What are your nicknames/pseudonyms/nom-de-plumes and what's the story behind them?

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  1. Hello Iwaku! I figure we've all got stories behind the names we use, and we might as well share them now. I find it fascinating how people choose their nomenclature. ^^ Also, I don't remember a board like this recently so I figure it could be a nice distraction from the daily routine. XD

    Anyways, I'll start.
    My first notable nickname was Saber. It's a short version of my first and last names, and I started using it in games since I was four and had a five-character limit on the pinball high score board. I eventually figured it was hella stupid and started using my first name for more things, since it's unusual enough to be interesting but common enough to be anonymous.
    In ROTC this year, I got the callsign Wiki. Short for Wikipedia. I'm a human wiktionary, apparently. XD I've been using it for a lot of things now... I rather enjoy it.

    Unfortunately, that pretty much concludes my list of nicknames. But what about yours?
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  2. I don't have any nicknames IRL, so here's my online ones!

    I was about 12, and was super into fairies. All the names on that forum with 'fairy' were taken, so I tried again with Pixie

    My angsty phase...

    2 reasons;
    - I was taking a computer science course and had just learned about bits and bytes
    - I thought tiny things were by default adorable
    So I came up with a name meaning 'smaller scale Bit!
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  3. Everywhere else on the internet, I am dj4aces. It's rather silly, really.

    It's a combination of the fact I would sometimes DJ for small gatherings of friends or small parties, and four aces from a deck of cards.

    So, I kinda meshed the two. For a short period of time, I thought about becoming a professional DJ.
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  4. I am Diana Notacat. >> Diana is my TRUE NAME I choose for myself when I was a wee kid. The name my parents gave me did not feel like the real me, and everyone thought I was just being an imaginative kid when I was trying out new names. o_o When I stumbled over the name Diana, I knew that was my real name.

    NOTACAT comes from a few escapades in a Sailor Moon chat room. I would log in as Diana, and everyone would think I was Diana the cat from the series. And it was driving me nuts having all the chibi usa and reenies trying to pet me. >:[ I would scream I'M NOT A CAT all the time. I eventually just added it to the end of my name. >>;
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  5. October cause I've always liked that time of year. It is the start of the end of disgustingly hot and sunny summer!

    I've had this name for almost 6 years and through my Iwaku family feel attached to it as much or more so than my real name. Whenever I meet Iwkaku peeps irl they call me October. It's weird to hear them call me anything else. It would be equally weird if someone at work called me October.
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  9. That is a funny story and might I say, a very confusing one.

    One day a young Tonks was romping about his YouTube, trolling of course (yes yes I was one of those...kinda am but now I just target racist jerks and homophobic people), but I also had another passion online;

    Star Trek. In particular, Spock. and believe it or not, I hated him, yet dedicated my nickname/username to him.

    You see, I actually work with a logical mindset, but I kind of have my own logic to things. But since the icon of logic was Spock, there came the first part of my username; Logic.


    that, I drew my own solution. There was no way Spock (even half vulcan might I add) could lay claim to being logical. He constantly complained that humans were illogical emotional creatures, and constantly compared them to vulcans. That in itself is not logical; it would have been completely redundant to point it out, and instead of basing that amazing intellect on something a bit more productive, he just bitched and moaned about how he could not handle being around humans. And to think logically is to fail. Because life isn't logical, and if you stick to the basics, you will fall.

    and that is my logic;


    Before you say anything:

    I'm a madman.
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  10. My first real nickname was bestowed on me by my first boyfriend, who was trying to flatter me. He came up with Marthena, a blend of my first name and the goddess Athena.

    Angel I got from my boyfriend now <3
    It suits me more especially since i was deeply involved in church when i met him. And he likes to think of me as an innocent :)

    My younger sister (by a year) has called me Marth for ever. Id more often than not choose that character when we played Mario brothers melee. ^^
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  11. My real life nicknames:


    Those four are all from people who cannot read my last name. I respond most to Tazzy or Tarzan in real life.


    Those two because my Black friends tease me that my real name Dwayne sounds pretty Black, but I need a more legit Black name. (TOTALLY NOT BEING RACIST, I PROMISE. WE JUST HAVE FUN)

    Soy Saucy
    Hung Lo Mein

    These three from a handful of friends who decided to give me my drag queen name, whenever I decide to go out in drag. (I never have, but that doesn't mean I'm not considering it. Going in drag sounds like fun!)
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