What are you thankful for Iwaku?

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    So November's on the rise and sure enough pretty soon here's we're going to be looking at thanksgiving. The day we all stuff our faces with an obscene amount of turkey and then pass out in a food coma. But what's all too often overlooked on such a momentous occasion is the fact that this is the time of year where we're all set up to look at our lives and point out the things we're truly appreciative of.
    So what are you thankful for people? Don't be shy!
    Especially epic posts will be quoted on this month's Iwaku Radio Show!
  2. Ooh, I get to do thanksgiving stuff twice! *Canuck*

    I'm thankful for a good job with a good crew, a nice place to live, and evenings off!
  3. What is LogicfromLogic thankful for?

    On Iwaku:

    -The wonderful roleplays and the great laughs from the horrible smut stories
    -The over abundance of misunderstood puns
    -The staff who keep this on show on the road from turning into a hit drama (only the hitting would be from users at each other's throats)
    -The creativity in plots

    As for off Iwaku and onto my crazy life:

    -For the late nights staying up cleaning paint off the tile because one of the daycare kids decided they wanted to paint a picture
    -For the many, many cups of coffee I seem to drink just to wake up every morning to start my days
    -To the office people, who keep me from going sane
    -To the people on the bus, who remind me just how important showers are
    -For my angry bickering family, who can relate to a congress of rabid baboons, they make every reunion just that much more pleasant when Jim Bob argues how to cook the turkey while Auntie Murium decides take out would be easier, and grandmother has put a doll's dress on said turkey and called it Frank (maybe this year things will go better during Thanksgiving)
    -And a special thanks to our neighbor in my grandmother's home town who had the decency to remind my mother that she had last night's laundry trailing behind her

    -To the toilet paper decorators; what a lovely sight after getting off eight hours of work to see my poor car covered in white sheets of fabric that you should clean yourself with, and the eggs mashed up against my windsheild. I loved that cold wind freezing my tail off while I cleaned up that mess. made my day guys; we should do it again some day.

    -I want to give a wonderful shout out to my loving friends who remind me everyday why I am still single; I love all of you dearly but it is quite awkward when one couple is snogging on my bed while the other pair of you are arguing up a storm. What was that about being in a relationship was the most fulfilling thing in someone's life? I think I love going about life the wrong way.

    -Thank you downstairs neighbor by the way for playing death metal at 2:30 AM. I just needed that wake up call booming through the floor. I never realized the human body could snore when you were supposed to be awake, but you've proved to me and aided me with it even that you can, because thanks to you I haven't slept in two days! Oh, and it's been you knocking on people's doors drunk at night? not you. I mean, those wild parties you love to throw don't cause anyone else to want to beat your stereo with a sludge hammer and quickly turn on you. it isn't like the large majority of us are college students or anything desperate for sleep before that important test comes up. Keep playing your music by all means, and I'll bet you'll have your ears stapled to your lips.

    In all seriousness, I am thankful for:

    -My lack of sanity
    -Dancing terribly
    -Getting good grades
    -Living in my studio apartment with my cat
    -Warm place to sleep
  4. Can I say that I am just flat out thankful?

    I'm thankful I have parents who I still get along with, who let me come over and borrow their washer and snitch a meal, and who will pet sit my cat when I need to go out of town for some reason or another (even when one of them is allergic)

    I'm thankful for a brother who will let me call him up randomly and spend an absurd amount of time letting me bounce story ideas and character lines off him even when he could be doing something far better with his time (like playing league of legends)

    I'm thankful for a cat that's always happy and wants attention when I come home from work. He even rolls over for belly rubs.

    I'm thankful for amazing RP partners who can move a story, make me laugh and shiver at the same time.

    I'm thankful for friends who insist it's not complaining when I really truly have had a bad day and just need to tell somebody about it.

    And quite honestly I am thankful for the bad days, because even though I may not realize it in the midst of the chaos, if it weren't for the bad days I wouldn't be able to look back and truly appreciate the good ones.
  5. Still particularly thankful I freely'n unabashedly call out fuckery in assholes' shenanigans 24/7.
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  6. Thankful to be here and share my talents, myself, and connect with others....also to be alive and my future, unknown.
  7. My ability to rubber ball the fuck outta life.
  8. I'm thankful that I found Iwaku. I'm also always thankful for my relatively peaceful life with my wacky family and my loving boyfriend :)
  9. Poorly Written Poem of Thankfulness

    I'm thankful for many things
    Like scissors, notebooks, and pens

    And I'm thankful for cuties
    like pandas, cats, and penguins

    I'm thankful for my fam'ly
    for without them, I would die

    I thank for Futurama,
    with my fave character, Fry

    I'm thankful for Cortizone
    'cause my skin always itches

    I thank for pretty women,
    unless they're total bitches

    I am thankful for hockey;
    lookit that little puck go!

    And I am thankful for red;
    the best color, don'cha know?

    I am thankful for cupcakes
    because they're yummy and nice

    I'm thankful for cannabis
    because it is also nice

    I'm thankful for computers
    so that I can internet

    I am thankful for the rain,
    even though it gets me wet (giggity)

    There is so much to thank for,
    especially my two guys:

    My son, Patrick; my love, Pete...
    They're the apples of my eyes
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  10. I am thankful for my husband, Mister Gibs, who always takes care of me! He works super hard to provide us with a home and security. And has always wanted the same safe and comfy household. As of November 16th we'll have been together for 8 years and married for 2 years. And I hope we'll be so for the rest of our lives. <3
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  11. I am thankful for Books. Lord only know where I would be with them.

    I am thankful for my Dad. He didn't have to raise a little 9 month old as his own, nor did he have to claim her as a daughter after he divorced my mother. But 19 years later he still lets me call him dad and that's all that matters.

    I am thankful for my family even if I do sometime play James Bond and go through great lengths to avoid them.

    I am thankful for the little things in my life and everyone else life. Because sometimes we have to step back and appreciate the little things.

    I am utterly thankful for my friends. They are there for me when the world falls apart around me and they make sure that after its all done and over with I am dusted off and ready to rebuilt.

    Lastly I am thankful for my younger brother. His suicide was the hardest thing I had ever had to go through so far in my life. But I am thankful for him because what time we had together will always be cherished. And because it gave me that push I needed in my life to get thing straightened out and to realize how fragile life can really be, but even if its fragile we still need to live it to the fullest because like a shooting star it can disappear in the blink of an eye.