What Are You Watching?

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Binge Watch?

  1. Yes, only one show at a time.

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  2. Yes, but I also watch a few other shows as well.

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  3. No, I watch a bit of everything.

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  4. Other.

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  1. Everyone watches different things! What's your current show list? Do you watch a few different shows at once or binge watch one show at a time?

    For myself I'm a huge binge watcher. I'll go threw a whole series before switching to another, which is why I enjoy shows with lots of seasons. That way it'll take me a while to catch up to where it currently stands, or the show is already finished. If a show is still running when I catch up to the current episode I'll watch a few others before rewatching the whole series over again to watch that season or two I'm missing. Currently I'm rewatching Criminal Minds, just got to season five again, so I have a few more seasons to go before I watch something else.
  2. I've never considered "binge watching" to be "exclusively watching one show at a time". o.o I thought it meant sitting down and whipping through a ton of episodes in a short amount of time. I think it's possible to "watch a little bit of everything" and still binge watch stuff... as well as it can be possible to exclusively watch one show at a time and not binge watch (if you just don't watch a lot of TV and still watch like 1-2 episodes of a show per day, which is a bit closer to what I do).

    Anyway, with a few rare exceptions, I just can't binge watch most shows. I don't have the attention span for it. @_@ With most things, I can only watch a couple episodes at a time, maybe even only one episode at a time for shows with longer episode lengths (like Sherlock...). This means that it takes me a lot longer to get through most shows -- longer than I'd like. >_> If me and my friends all get into a TV show together, there's no way I can keep up. I'll inevitably lag way behind as they finish it long before I do. And then I have to stay out of conversations about it to avoid spoilers, and then they're all over it by the time I do actually catch up. (Also, they start acting like they're the ones who introduced me to the show, when it's usually the other way around, which gets really irritating after a while...)

    One time I forced myself to get through a show quickly because I wanted to stay caught up with a friend of mine for once -- it was Attack on Titan, specifically -- and I really regret it. I forgot almost everything about the show so quickly -- it kind of ruined it for me. I would've enjoyed it more if I'd taken my time with it. ><

    But yeah, even when I really like a show, I just can't watch too much within one sitting -- or even within one day, usually. I just don't have the mental stamina to stay focused that long. If I go past my limit, I'll start zoning out and completely missing huge chunks of it because my mind was elsewhere. >_>

    The only exceptions to this, I've found, are shows with really short running times -- like, say, 11 minute shows, like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I guess there's something about the pacing in those two shows in particular that actually made me able to just spend a whole day watching them and whipping through a whole season -- but they're really the only exceptions. Anything longer, like a 23 minute show, and I just don't have the stamina for it, no matter how much I like it.

    I wish I had the attention span to binge watch without getting worn out, though. I'd probably finish a lot more things. >_>
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  3. I'm currently binge watching White Collar

    with occasional other show or movie breaks
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  4. @Kaga-kun

    You are right about the term of Binge watch. I can usually watch 3-4 episodes a day with work and other responsibility things I have to do. So for me that is a binge watch. On days were I do nothing but watch shows I go can through a whole season depending on the length of the show. So I guess what people consider binge watching can also change person to person.
  5. Currently I'm watching American Horror Story- Freak show, though I've taken a hiatus. I'm also watching Outlander, but taking a break there as well.

    Shows I have binge watched are mostly anime, to be honest. For eg, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kamisama Hajimemashite, Donten ni Warau, Akatsuki no Yona, K.

    Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra I've binge watched like 3 times... finished both series three days in a row.

    Nothing seems to hold my attention long these days, however.
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  6. I usually binge watch an older finished series AND keep up with my newer favorite shows. >:3

    So I have my binge watches of completed series (or series I am only just now getting in to and catching up on) liiike right now I am watching Gossip Girl.

    Then I have my "catching up" watches. Stuff that I am only behind on by a season and had to wait until it came out on netflix/hulu/amazon/dvd to watch cause I didnt have that channel or I just don't care about keeping up with the rest of the world. Like The Vampire Diaries.

    Then I have my "weekly watch" with is whatever happens to be airing right now and I can get on Hulu. FUCK YOU FOX for Cancelling the Grinder. ;__;

    And then my shows I HAVE to watch as soon as they come out even i I have to pirate it because ASSHOLES ON FACEBOOK are always posting spoilers and if I wait too long I accidentally get spoiled. D:< (game of thrones)
  7. Does anime count?

    I binge watch when I'm only in the mood for one, Usually they're already a finished series, but right now I'm watching like.... a lot of series, so I watch a bit at a time because they're all ongoing right now.

    I'm watching Assassination Classroom Season 2, Sakamoto desu ga?, Boku no Hero Academia, Hakuoki: Otogisoushi and Mayoiga at the same time as they come out. I watch all of them on the weekends because they come out Fridays and Hero Academia on Mondays during my study period.

    Also watched one episode of Bungou Stray Dogs, but I'm going to wait for more to come out before watching them all, it's the same with Magi: Sinbad no Bouken because it's actually very slow.

    I watch the Phoenix Wright anime whenever I get the chance, sometimes I'm up to date, sometimes I'm like a few episodes behind.

    I've also been watching some anime with @Hana on Rabbit. She's recommending some of her favourites to me, since I showed her some of mine. In particular Gosick, Rozen Maiden and Shiki. We usually watch two at a time when we watch together, but yeah, it's been fun. Only seen two epsodes of Gosick, and it's been pretty interesting and suspenseful. The ending for episode two was such a cliffhanger ; _ ;. Rozen Maiden is pretty old but it's okaaay, not exactly the 'best' but sassy himedere main female hueheuheue- makes up for any other annoying character.

    And Shiki... well, it gives me nightmares. No more horror, pls.
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  8. @Sen
    Of course anime counts!
  9. I'm guessing it was good then :3 I read the manga, but never watched the anime.
  10. It might be bad for other people xD. I'm just terrible with horror.

    I abandoned Donten ni Warau. Does it get better after the halfway mark?
  11. I'm pretty okay with horror in anime :D Plus, Shiki was written by the same author as Ghost Hunt, and that was a gem as well!

    It gets really good in my humble opinion. And what I felt was a pretty good plot twist.
  12. I watch whatever I'm in the mood for. I'm very wimpy when it comes to binge watching an entire show. After a couple episodes of something, I start thinking about other things I should be doing.

    Currently watching:
    Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

    On Hold:
    Jessica Jones
    Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement
  13. I keep track of my anime watch list though my anime list from MAL. It usually has 5-6 items that I go through at my own pace. Sometimes I marathon one anime to finish it quickly and make way for another, or sometimes I just like the anime that much that I prioritize finishing it over the others in the list. It depends.


    ^ I've also started on this Korean drama with @Sen on Rabbit.
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  14. Hmmm. I don't really binge watch (Well I do) but I just currently finished Marco Polo on Netflix.
  15. Pokemon Indigo League!
  16. I used to binge through one entire series while neglecting all others, which sometimes meant getting way behind on other shows while I plowed through very long shoes.

    Nowadays, since most of my show watching is done at work (graveyard security perks) Ive established a more steady schedule. For Sunday nights I grab the last week's episode of any shows I want to keep up with as they air and watch them that night. The rest of the week is for whatever series I'm focusing on at the time (currently The X-Files). It's a simple system that works for me.
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  17. About to start binging Black Sails season 3.

    I stopped watching Felicity Is great and powerful and also a woman, the showArrow as season 4 went complete Tumblr Fanfic on me.
    Been watching Gotham as it turns more and more into the Gotham City I know and love from the comics. Complete with show stealing performance from Riddler, Hugo Strange and Penguin.

    Flash is still good. So I watch that to.
    Supergirl started BAD ended up as PRetty darn Good. So I watched that.

    GoT is a nobrainer *points to avatar*
  18. Recently was binge watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Before that Fairy Tail. And it changes depending on mood. I watch a few other shows alongside depending on what's new that day/week.
  19. I am watching Gotham though I don't know for how long. This season might be my last because stupid things are starting to happen making it cringe worthy to me. On a side note I am enjoying Prison Break, on the second season.
  20. Right now the only thing I'm really watching is GoT. All of my other shows are done until next season, and a few I'm not even sure when the next season will start. It's really hard for me to get into a show unless I started it from the first episode. I'm not one of those people who hear about a show and immediately have to binge watch every single episode. But, I will rewatch old series that I've loved in the past. Lately I've been having a huge True Blood craving and I've only managed to fight it knowing how it's ultimately going to end, and I'm just not ready to put myself back into that emotional hell again.

    Today though, thanks to the horror movie thread, I am going to watch a few horror movies while my kids are at school. The Boy is the first on the list. I just hope it's not disappointing. :(
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