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What are YOU thankful for?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Seiji, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Can't believe I haven't seen this thread yet!

    In the spirit of the Holiday, a simple, yet deep question:

    What is it that you are thankful for, this year?
  2. >>; I'm gonna be a jerkface and post the link to a Thankful thread that's already been made: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?t=2824

    lulz. <3

    I'm thankful for ice cream, chocolate, hockey, my friends and family, Star Wars, video games, my home, my kitty and...lots of other things.
  3. Right now, I am thankful for music and beer. Damn, what a good combo.
  4. That i never went full psycho and hurt anyone.

    and also that i have mostly been successful dealing with my anger.
  5. The company that I worked as a contractor for for 1 year and 10 months hired me full-time at the beginning of the month. Not only am I getting lots of sweet benefits, but they're paying me more money than what I earned as a contractor.

    Oh, and I got a new PC that can now actually run games made in the last five years, now.
  6. That Isa showed me Touhou, and for everyone here. ^^
  7. My league of friends..
  8. My impending movement to Washington! YEAH!
  9. Family & friends.

    And especially that the women of my family knew how to cook up a great meal yesterday with plenty of leftovers.