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    Inspiration: Resident Evil, Zombie Survival Guide, Left for Dead
    The year is 2059 a dangerous pathogen known as "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) Began infecting humans throughout the eastern side of North America approximately six months ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. The initial strain of the virus was to cure all deadly diseases; it was supposed to be the next big thing! It was totally ambitious and dangerous; they knew it had complications, but how bad they did not realize. The VRV mutated in its hosts killing them after two weeks of exposure, sometimes faster depending on the individual person. After death it could take several minutes or even hours for the corpse to reanimate itself, these reanimated corpses have collected quite a few nicknames. "Walkers," "Walking dead," "Z's," and many others. These creatures only know one thing. The need to feed.
    Since the appearance of these "Zombies" worldwide panic was quick to ensue, the larger cities taking the fall first. The Americans were blamed and left to their own devices while the other countries fended for themselves. A group of close knit scientists and some Government hire ups have locked themselves away in their own private bunker to attempt to cure this virus. Whether they are still in activity the rest of the country does not know.
    As for the survivors they have made their own discoveries about the undead that the scientists never predicted. Some never stopped mutating. The mutations ranged from pack like hunting techniques, while some lost sight all together. Some were so fast, the likelihood of you getting away were so slim it hurt. There were some who retained some of their intelligence, preferring to become an Alpha. Then there were the beasts, the animals that contracted the VRV. Depending on the species that contracted it depended on the mutations that it took on. Most of the animals died off in response to the mutations, their bodies unable to handle it even in their undead state. Most animals developed “mole” like senses, losing sight all together. Most of them also do not come out during the day, as the sun severely damages their body beyond what already has been done by the virus. All large “z-dogs’’ are found under the command of an Alpha.
    Now here is where the survivor comes in to play. You are a survivor. You managed to escape the initial outbreak, whether by sheer luck and determination or because you simply had the skills for it. You could have been a part of an evacuation group or thought that it would be better to escape on your own or with someone else and staying away from large groups. You all have heard of a so called “Safe-haven” for all those that have survived. It was ironic too that it was called “Heaven.” You could either be searching for “Heaven” or you want to stay as far away from it as possible. There is one more thing that has been discovered about the virus. There are those who are somehow immune to the VRV and thus become “Carriers.” Because they can still infect other people, only by coming in contact with their blood or saliva, a lot of the other survivors will try to kill them. Some feel they should be able to survive just like everyone else.
    There are those who are known as “False-Carriers” These people are believed to be just like Carriers, but unfortunately their “Immunity” is temporary. False-Carriers are ones who are most likely to turn into Alphas or some other mutated creature. Where will you be? Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you be?

    You must be posting at least three to four times a week. If you do not meet this requirement I request that you do not join. As for those who are really active, please allow others a chance to reply before going too far into the roleplay yourselves so that everyone can keep up with one another. Along with this I ask that a TWO paragraph minimum will be set. That means 7-10 sentences per paragraph. One liners will not be tolerated.

    I ask that you have a basic understanding of the English language when joining this roleplay. I understand that we are all human and we can make mistakes. Basic punctuation, Capitalization, etc. No L33t speak or TXT talk. I don’t want to see any sentences like that.

    The current setting is around Atlanta, GA.
    The starting time is between 9 AM and 11 AM.
    It is sunny and hot, with no signs of rain to come.

    Sign-ups Interest Check/OOC
  2. Kris Derrien

    Why did it all have to go wrong when it did? Why did anyone have to die? Why did anyone have to lose someone so close to them? These are all questions people have been asking themselves for the longest time. No one ever came up with the right answers. They were all just speculations. With people now in an unimaginable apocalypse people weren’t asking these questions anymore. They were either dead, dying or undead. A conclusion Kris was getting all too familiar with these past six months. Six months that had seemed to pass in less than the blink of an eye. Some days were so very fast that they were just a blur. The fear of dying from guns, terrorism, murderers, and everything from the modern world was all but the past now. Survival was the sole thing anyone was thinking about now. It was an anything goes kind of world now. The undead roamed the world along with their much stronger and smarter counterparts, the Alphas. The only Alpha Kris was so unfortunate to run into was considered weak compared to most. He dreaded to think what the Original Alpha was like. There were only rumors about him. From those rumors one could gather it was better to hide rather than run from him. He was fast and strong and someone you never wanted to run into. Some thought he was just a made up story. A story to spook people and make them even more scared than what they already were. A story is all he was right now and Kris hoped it would stay that way.

    Kris was so deep in his thoughts that he hadn’t realized that he had stopped looking through the scope of his rifle. He took a deep breath and looked through his scope again. Seeing what had got him thinking in the first place. A man being eaten by the undead only a few blocks away. A man he had been communicating with for the past few days. He sighed and closed his eyes. Kris had warned him not to go outside that night, night was the worst time to be outside. All of the zombies seemed much more active and aggressive at night. He wiped sweat from his brow and leaned up on his elbows. Looking up to the sky to see where the sun was and determining the time. “Almost ten, I should have started moving a long time ago.” He told himself and started taking his rifle apart to put back in his pack. He pulled out a protein bar and only ate half of it before putting it away again.

    Kris had set up at an old gas station just outside Atlanta. The roof provided only one entry and exit to it, to which he barricaded from the outside so nothing could sneak up on him. He pushed the large metal cabinet out of his way. Lugging the cabinet upstairs yesterday seemed like more of a hassle than it should have been, but Kris did not want to take any more chances. He huffed and walked back over to his pack and hoisted it over his shoulder. He tucked the 1911 in a gun holster on his left thigh. “Gotta make it to the Police station today. Running too low on ammo. Maybe find some other guns while I’m there or some other weapons or hell even another human being that isn’t dumb enough to go outside at night?” When one was alone he had a tendency to talk to himself. Who wouldn’t honestly. It provided a sort of background noise to keep your mind off of things you didn’t want to think about. He rolled his shoulders and held out his K-bar Knife as he made his way down stairs and back into the chaos of the world. Cracking broken glass under his feet.

    Seeing as the Zombies were too preoccupied on their meal, he made a long arc around them. Heading towards the Police Station. He knew that reaching the Police Station one of four things could happen. He would be lucky to find weapons and ammunition and possibly other supplies. Two, he would not find anything. Three, he would find survivors. Four, he would run into an Alpha. The fourth option being less likely during the day. Either way he had made up his mind to head there and that is exactly what he was doing.
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  3. Evie Summers


    Wrapped in the cold of the morning dew, Evie trudged down the battered tarmac of one of the old highways. Abandoned cars littered the road but only on one side - a clear indicator a town was ahead. It was usually a sign that the aforementioned town would be littered with infected, also. People didn't just evacuate for no reason. Well, not when the rest of the world announced taking refugees wouldn't be an option, anyway. Many of the cars still contained luggage and personal belongings of the owners now long gone. After all, when didn't they? Most people ran for dear life when the highways clotted. No time to care for clothes or luxuries when rampaging, mutant undead came running your way. The warm kiss of the sun breaking through the early morning dew was faint but growing on Evie's skin. It seemed it would be a warm day. Good, she thought to herself. Lots of sun was always good. Kept the chance of any Alpha's appearing to a minimum. She had only ever seen one in her time in the United States of Hell but it wasn't an experience she was eager to relive.

    She had being walking for sometime when she finally happened upon the town. It was less sizable than she had imagined, given the amount of traffic that had evidently tried to flee the location.

    "Okay, Evie," she hummed to herself. "Where would you go if you were looking for somewhere defensible?" She scrunched her lips up in thought while her feet kept moving and her eyes kept scanning the surroundings. Though she hadn't cared to take note of the name of the town on the way in, she did take note of a sign pointing her towards the Police Station. "Bingo!" The town was a stereotypical image of the new Modern America. Litter, debris, carcasses, abandoned belongings and all-round general signs of chaos infested the street. An ugly yet inevitable mar on the idyllic image of the old world now lost. Unfolding her bow from its lodging on her pack, she continued on idly, not making effort to mask her profile but still scanning her surroundings intensely with her eyes. Meandering the streets bore little problem from the infected residents, many had seemingly retreated to the buildings to find liberation from the sun. That was when she happened upon it: the looming structure of the police station. She took a moment to hold fast, seeking cover behind a nearby dumpster, observing for any signs of discernible activity. She had learned the hard way to look before you leap. The police station would hopefully be a bastion of survivors or a cornucopia of supplies, at least in her mind. But what would she really find within?

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  4. ✦ f i n c h ✦
    status : alive but wounded, inside abandoned shop.
    - no interactions/mentions -

    Finch was a hopeless boy. A boy who froze in the face of danger; it was an utter mystery on how he had managed to survive this long. The only things that had managed to keep him alive for this long were his wits and his feet, but unfortunately for the blond, his feet liked to stay planted like tree roots as zombies stood few meters away. A cry of a bird was what snapped him from his daze, snapped him from his fear, as cold blood pumped through his veins and his vision had blurred with adrenaline, he had narrowly escaped a gruesome death with the undead, but in the process of doing so, glass had gotten lodged into his leg. A body that was normally so graceful and lithe had found itself stumbling through a shattered window to put more distance between himself and his hunters. The risky and clumsy move had worked, the few seconds that it took the zombies to fight their way through glass, Finch was able to fire bullets into the heads of the predators. From there, his adrenaline managed to push him as far as into the town's borders, but he didn't make it too far in before the pain in his leg kicked in and he was forced to find refuge in what had once been a 711, but was now just a shell of it's former self.

    The blond fought his way into the store, blood staining his dark colored jeans, and managed to collapse down against one of the emptied shelves. Mostly anything of use had been taken by survivors that had been here long before he, Finch doubted that there were any water bottles or decent foods still inside the store, but he didn't really look. He tossed his bag to the side of him, the sounds of him unzipping and shuffling through his supplies the only noise in the desolate building. Gauze, what little rubbing alcohol he had left. It'd have to do, he couldn't risk the wound getting infected. Worse case scenario, he could use the cheap vodka the store had once sold. If it had any, at least.

    Finch let out a hiss of pain as he began to roll his jeans down, the denim sticking to his bloodied skin. The boy visibly grimaced, the blood made the wound look much worse than it actually was, but it still wasn't a pretty sight to look at. This is going to hurt like a bitch was all that played through his head as he looked down at the glass with a look of distaste. Okay, deep breaths. Don't be a pussy, Mitchell.

    He dug his fingers into the wound, not able to bite back another hiss of pain, the glass slowly beginning to slide out in between his fingers, leaving a nice spurt of blood in it's wake. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck." Finch gasped out loud, feeling his eyes begin to sting with tears. As soon as he removed the offending piece of glass, a chunk about the length of his thumb, he tossed it to the side, soon reaching for the bottle of rubbing alcohol and gently pouring some over his wounds. And holy shit, did it burn. Finch realized he didn't care about being a pussy anymore, after all, no one was around to hear it. "Fuck!" He yelped, nearly dropping the bottle out of his bloody fingers. He stumbled to keep it from spilling, discarding it to the side and reaching for the gauze. He didn't even bother to wait until the bleeding slowed, wrapping the bandages around his thigh until he ran out, tying it tightly so that it'd slow down some of the bleeding.

    Once that was said and done, the blond rested his head back against the counter, letting out a heavy breath that could've been mistaken for a sigh. The cut would heal soon, if it wasn't for the glass, it wouldn't of hurt as bad as it did. The alcohol didn't help, either, but it was just a precaution. He'd wait for the bleeding to slow and the burn to cease before he traveled out of the 711, but for now, he'd enjoy the small moment of serenity, despite the fact enjoying the peace could be a possible death sentence.
  5. ⚜ m a r c e l l a ⚜
    status : alive, traveling down the streets.
    - no interactions/mentions -

    You could consider Marcella as stupid. You could consider her as reckless. Fearless, maybe? Unless you knew her, it would be hard to come up with conclusions, but upon first glance, stupid might be a good comparison. She was trudging through the streets, the hot summer heat long ago gone unnoticed by the woman who had grown up under the Georgia sun's scrutiny. Sweat still collected above brow line, soon wiped away by the back of the hand of the woman that it occupied. A backpack was slung over her shoulder, a loaded gun in her waistline, and an axe that once been used for fire escape purposes in her hand. The entire head of the axe was crusted over with blood, as well as the woman's clothes. A few hours prior, she had decapitated a zombie with the same axe that adorned her hand. Blood-thirsty creatures that were once humans no longer scared her. They were nothing but background noise to her, like a mosquito's buzz on a summer's night. Pesky, something she needed to kill. Unfortunately, bug spray wouldn't be an easy solution though.

    Her footsteps ceased once she saw a gruesome sight in the middle of the street. What was once human was now a bloody, mangled mess, most likely the victim to a zombie attack. Marcella's nose crinkled in disgust. She wasn't a particularly squeamish person, but sights like these still made her stomach do a little flutter; and not the good kind, either. The grip on her axe tightened, and she swallowed the disgusted feeling rising in her throat. Perhaps traveling in the middle of the street wasn't the smartest idea-- but then again, would it really protect her? She doubted the zombies kept an eye on the streets like they were hunters with thought, if they were to come at her, then so be it. She'd be ready.

    Slowly, she made her way to the corpse. Any meat that may have been on him was long ago stripped away, she forced herself not to look at it, reaching out with the handle of her axe to pull the victim's pack towards her, opening it up to steal whatever useful contents were inside, and her stomach dropped when she saw what had been amongst the objects in the pack.

    A family photo. The photo was dirty, but she could make out two smiling kids, a happy mother, and what she assumed to be the man, before the end of the world, before his body was nothing but a mangled corpse. She clicked her tongue, shoving the photo in her back packet. She couldn't bring herself to leave that behind, even though she didn't know this man, didn't know his name, didn't know his family, but for some reason it felt.. wrong to leave the photo behind. She searched through the bag some more, taking out what little contents it had and putting it in her own bag. Two water bottles, a few packs of beef jerky, a box of matches, and.. a box of bullets. She nearly leapt for joy, stuffing the bullets in her bag as well and then glancing up. Dark eyes stared at the gun laying a few feet to the body, a gun that seemed to fail to do it's job, obviously.

    With a sigh, she grabbed that as well, examining the weapon to discover the cause of it's failure. Sure enough, it was empty of bullets, and she gave a small shake of her head. "That unlucky bastard.. " She said aloud, sliding the gun into her bag as well as she made the decision to reload it later. Marcella didn't want to sit and take the time to reload the gun in the open, she felt she had been still for too long as she slung her now heavier bag over her shoulder once again, grabbing her axe off the ground and continuing her trek through the city. She didn't know what she was looking for, she just wanted to keep going. Stopping made her feel like a sitting duck, at least the movement of her feet made her feel stronger, safer.

  6. Evelyn recklessly sat on the roof of a car, visible to both friend and foe, watching a fabricated scene play out before her. It was busy cars zipping down the roads, a car on the sidelines with a man and his wife looking at their tire in distress, and two small children playing around not too far, but now all that could be seen was wreckage, corpses, a lack of life. Humans were at the top and for them to be brought to their knees so quickly was funny in its way, it probably would have been a riot if Evelyn wasn't caught in the middle between man and mother nature's wrath. Finishing off what remained of her fantastic energy ball meal she slid off the car with a mind set on finding the nearest city. Occasionally she would stop now and then to loot corpses, as inhumane and gruesome as it was she couldn't help but feel fascinated by it. Some showed signs of a struggle while others just accepted their bloody fate, bones stripped of meat, and some that remained unfinished, and lucky to her she could dig around in the carnage with no threat of catching the Z's, being a carrier isn't half bad.

    The corpses all carried similar items or none at all, already being robbed by another wanderer. IDs, a gun, occasionally she would get lucky and see some good food, but not as lucky since some were canned, she was strong, yes, but canned foods weighed her down considerably, and you never knew when you would have to make a mad dash for your life, and this new world didn't give the luxury of a morning walk, not without risks. With a small huff, Evelyn stole their ID cards, stuffing them in a small purse that looked as though it had contained make-up at some point, took whatever food and water she could from their corpses and marched on. Grateful for the sun that shined so brightly.

    A small bubble of a giggle left her lips at the scene; the sound was scratchy as if her voice hadn't been used in weeks. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie! She thought to herself, removing the hunting knife and empty gun from her backpack. Of course, the gun was useless against a zombie who didn't care, but for humans, it made them think twice before stepping on the strangers toes. Evelyn wandered through the streets for some time while going over the mental list of things she needed to restock on. Well, I need to go to CVS, running low on medical supplies, then gotta hit a grocery store for some food that isn't an energy bar, her train of thought stopped abruptly, a clatter of cans taking her attention.

    Is it fucking Monday or something? The idea came as fast as she hid behind the car hoping that she hadn't been noticed. The creature was grunting, a familiar, mushy sound being made. Cautiously Evelyn peeked out from behind the car, seeing the Z was occupied ripping apart a preexisting meal. She was dangerously close, and the slightest wrong move would draw its unwanted attention. With light steps Evelyn began going back where she came, her ears tuned into her surroundings and her pale blue eyes trained on the Z. Once she was a considerable distance, she bolted. Her high school years of being told she should join track proving itself all in one motion.

    Evelyn put distance between her and the Z and found the CVS she had wanted, it was a lucky Monday for her. She adjusted her backpack tighter before venturing into the store, unsettled by the dim lighting. "Well..." she whispered to herself "the worst that can happen is I just get bit a little," supplies were a must, without them she would be dead either way and with a sharp breath Evelyn entered the store making a beeline to the giant 'pharmacy' sign.
  7. Cora
    Status: alive and well, riding into town

    The steady thrum of an engine grew louder and a motorcycle crested a hill above the town below. The rider of the bike, a teenage girl, braked and rested at the top, the engine running steadily as she keept the clutch pulled in with one hand. One good thing about leaving the mountains was the many gas stations- she didn't have to go a hundred miles to get to the next one. The downside? Zombies. Lots of em. Too many big cities, too many people. Too many zombies.

    Ah well, she was looking for this "Heaven" place. It was worse than this there, she could imagine. Her blue eyes scanned the city below, noting the small bits of movement she could see from this distance. Zombies, most likely. Possibly survivors. What she wouldn't give for some human companions....she let out a sigh and started down the hill, knowing she'd have to stop for gas. The engine hadn't been sounding its best. She'd have to hole up here for s few days, if possible, stock up on supplies and make sure her bike didn't need any maintenance.

    She rode into the town slowly, keeping the low growl of the engine as quiet as possible. Her eyes landed on a gas station and she pulled in, shutting off the engine and dismounting. She kicked out the kickstand, removed the key, and left the bike there as she trotted down the street to check her surroundings. Nothing so far but a few corpses of shot zombies scattered around the vicinity. That was a good sign, meant survivors were present.

    She smiled slightly as she began pumping gas, eyes and ears open for any sign of the undead that roamed the streets. Nothing attacked her, fortunately, and she finished filling her tank before heading over to the store. Maybe there'd be some food and supplies left in it if the survivors hadn't taken it all. Wrinkling her nose, she kicked the corpses out of the way and climbed in through the window, pistol out, loaded, and ready. She glanced around the dark interior. "Hello...?" She called softly once she saw no zombies in the building. "Any other humans in here?" She began walking forward, scanning the mostly empty shelves for anything edible. She'd have to look for a safe place to stay soon, do some repairs and catch some sleep if she could. But first she wanted to look around a bit for survivors.
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  8. Characters Interacted with: Cora

    Conner "Lucky" O'Malley

    Conner knelt on the ground on the road, his rifle balanced on a car and aiming down the sights at a group of Z's, wondering if it would be a wise move to engage the herd of Zekes. The number of them was impressive, he counted forty, all stumbling down the road in a herd towards him. They moved with an iron will. If this had been his army days he could have engaged them no problem, demoralized the group by downing one and sending the rest scattered and scared, but back in his army days he'd would have been fighting the living, not the undead. Conner sighed and took a deep breath, quietly considering the pros and cons. The issue with trying to sneak past the zekes was that there was no cover in sight of the road. If one of them spotted him, he'd be fucked. With open ground, and only 8 rounds per clip, it would make it a hard pressed fight.

    The Zekes would probably end up near him, somehow. On the other hand, if he engaged them now he could probably pop at least thirty out of the forty before they got close enough, and then he'd just draw his pistol to finish the job. His third option of course was to cut back, and just make a wide circle around the herd and avoid them altogether, but he'd already wasted too much time. The amount of food he had was excellent, he wouldn't run out for at least five days, but the problem with not pushing through is that he needed to get to a clean source of water, and the only way to do that was to move past this zeke herd. He still needed to find some cover so that he could sleep, and he only had so many hours before night fell. It was better to sleep during the day, when the zeds were still sluggish and afraid of the sun. The more he waited, the less time he would have to sleep.

    The decision was made, and the hardened warrior squeezed the trigger, grinning when the blast from the M1 garand blasted the lead Z's head open. Rapidly the Ex-army man sighted and dropped seven more zeds, before he had to load another clip.

    Eight rounds, Eight headshots, reload.

    Eight more rounds, eight more headless Zeds, reload.

    Eight rounds, seven headshots, reload. Conner gritted his teeth and reminded himself yet again that he needed to find some kind of scope or sight attachment. Not to mention ammo.

    Eight more rounds, stand up, draw pistol, eleven rounds. seventeen dead zeds. He had miscounted, and he chastised himself yet again. He was losing the army edge he had once.

    Conner sighed and picked up the clips the garand had discarded, slipping them into his pack and then sliding the garand onto his shoulder. He drew his knife, walked over to the dead zombies, and started looting the packs, stabbing them through the eye before he did just to double check. The last thing he wanted was a live Zeke taing a chunk out of his arm when he leaned down. He was able to find water and canned food on a few of the rotted corpses, but not much else. Taking the water and leaving the food, the Ex-soldier readjusted his pack and straightened up, before looking at a road sign. Four miles to the nearest town. The corpse littered, car scattered, beaten down highway he was on said a lot, and the group of zeds he just ran into said even more. The town he was heading to definitely had infected in it. HE could only hope that it just had less then the last place he had been to, the shit hole had run his ammo count down to under three hundred, a fact that definitely wasn't cool.

    Twenty minutes later and a bit of running (Mostly due to the fact that he wanted to find shelter to sleep soon), Conner moved into the town, and to a gas station, were he spotted a motorbike propped up by its kick stand. After looking at it for a moment, and then finding that the engine was still warm, Conner drew his pistol and looked into the gas station. Moving in quietly behind whoever had just stopped here. Looking in through the broken window, and seeing that a girl was inside, he trained it onto the back of the girl who was scanning the shelves, and then let the hammer of the gun click back, a very audible and obvious threat, to those who knew guns.

    "Watch yourself there kid, I got a good sight on you and a full mag, so I just want you to do the smart thing and put that gun you got in your hand down on the ground nice and slow, got it? Nothing funny, I won't hurt you if you don't do anything stupid."

  9. Cora
    Status: Alive and healthy, might not be for long

    Well....at least there were survivors, right? Cora froze when she heard the threat and stood stock still in the aisle. She tensed her jaw but didn't argue with the gun's owner, raising her hands slowly into his line of vision and then crouching in slow motion, putting her pistol on the ground and rising again. She nudged the small gun away with her foot, sending it forward and deeper into the dark store. The teen ran her tounge over her dry lips nervously, awaiting further instructions.

    Her rifle was strapped across her back. She wouldn't be able to reach for it without getting shot, so she thought it best to comply with this gun toter's wishes. "Who are you?" She asked, keeping her voice steady and low, quiet but loud enough that he could hear her. "What do you want? I'm not here to cause trouble." She kept her hands in his vision and her back to him, and though her heart was pounding in her ears and she was struggling to breathe without shuddering, she maintained an aura of calm. Best to put him at ease.

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  10. Ever since all this has happened, Eli has had it pretty rough. She got injured from trying to stop a lunatic, she got separated from her squad, she found her family dead. So much has happened already. But Eli remains to stay strong through it all, she knew she had to, or else she'd be dead by now. And death, for right now, was not an option of hers. Eli was right now camping out in a forested area, she has been here for a few days and had yet to encounter the infected in this part. Which to her, was a good thing. "I'm just glad I found this spot, haven't had any problems yet, sadly I've got to get on the move. I need to find more ammunition for my rifle." She stated to herself and began to pack up her supplied in her bag.

    Once Eli had packed everything up she slung her rifle sling over her shoulder and placed her hand on the handle of her machete, which was on her belt in a sheath. She looked back at the spot that has kept her safe for so long and made a sigh. "I hope I'll run into this spot again sometime down the road and that this spot doesn't get filled with infected when I do return." Eli spoke to herself before turning in the direction to leave the forest. She then began walking through the forest, keeping her hand on her machete. "I wonder how Kris and Alexander are doing. They were the last survivors in my squad. Why did I have to get separated from them?" Eli asked herself and made another sigh.

    After awhile Eli was out of the forest and in a city. She had her rifle out and was making her way quickly and stealthily through the city. I got to find a police station or an ammunition and gun store, or something with ammo in it." Eli whispered quietly to herself as she moved through the streets as if she was in a war zone, quickly and stealthily. But not too long Eli had noticed what looked like another human being. He was in a military uniform and carrying a sniper rifle aswell. She quickly held up her rifle and got into cover. She looked around and noticed no zombies were around. She then returned her vision to the human being, who Eli will soon identify as her previous squad mate Kris.

    For about half an hour Eli followed this man, staying stealthy as to try and not grab his attention. Maybe if I keep following him he'll lead me to a gun store and I can replenish my ammo. Eli thought to herself. But it wasn't too long till Eli broke her stealth streak and ended up accidently pushing over a rotted sign that had lost it's ability to stand. "shit." She said to herself as she rolled behind an abandoned car on the street, hoping the man didn't see her or this may get dirty.

    Current position: In the city following Kris
  11. Jason "Jay" Park
    Walking had become a daily routine for Jay since the apocalypse started. When he fled New York he immediately headed south to Virginia, hoping to find his family, but when he came to his house he found nothing, not even bodies. Undaunted he followed the advice of others, head to "Heaven" somewhere in the South. In his small conversations with other survivors hey kept talking about trying to reach this safe zone of sorts. He also noted in his notebook his other findings such as the zombies sensitivities to the sun and their mutations. One thing he had heard constantly was the existence of "Alphas": mutated zombies that controlled animals and had heightened senses. He wasn't sure if these rumors were true, but he kept an eye out just in case.

    He arrived outside of a small American town. Since he hadn't seen any new signs he guessed he was still in Georgia. In the distance Jay saw signs of movement but since it was still day and zombies didn't move fast in the day, it had to be survivors. As he was about to move in he heard the crack of rifle. There was a distinct separation between each round, meaning that the shooter was someone trained in marksmanship and cared about his shots. 8 cracks later there was a longer pause, most likely for reloading. This repeated for 48 cracks until there was a rapid burst of lighter and softer pops of a pistol 11 times. Whoever this is, Jay thought to himself, he was trained and heavily armed.

    After waiting a couple of minutes and not hearing any more, Jay moved to where he guessed the shots were coming from. Around him he saw multiple dead zombies, all shot through the head. The guy has a shot. Looking at the ground he found scattered casings of .30 06 rounds, common hunting rounds, alongside bandoliers used for the M-1 Garand. Old school huh. So if I were trying to get away from zombies and I was heavily armed where would go. In the distance Jay could see the town clear as day. I would go to town.

    Jay continued moving in, following the trail left by the unknown shooter. He paused outside of gas station with a motor bike outside of it. Touching the tires, he could tell they were still warm meaning that the person was still around. Looking in he saw one man pointing a gun at something. Not wanting to surprise him and lead into a dangerous situation, Jay waited and listened in.

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  12. Felix Carrigan
    Currently in a very sour mood

    Sometimes being an Alpha had its unfortunate downsides. One being the random moments the voices decide to speak up all at once. Two the unfortunate side effect of disliking the sun. The sun was very unforgiving of the undead flesh. Hands pressed against his chest to feel what would never be there ever again. A beating heart. His eyes scanned over the blood stained rubble beneath his feet. His wolves growling and barking aggressively at each other as they feasted on the human that Felix had been toying with for days. The human had finally died. Not a bit of information about the human's safe place they have begun to call 'Heaven.' If only he could find it. If only he could make more of his kind. The only kind he believed could survive this apocalyptic world. So you would go insane every once and a while, humans do that on their own to begin with. Its just usually a little more violent.

    As the thought crossed his mind he growled lowly as all the voices decided to chime in all at the same time. "SHUT UP!! ALL OF YOU!!" He yelled and punched the wall he was leaning against. The wolves jumped and looked to their master with confusion in their cold dead eyes. Felix looked at the canines. "Eat, we are going hunting." He told them in a snide tone. They went back to ravenously eat at the human corpse. Felix began pacing back and forth, more and more thoughts crossing his mind. It was only when the gun shots echoed that his attention was drawn away from his thoughts. Even his wolves perked up and looked the direction that the gunshots had come from.

    Felix cocked his head to the side, contemplating the source. It was one of his wolves that gave a small bark at him that drew his attention again. He grinned slyly at the wolf. "Yes, more so called survivors. It seems our slow walking dull brethren have caused a ruckus." He sauntered over to the stairwell that lead down and into the lobby of the old apartment building that he had decided to hole up in for the day. He pushed the broken glass door open lightly and waved his wolves through. "After you, pups, go sniff out me some humans. We need a new toy, don't we? Spook them with a howl too. Let's have some fun with them. Let them know we are coming and watch them scramble." He grinned manically as his wolves let out their howls and took off running down the streets. Felix followed staying within the buildings shadows as to avoid the sun as much as possible.
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  13. @neobendium

    Conner smiled. The girl was young, clearly, sixteen, seventeen judging by her voice and the way she looked. He'd always been a good judge of age, even on only little things to go with. Still, that begged the question, where were the kids parents? He answered his own question, with only one vehicle outside, and no other survivor in sight, the kids parents were likely dead. HE sighed, and then holstered his gun.

    "Relax kid, i'm not here to shoot you, or anyone for that matter. Kids with guns just get to trigger happy for my liking now a days."

    In a flash, Conner had climbed over the window, and into the store. Quietly, he walked over to behind the counter, and pressed a button, trying to determine if this place still had power or not. Definitely not, but one could always hope right? Looking back over at the girl, he sighed.

    "Hey kid, you gonna stay here long? I plan on catching up on sleep before nightfall, and it's good . You should know what night will mean......"

    With that lingering thought, Conner moved over to the security shutters on the windows, and climbed up onto the window ledge, gripped them with both hands, and pulled the first one down, before moving to the next and repeating the process. When he was finished, the only way in and out of the store currently was the front door, a place that he'd probably just move a soda machine to get it covered up.

    Conner moved to the doors to the bathroom, checked both them out, and then wondered back to the front, and checking to see if there wore any other doors to worry about. He found two, one into the back part of the station where the office was, not something to worry about due to their not being any infected or entrances, and one up to the roof which held a flight of stairs, and at the top, a bag with who knew what in it. HE left it, he'd investigate later.

    Sighing, he grabbed a nearby metal broom, shut the door to the roof that moved inwards, and then barred the door by sliding the broom into the metal loop handle and bracing it against either side of the door. Satisfied that there was only one way in or out right now, he nodded.

    "Right, all done."

    Then he heard the howls.

    "Oh fuck, just the kind of day I need."

    Quietly he reached into his back and grabbed the clips for the garand from earlier, and pulled the ammo can off his pack too. Then he quickly started loading the clips, before jamming them into his pocket, running over to the door he had barred, and motioning to the girl.

    "Hey kid, get up to the roof, now. Fucking wolves, if their infected they'll cause us a lot of fucking trouble. Be even worse if those bitches brought an Alpha with them."

    He unbarred the door, and then opened it. He'd fought an alpha, just once, it was a tough fight, and the thing had knocked the shit out of him. The only thing that saved him then was the firing of the other militia members rifles. IT had taken full clips from all of them to put the fucker down, and Conner had just been lucky enough to escape being bit. That was before the safezone they made went to shit though.....
  14. Cora watched in fascination as he began setting up the shop to be a safe zone. She had relaxed as soon as he put the gun away, dropping her hands and shoulders slumping back to their normal position. She picked up her pistol, clicked the safety on, and slid it back into its belt holster. Then she raided the store for any remaining food as he barricaded the doors. "Well, apparently I'm spending the night here," she remarked as she stood on tiptoes to reach a can on the top shelf. "Planning to move out of here in a few days. I have some engine repairs I need to make." She wondered why he kept sighing. Was her presence annoying him or something? He seemed like too calm a man to be annoyed by a teenage girl's existence, but maybe she just had a bad judge of character.

    Then the howls came. She paled as she saw him start to load up his weapons and ordered her to the roof. "My name isn't Kid," she muttered under her breath, but nodded and scrambled up the stairs, running out onto the roof and pulling her rifle from her back. She also opened up her backpack and grabbed her ammo, loading her clips swiftly. She pulled her pistol from its holster again and made sure it was loaded as well. She could shoot from here, provide some backup if he went outside. Which would be stupid, but he might do it.

    "Are we going to actively try and kill them if they don't come after us?" she called to Conner, frowning. That would just piss them off, and she'd like to avoid the confrontation if possible. Especially if this was an Alpha.

  15. Jay Park
    Jay watched as the situation quickly deescalated with the man putting away his weapon and barricading the door to the gas station. As night began to fall, he prepared to move and find some shelter by himself; however howling in the distance made him freeze in his place. From what he had heard, the "Alphas" travelled around with a pack of infected animals such as wolves. He didn't know if these Alphas were real or not, but he didn't want to find out today. Well fuck me. He couldn't tell how far the wolves were but he didn't to stay and find out. The only closest shelter for him was where the other two were.

    Turning from where he was, Jason moved toward the gas station, avoiding the door that was slowly creeping open. Once he arrived at one of the sides, he knocked on the window calmly to avoid any unnecessary jumpiness. In times like these, anyone could be trigger happy. Jay called into the building, "Hey M-1 Garand, I know you're in there. You mind if another comes in?" With some luck, the guy would be sane and let him in.

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  16. Status: Alive & Moving about the city
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    Mood: Uneasy

    Evelyn looked up from the bottle of Peroxide she was examining, scanning the two ends of the isle where a Z might decide to ambush her, the sound of dogs howling in the distance unsettled her.

    I just got here for the love of god. Evelyn thought bitterly while she sighed aloud. Quickly shoving the bottle and other supplies in her backpack. She moved onto the next isle leaving the last one clean of valuables. She couldn't say she felt guilty emptying the isle; you snooze you die. Find a stable shelter, organize everything, and get out. Things were going smoothly, a little too smoothly for her comfort so she hurried things up, shoving whatever snacks and bars she found that remained on the CVS shelves. People always went to the major stores to raid when the order was lost, usually overlooking pharmacies, gas stations, and other small stores.

    A bottle broke, and her body froze, her ears immediately focusing on her surroundings without having to prepare mentally for it. It sounded as though something was treading over the class, no more like dragging. Evelyn couldn't see it, and her ears were her best friends in this dimly lit store. Falling into a slight crouch, just so her head wouldn't peek over the shelves she began maneuvering, catching the movement of another Z's she hadn't seen before, some moving aimlessly between isles, others simply standing there as if they were just as scared of the howling dogs as any reasonable person would be.

    A hand wrapped around her ankle, yanking it abruptly making her fall onto the, just barely using her arms to shield her face and pressing her lips together to stop a scream that dared leave her mouth. Using her leg the Z pulled itself forward, its face meeting the end of her boot as it tried to lock its jaws around her leg. "Let go, let go, let go let go let go," she whispered harshly, hitting the slow creature in the face repeatedly, but it wouldn't budge, and the sound of feet approaching the scene hit her ears. It was definitely a Monday.

    Evelyn fumbled for her knife as she continued kicking it in the face, the Z failing repeatedly failing to grab her other leg, it seemed as though its legs were 'out of service'. A moment of 'Aha!' before she brought the knife down on the wrist joint before twisting it, finally after that its grip had loosened, putting all her strength into her leg she delivered a final kick knocking the thing off her. A brief moment of pride washed over her as she examined its face, or what was left of it. It had survived the constant kicking with rather colorful injuries. Wasting no more time Evelyn scrambled to her feet, soon to be faced with another Z that blocked the exit. Although it was in better condition it was still slow, only managing to limp towards her, she wouldn't test her luck. Taking a sharp breath, she sprinted towards the door, violently shoving the mindless drone into another that lurked behind it.

    Plenty of supplies, sunlight, and managing to escape a close call. Monday was O.K., but the howling quickly reminded her she wasn't out of the clear just yet. Evelyn hadn't seen many animals since the outbreak, and even less the longer it continued. "Home, home, home-home," she told herself in a bit of a sing-song voice, examining the buildings closely. The sun would eventually go down, and she would have to find a stable shelter to minimize the space in her backpack.

    It's been a while since she was unsettled by the dark.
  17. Evie Summers


    Status: Alive
    Location: Police Station
    Time: Midday
    Interactions: N/A

    The exterior of the police station seemed quiet, dead even. Evie wasn't sure how long she sat in observation for but the sun was reaching its peak position when she finally made her move. Her stance was low and nimble, an arrow resting against the arm of her bow should she need to rapidly engage a target. Her eyes narrowed as she came up to the entrance. Light fortifications still stood somewhat in the doorway but showed signs of having been battered through. Evie climbed the steps slowly. Judging by how the makeshift barricade had toppled, it seemed that the police stations was hit by a large horde... a very large horde. Blood and strings of gore clung to the edges of the door frame and the items that had previously blocked it up. Walker after walker must have slammed against the defences, crushing the lead specimens in the process. Ripping flesh and cracking bone all in the undeniable quest for food.

    As she fully immersed herself into the shadow of the reception of the precinct, a foul odour assaulted her senses, causing her to retch slightly and cover her nose while she adjusted. The scene inside wasn't much better than the scene at the door. Dried blood and rotting clumps of flesh splattered the interior. It was obvious there would be no survivors here. However, a chance to raid a police armoury for supplies was an opportunity not to be squandered. A dull bang from further within put a little doubt in her mind, however. Especially when the bang was followed by a series of crashes, as if someone where knocking bookshelves over or slamming doors. Raising her bow with the string drawn fully back, Evie eyed all the possible entry points. It's only when she realized how dangerous her current position was that a pang of remorse and grief tugged at her heart. It's times like this when having friends would really help.

  18. Status: 'Alive'
    Interactions/Mentions: None
    Mood: Happy

    Aori remained seated comfortably in the office chair, the windows of the building sprayed over with multiple layers of black spray paint and covered with black trash bags, blocking out any sunlight that entered the room, aside from her well-adapted sight to the darkness, her hearing proved useful in detecting intruders, it had also proven helpful for identifying new game. "Do you hear that?" she chimed happily, throwing her arms open and giving the infected human that she had named Alexander a big hug, "Oh silly me, you can't hear anything I can hear! It's friends; we're going to have a blast!" a signal was sent to the block head to return the hug, and with weak arms it did.

    "I'm so glad you're happy too," Aori pushed the zombie off her in a rather energetic manner, already tired of the fabricated affection it offered "There are lots and lots of people, and I'm kind of scared of crowds, so I want you five to go scout out the area, but don't do anything stupid! Don't interact with any of them, and just feed me the information you see through our superpowers!" Of course, she received no answer to her orders; they were drones, sent to do whatever the sixth sense told them to. With a light sigh, she opened the office door, the five zombies filing out and dragging their feet down the stairs, occasionally nearly tripping, but grasped what little knowledge Aori relayed to them to catch themselves and act and in somewhat reasonable manner, almost similar to an actual Alpha.

    Once Aori had heard them safely out of the building, she returned to her seat, spinning in the chair aimlessly. That familiar nagging voice scratching at the back of her mind. Why didn't you go with them? It asked her mockingly.

    "It's too bright," she sighed, her head falling onto the surface of the desk, knowing this conversation wouldn't be in her favor.

    So? This place has lots of tall buildings; you can get around avoiding the shade, idiot girl.

    "No, no, no. There's another Alpha in the area, what if he's a dick head? My options of escape are limited, and I don't know which Alpha it is!"

    The obvious answer is get him before he gets you, stupid.

    "And if he gets me before I get him?" Aori sneered, thankful to feel as though she had won this argument, but it continued, repeating the same phrase, over and over again until it began screaming, screaming so loud that Aori began to feel physical pain from its voice. The woman held her stomach, a bloodcurdling shriek escaping her lips before silence finally came. Tentatively she sat up, her eyes scanning the office littered with corpses. Getting up from her chair once again, this time instead of going to the door, grabbing an arm, with a quick twist and rip it came off its owner. Aori poked the soft flesh, grinning weakly to herself, "Now is not the time to be sad, I have friends who're coming into my humble domain."

  19. ⇢ ⇢ Kris Derrien

    As Kris made his way to the police station he couldn't help but feel eyes on his back. He only glanced back a few times before noticing a woman walk into the police station. Or at least he thought it looked like a woman. The station had seen better days before the zombies took over. As he was ready to enter the precinct he heard the clank of the old rotted sign topple over behind. He placed a hand on his gun in its holster before looking and finding a car to hide behind. He crouched low behind the car and pulled his gun out. Peeking over the back of the car in the direction that the sign had fallen. He focused in on the vehicle opposite of him, his finger a hair's breath away from the trigger.

    "My suggestion to you over there is come out and show yourself. If you are anything but a survivor I will not hesitate to shoot you where you stand. If you are a survivor who is just a simple raider and thug, I will not hesitate to shoot. Mark my words."

    As he heard the howls, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Shit, what if this person he was trying to come out of hiding was an Alpha. This Alpha could be linked to the howling. This wasn't a good situation to be in. He could hear the growls and barking of the wolves. They were approaching fast. This wasn't good. Should he take the shot and try to scare whoever it was that was hiding behind the car? There was the chance that it wouldn't scare them off too and would draw those wolves even closer. Maybe the wolves would only be interested in the person behind the car. He mentally cursed himself for even debating the thought of using whoever it was.

    "I'll fire a warning shot."

    As he told himself this, he aimed at the broken car mirror and shot. No doubt in his mind those wolves would hear it and come running and the Alpha along with them. "Shit, what a time to be here." He growled at himself and stayed where he was, ducking behind the car once again. He took a deep breath and sighed. Knowing this was going to be one hell of a day today.
  20. Evie Summers


    Status: Alive
    Location: Police Station
    Time: Midday
    Interactions: @-Kuroko-

    Suddenly, shouting from outside of the precinct drew her attention away, shouting accompanied by bone chilling howls from the distance. Breaking her position, Evie slammed herself into the nearby wall, hugging it before peaking her head out of the door frame slightly. All she could see was a man, military dress, taking cover behind a car and calling out to what was presumably someone on the other side of him. She snapped back to cover when his warning shot rang aloud and as she did so a cold slither of dread crawled up her spine. The previous banging grew louder and, before long, a sickly, wheezy scream followed it. Bursting from a doorway at the back of the reception, an infected male came bolting in Evie's direction.

    "Shit!" She loosed an arrow in the creature's direction, nailing a bullseye straight through the creature's cranium. However, where there was one, there was usually more. Two more wrestled past one another, clawing and biting to be the first one to get to feed on Evie. Their little scuffle gave her the time she needed to load a second arrow. Alas, in her panicked state she only managed to strike one in the shoulder, knocking it back. The other one saw this as its chance as it disregarded its rival and lunged at Evie. "Fuck, fuck!" Evie screamed in a panic. Narrowly dodging the creature's lunge, she sprinted out the doorway, running towards the man by the car. It was a gamble. A big gamble. But also her only chance. "Help! Help me!" she called out, sprinting towards him as her orange fringe became dampened by a cold sweat and the ponytail she had tied it up in hung over her shoulder, out of the way of her quiver. Loading another arrow, she stepped on to her back heel and let loose towards the door frame. The emerging creature took the arrow clean through the neck, the spurting blood only adding further to the gore already staining the building. As three more infected relented out of the building, their teeth bared and mouths salivating at the thought of fresh food, Evie looked back momentarily to the armed man. Did her gamble pay off? Would he help her?
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