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  1. Currently I am on a hell-bent spree to infect Madagascar on Pandemic 2.

    Might go play some DotA 2 or Blacklight: Retribution later. What about you n00bs?
  2. Smite, Wakfu, Plague Inc Evolved, Rome: Total War II, Football manager 2014, Worms: revolution, Starbound, Agarest: Generations of War, Dayz, and Orion: Dino horde.

    Very soon I'll also be playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Thief... both are preloaded in my steam account...

    Man, I have WAY too busy a gaming schedule...

    Also, who are you calling a noob when you can't even infect madagascar in pandemic 2? ;)
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  3. civilization (old one and I'D MUCH RATHER BE PLAYING RISK)
    and sailormoon RPG
  4. Because it's impossiblleeeeee, and it's really QUITE annoying. They just shut down their port >:C So now I have to restart. Again.
  5. Currently rehashing through some old games: Diablo II, Mass Effect series, Starcraft, Cribbage Online, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Bomberman.
  6. DayZ Mod. Because fuck the Standalone and it's lack of loot cycles.
  7. Mobile Suit Gundam: EXTREME Vs. Full Boost. It's only one suit, ONE FUCKING SUIT (the Quavarze) away from being my ultimate Gundam Game. Otherwise, it's still fucking amazing.
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  8. I was seriously thinking about making this very thread earlier today. Beat me to the punch!

    On PC:

    Star Wars: Attack Squadrons beta. It's quick and arcade-y and super fun. Details are under some vague NDA, but beta codes are being given out like Mardi Gras beads, so grab one and go!

    Loadout on Steam is pretty amazing. Gun combinations are nearly endless and it makes for a hilariously bloody mess.


    I still have to Finish up Link Between Worlds, but I've been too busy playing the new (free!) sequel to Steel Diver, Sub Wars. Fun enough for me to shell out ten bucks for the premium version. On the docket are Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default. I'm very slow at the vidya.
  9. Haha, Trust me, I've played it and I know how annoying it can be. Specializing in Water Transmission and a stealth approach to infection should get you there, eventually. At least, I think that was the way to go in that game...
  10. Spam DK's ground pound ( down b) and let them come to you. More often than not, they kill themselves. It might still take you a few tries, but, good luck.

    I am playing Moemon FireRed. (An ips patch of a fire red rom.) I have also been working on my ultimate challenge in resident evil 4, and, I might start up skyward sword again...
  11. PC: Starbound, DotA 2, some dinosaur game I got for practically free, Team Fortress, Torchlight II

    Xbox: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas, Borderlands 2

    Playstation, Brothers, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Island: Riptide, Breathe of Fire uh four, Final Fantasy Tactics, XCOM and some others.

    That's what I can remember.
  12. Assassin Creed: Black Flag. Yarr yarr and all that good stuff. I am just not a big fan of all this "YOU SHOULD UPGRADE YOUR SHIP BEFORE STARTING THIS MISSION"-business. Ship-grinding has severly drained my interest in keep on playing the game, but I know from playing all the previous AC-games that it'll be worth.
  13. I am playing a lot of games, some of them half-finished, some of them merely RPGMaker titles that caught my fancy. Right now, I am relatively active in Elsword and Aura Kingdom, but I plan on picking Starcraft II up again along with some of my other games. I really have too much of an extensive library to be able to play everything consistently.
  14. Playing Metro 2033 and wondering what is wrong with slaughtering Nazi scum. Damn game won't give me the good ending unless I refuse to pull the trigger it seems. Also giving Tales of Vespria an other run through and finding it the same nightmare for an achievement junkie it was before.

    Gotta get Metro Last Light but can't freaking find it
  15. Metro: Last Light is on Steam, as I recall. A lot better than the first one, but still has all the character and atmosphere.

    Dat fucking setting, man.
  16. Yeah my gaming rig is a 360 not a PC so steam is'nt an option.
  17. Shame, you can get it dirt cheap over at Humble Bundle right now.
  18. I'm playing a few things at once, on and off

    Rune Factory 2 (just built a barn and Cecilia has 2 love points for me - woo!

    Grandia II (getting near the end of the first disc)

    Pokemon Pearl (I love my luxray more than my starter...)
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  19. I once played Rune Factory 3 for the DS. Gamplay wise I liked but some of the story seemed off. Though planting crap got real boring real fast...that and the damn hurricanes. ..ruin my prize winning melons will you mother nature.
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  20. I haven't played 3, but if it's not much different from 2 I can offer some suggestions

    Crop planting does get old; if you don't want to do crops you can always ask the fortune teller to make it rain the next day. I find mining to be far more lucrative than planting crops; I pretty much only plant toyherb (most valuable flower, grows quickly) and feed for my animals, of which I pretty much only have three cows and a wolf. I spend my time getting to know the villagers and hunting down gifts; training for competitions and keeping track of birthdays :) It's meant to be a relaxed, slice-of-life story.
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