    • Anti - hunting vegans that wear leather. (Biggest pet peeve)
    • Those who try to argue a point, but do not do any research, and only go off what they have heard people say.
    • The "holier than thou" attitude.
    • People with no work ethic or drive.
    • People who expect you to do things for them.
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  2. Just a small comment about the on the leash in the yard, they might do that because the dog won't stay in the yard or leash laws in some places...could depend on the breed of the dog too, make other people feel safer. Sorry if me saying that seems rude, I'm just trying to think of why someone would do that.

    A pet peeve from when I was a kid is on Halloween people would have their porch lights on and then didn't have candy.
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  3. You're right @Faithviper. A lot of places have leash laws in the yard even. I'm glad I live on 140 acres and mine run where ever they want. They keep the bears away too :).
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  4. As for my pet peeves, I'd say hypocrites and people with double standards make the top of the list. Then, of course, there's those morons who patronize others. Ugh... people.
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  5. One thing I refuse to ever overlook, no matter the case, is stereotypes. I absolutely hate stereotypes, I couldn't keep myself out of an argument involving them even if I wanted to. The day I don't jump in to stop someone using stereotypes is the day the world ends. Another thing that really gets on my nerves is when someone dislikes something, but shows no respect for those who enjoy it. You can find examples of this anywhere on YouTube, a good one is the Minecraft is Just Awesome video by Vareide. I'm not sure if it's still there and still going, but this guy intentionally went out of his way to insult a game and harass it's community on video that was specifically made to celebrate it. Stuff like that pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. And I see it happening all the time, it's bloody everywhere!
  6. When someone doesn't flush the toilet it drives me insane. I don'tcare if its a public restroom! I didn't walk in here to look at someone elses "log in the pond"
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  7. - In role-playing, using "the other" as an epitaph. The other what? The other what!? D:

    - Condescension.

    - Being told to "calm down" - or any variant thereof - in an argument. I was calm, asshole. Now I'm irritated.

    - "How do you know you're gay if you've never been with a man?"

    - "Have you tried just eating right and going outside more?"

    - "Wow, how do you even go outside?" in response to being sensitive. The trick is that I don't. I don't go outside.

    I had others, but they evaporated from my head while I typed these ones.
  8. - People that still try to bullshit and lie to me, even when they have been caught in their lie. o_o That actually pisses me off more than what they were lying about to begin with. And it's almost always over something dumb that they're really not in that much trouble for, but because they keep trying to lie their way out of it, I get really mad. ><

    - Leaving the condiments or cheese or sour cream open on the counter and not putting it away. ><

    - Leaving cabinet or closet doors open. i whack my head on stuff and cats get in to things!

    - Leaving dishes in the sink, because I have to clean out the sink in order to get the dishes washed properly. It's a pain. D:

    - People not using their turn signals.

    - Teenagers that say they are mature enough to do sexy roleplays, and then lie about their age to play with adults. >:[ It's selfish and irresponsible.

    - When a cat wants to be on your lap when you're using the potty. D:< I can't poop with a cat on my lap!

    - When someone mixes up MY knowledge and behavior with my CHARACTER'S knowledge and behavior. O__O Me and my characters are not the same entity, we do not always think/behave or know the same things.
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  9. being told i can't do something....challenge accepted,asshat.
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  10. Being patronised, by anyone. Just stop. Do I look like a fucking nine-year-old to you?

    Oh, and people using "literally" wrong.
    Person A: "That was so confusing that my head literally exploded."
    You seem to have recovered awfully quickly.

    Person B: "I literally couldn't even get out of bed this morning."
    Is that so. That must be why you're here now, at 10 AM.

    Person C: "You mean you literally don't know?"
    No. It's entirely figurative. I metaphorically don't have any idea what you're talking about.

    Person D: "That is literally the dumbest thing ever."
    Yeah, you take second place.

    Person E: "Edgar Alan Poe was a literal genius."
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  11. People that don't throw away out of date food and just put it back in the fridge.

    People that don't drive at the speed limit.

    People that aren't aware of how much space they and their belongings actually take up (e.g. parents with pushchairs in shops that just hog the entire width of the aisle).

    People that claim to have ideas and then don't.

    People that respond to every idea I suggest with "Yeah, that's fine," instead of actually expanding on the idea or giving an opinion of their own.

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  12. Well...people are people so why should it be...
  13. + points for Depeche Mode.

    I think I used to have pet peeves, but I find I get bothered less by things as I get older. However, I have recently discovered I loathe the sound of people eating loudly. Specifically, people going on Vent/Mumble/whatever and start eating, and don't turn off their microphones or keep talking while eating. I don't mean 'eat, swallow, talk'. I mean I can hear they still have food in their mouth as they're talking, sloshing and smacking.

    I did literally throw my headset across the room at one point one of those occasions. Thankfully, it survived.
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  14. Admittedly, I'm guilty of that literally all the time.
  15. - Hypocrites and double standards definitely. Especially those who don't even care to acknowledge it when you point it out to them xb

    - People who are wrong about a fact but refuses to admit it no matter what evidence you show them. Sure it's not fun to admit you're wrong, but we are all wrong at some point. Live with it.

    - People who repeat the same thing over and over again in the same conversation/discussion as if you're a child that don't get the point. I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID THE FIRST TIME! I HAVE A BRAIN U KNOW :(

    - People who mumbles to themselves even when another person is sitting right beside them. "And then we'll do this and.." IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TALK TO ME OR SOMEONE ELSE IN THE ROOM THEN DON'T TALK. IT'S ANNOYING MOM )x

    - People who states the painfully obvious throughout a movie, and repeats to state what happened in a scene at least four times before they move on. I know what happened in that scene, I watched the exact same movie! If you want to discuss the movie while we're watching or ask what happened, then I'm fine with that, but stating the obvious as if no one else got it is just annoying.

    - People who think sex and/or alcohol are the only ways to have a fun time and if you don't do any of them you're a sad human being or needs help cause you must have some mental problem if you don't like to share body fluids with another human being. Eew. >_<

    - People who think a baby and a family is necessary to get true happiness, and that you're not a whole human being simply because you refuse to raise someone for 18 years. I rather spend my life with my friends and my books, which are relatively silent in comparison to a screaming baby. I love silence and peace. A BABY WOULD MAKE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF! YOUR HAPPINESS IS NOT MY HAPPINESS!

    -People who think they know you better than you do. "So I will change my mind or regret it you say? Thanks for telling me, come back in ten years and we'll see who will laugh in whose face."

    -Children & babies

    - Liars & people who manipulate others & people who spreads bad rumors. Last time I knew a compulsive liar, she ended up loosing most of her friends. If you're giving different lies about the same incident to two people whom both knows each other, then you're kind of stupid. Of course they'll talk to each other and eventually figure out that you lied to them. Duh!

    - Teachers that lets children get away with bad and threatening behaviors because they have it tough at home. No. That's bad. You're teaching them that it's okay for them to behave badly because they have it tough at home. It's not good. How do you think they will make it when they grow up and think they can get away with anything? STUPID!

    -Humanity in general. That might change if I just stop checking the comments while watching documentaries on YT. But curiosity gets the best of me every time. Maybe I should stop reading the news too.

    I don't think I got everything, but I'll stop there. Doesn't my love for humanity just shine sooo brightly right now? :3
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  16. People who can't use grammar and punctuation, especially if they go all 'Lol, I'm dyslexic' without even trying to write right. Dude, I get that it's harder for you, but that is no excuse to slack off, especially in this age of spell-checkers.

    When people use words without understanding them. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    People who automatically assume I'm boring for preferring to read instead of drinking myself to oblivion.

    On a similar note, people who give me their unsolicited opinions on EVERYTHING.


    Human contact. Being hugged randomly is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, which obviously only inspires everyone to do it.

    Groups of wild teenagers who take selfies in the malls. See, I'm only twenty and yet I manage to sound like an old lady.

    People who try to control my characters while roleplaying. Just STOP.
  17. Currently, my biggest pet peeve is when roleplayers have decent grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization in their roleplays but decide not to use it outside of the roleplay when talking in general. It's so irritating I just want to shove their heads in a cow's ass.
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  18. Ok I have new one. When your role playing and someone goes back and forth between past and present tense. "Blah blah walked to the store...." next paragraph, "blah blah is walking back home."


    And this may make a one people irritated but I hate having to highlight people's text to read it when it's in a white font. So I just don't do it anymore.
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  19. Yeah, I completely get that. It is so annoying isn't it?

    Quick, everyone talk about Hope in a white font whilst she can'twon't read it!
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