What are Your Chances? ~Zombie Apocalypse RP~ Accepting

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The year is 2059 a dangerous pathogen known as "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) Began infecting humans throughout the eastern side of North America approximately six months ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. The initial strain of the virus was to cure all deadly diseases; it was supposed to be the next big thing! It was totally ambitious and dangerous; they knew it had complications, but how bad they did not realize. The VRV mutated in its hosts killing them after two weeks of exposure, sometimes faster depending on the individual person. After death it could take several minutes or even hours for the corpse to reanimate itself, these reanimated corpses have collected quite a few nicknames. "Walkers," "Walking dead," "Z's," and many others. These creatures only know one thing. The need to feed.

Since the appearance of these "Zombies" worldwide panic was quick to ensue, the larger cities taking the fall first. The Americans were blamed and left to their own devices while the other countries fended for themselves. A group of close knit scientists and some Government hire ups have locked themselves away in their own private bunker to attempt to cure this virus. Whether they are still in activity the rest of the country does not know.

As for the survivors they have made their own discoveries about the undead that the scientists never predicted. Some never stopped mutating. The mutations ranged from pack like hunting techniques, while some lost sight all together. Some were so fast, the likelihood of you getting away were so slim it hurt. There were some who retained some of their intelligence, preferring to become an Alpha. Then there were the beasts, the animals that contracted the VRV. Depending on the species that contracted it depended on the mutations that it took on. Most of the animals died off in response to the mutations, their bodies unable to handle it even in their undead state. Most animals developed “mole” like senses, losing sight all together. Most of them also do not come out during the day, as the sun severely damages their body beyond what already has been done by the virus. All large “z-dogs’’ are found under the command of an Alpha.

Now here is where the survivor comes in to play. You are a survivor. You managed to escape the initial outbreak, whether by sheer luck and determination or because you simply had the skills for it. You could have been a part of an evacuation group or thought that it would be better to escape on your own or with someone else and staying away from large groups. You all have heard of a so called “Safe-haven” for all those that have survived. It was ironic too that it was called “Heaven.” You could either be searching for “Heaven” or you want to stay as far away from it as possible. There is one more thing that has been discovered about the virus. There are those who are somehow immune to the VRV and thus become “Carriers.” Because they can still infect other people, only by coming in contact with their blood or saliva, a lot of the other survivors will try to kill them. Some feel they should be able to survive just like everyone else.

There are those who are known as “False-Carriers” These people are believed to be just like Carriers, but unfortunately their “Immunity” is temporary. False-Carriers are ones who are most likely to turn into Alphas or some other mutated creature. Where will you be? Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you be?

-Your typical no god-modding, Power playing, or killing any other character without the player’s permission.
-If you end up getting into another fight with another character, who will win and how much damage you receive needs to be decided ahead of time.
-If you have an idea or a plot twist you want to add, it must be discussed in OOC first.
-Not everyone can just be completely prepared for this situation, just like everyone can’t be specialists.
-Limit to two characters per person.
-Please allow at least three posts before you post again so no one is left behind.
-You must be able to post at least 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences a paragraph.)
-If you plan on leaving or just up and leave, kill off your character or your character will be killed off for you.
-Proper grammar and punctuation is a must. No mary-sues and gary-sues.
-There will be violence and gore, so a more mature player base would be better. Especially if you can’t really handle violence and gore.
-Romance is encouraged, but remember fade to black when things are starting to get steamy.

(image of your character; you can use real or anime.)
Name: (First and last.)
Carrier: (Yes or No, remember not everyone can be a carrier. There are very, very, few due to being killed.)
Job: (what were you before the outbreak.)
Bio: (tell us your story, must at least be a paragraph.)
Weapon/survival gear: (limit to 5-6, remember you can’t carry everything.)
Strengths: (you can add more or takeaway.)

Weaknesses: (Everyone has them)

Pack: (what do you have in your pack of zombies, how many.)
Ability: (If you are blind, higher senses. All Alpha’s have at least one ability. Be creative.)
Bio: (Explain what you did before you turned and how you turned.)
Weaknesses: (Every alpha has a weakness to their ability.)

  • The setting is somewhere in the middle of Tennessee, and can go out as far as mid Georgia. (Atlanta)
  • Heaven is located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.
  • There are other much small safe-havens around as well, but none are located near the largest cities in the states.
  • No safe-havens located near Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville and Murfreesboro.
Reserved for my Character.
The images are large, so I left them in link form.

Name: Michael Foulke-https://jmhocelluloidjunkie.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/tom-hardy-as-max-rockatansky.jpg?w=635
Nickname: Angel
Age: 29
Carrier: No
Height: 6'0
Job: Designated Marksman, U.S. Army Rangers
Bio: Before the VRV outbreak, Michael was an Army Ranger, stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. His unit was on a series of manuvers when the outbreak began, and once they returned and found the post abandoned, unit coheasion broke down. Michael stuck with a group of Rangers. As they were killed by survivors or the virus, Michael and his "Battle Buddy" Irving Lambert split off. They traveled north to Virginia to try to find Lambert's family, but found they had succumbed to the disease. After hearing rumors of Heaven, they started south again, trying to find out if the rumors were actually true.
Personality: Cold and distant, but he still follows the Army's Code of Honor and is a gentleman at heart.
Weapons/survival gear: 5-6

M528 Designated Marksman's Rifle-http://orig15.deviantart.net/8af6/f/2013/013/4/4/5e2690fb825e954833d1abd629507fd7_by_shockwave9001-d5rf0zc.png

-60 spare 7.62 NATO rounds

SigSauer 1911-http://img3.findthebest.com/sites/default/files/495/media/images/SIG_Sauer_1911_Nightmare_1_338159.jpg

-32 spare .45 ACP rounds

Survival Knife-http://www.tacticalknives.biz/ImagesProductsLarge/kck086s.jpg

4 Meals-Ready to Eat


First-Aid Kit


(I know its 7, but the firestarter is a small item easily carried in a pocket. I can take one away if I have to)
-Designated Marksman: His training allows him to be accuarate over range, as well as planning of attacks, winning shootouts, and securing areas
-Extreme Conditioning: Because of his training and his former occupation, he is in near perfect physical shape.
-Improvision: He can improvise most things to his benefit
- Acccomplished Hunter: As a pre-outbreak hunter of both animals and men, he can easily follow someone or something through any terrain, and use the terrain to his advantage

-Guardian Angel: Once he does trust somebody, he will protect them with his life

-Paranoid: Other than Irving Lambert, he trusts absolutely no one. Because of this, it is very hard for him to trust and work with people.

-Alchoholic: If he finds booze, consider it gone.

-Kill first, ask questions later: Due to his paranoia, he often chooses to attack humans first, lest they are able to attack him.

-Ghosts: His past often haunts him, and certain actions can cause a flashback, or cause him to break down, or send him into a killing rage.

Name: Irving Lambert-http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140610033735/halo/images/b/b8/H2A_SgtJohnson_Profile.png
Nickname: Lamb, Sarge
Age: 33
Carrier: Yes
Height: 6'4
Job: Squad Sergent, U.S. Army Rangers
Bio: After Lambert and Foulke split from their unit to find Lambert's family, they instead encountered the zombified remains of them. Lambert tried to reason with what used to be his wife, but some of her blood got onto him. A few terrifying weeks later, Lamb learned he was immune to VRV. He and Foulke decided to head to Heaven, thinking that scientests or somebody might be able to reverse engineer the virus from his blood.
Personality: Dependable and caring, he looks after people like his own family.
Weapon/survival gear:

Bushmaster AR-15-http://cdn.wideopenspaces.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/RAR_WOS_Bushmaster_AR.jpg

-25 spare 5.56 rounds

Colt 1911 Commander-http://www.shootingtimes.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/11/files/1911-colt-commander-still-going-strong/ruger_sr1911_commander.jpg

-14 spare .45 rounds


5 MREs

Sleeping bag

-Charismatic: He is able to lead and inspire people
-Southern Cooking: He is a very good cook, and can make meals out of most anything
-Well-meaning: He will give people charity, be it money, food, or water, or help them becase he beleives its something he should do.
-Rank: Since he is technically superior to Foulke, and Foulke still follows his authority, he can give him orders.

-Haunted: He was severly affected by the turning of his family, and having to kill them

-Carrier: He carries the natural stigma of being a carrier of VRV

-Shaking: His stress causes him to shake, and this can lead to accuracy problems

-Incapable of lying

Did you catch my one refrence, by any chance?
I tried to get a picture of him for that character, but all the pictures of him suck. So I went with Mad Max.

"You're gonna need my strategic intelligence to survive."
Chester Ronald Winston
Chess and Ron
4th Grade
Chester was born into a large family, him being the youngest and also the most intelligent. He was never one to be social, so he found his days locked up in his room reading or doing research on whatever he ound interesting. The only reason he did this, was because his siblings always had something he couldn't get. One got looks, another got strength, the other got creativity, everything came to them on a silver platter. His parents adored them and shamed Ron. Who wanted a child who couldn't do anything right? It wasn't like they completely neglected him, they gave him the things he needed and such, they just never gave him anything extra, which made him jealous. And so, he started working, gaining his vocabulary at impressive speed, raising his common knowledge, and noting random facts. Soon enough, he was told he was probably smarter than his teachers.
When the apocalypse hit, he remembered everything he learned about "zombies". Strangely enough, the topic of zombies was very intriguing to him, so he understood how they worked.... Kind of. He knew that groups can be good and bad, and being alone can be good and bad. He was never really strong, so he couldn't take care of himself, but he was small, so he could easily maneuver. Groups would slow him down, and so he went off on his own. He abandoned his family completely, cutting off all ties and leaving them behind. Even after a few weeks later, he was leaping from group to group, doing what he could to survive. When he heard about Heaven, he decided that if it was as promising as it sounded, he might as well take a look.​
Ronald is a very intelligent boy and gloats about it a lot. He often speaks confidentially and kind of loud when he knows exactly what he's talking about. He knows how to keep his head in stressful situations which is really handy in an apocalypse. He also is very blunt, almost even ready to smack reality into someone who is losing their head. He has a good sense of character and will trust thise who he thinks has a good heart or would be willing to help him.​
Weapon/survival gear:​
- Screwdriver
- Backpack
- Blanket
- 1 Extra Pair of Clothes​
- 2 Bags of ramen and 1 bottle of water
Strengths: (you can add more or takeaway.)
- Observant - Chester is very observant, taking in details as best as possible. He looks around a lot, noting everything his eyes can see.
- Strategic - Ron can come up with good, functioning plans quickly. Being observant can help with that as well, help him find ways to escape.
- Confident - Ronald is confident about his decisions and can do things without doubt. Although it can be both good and bad.
- Small - Chess is small, meaning he can escape quite easily from others. He can squeeze into small spots to hide.
- Slow and Weak - He isn't strong... At all. He could barely lift a piece of fabric. (Exaggerated but you get the point) Even though he's small, it doesn't mean he's quick. He was never into sports and so he has no stamina what-so-ever.
- Brutally Blunt - He speaks his opinion... And loudly. Chester speaks anything and everything.
- Smart Aleck - He'll correct anyone who says anything wrong, whether it's grammar or facts. He thinks he knows everything.​
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