What Are You Playing Now?

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  1. Lucius picked up the plate after she was done.
  2. Anya shrug lightly.
  3. I think Carrie and Itzlie both a hug
  4. Anya stayed in bed, waiting.
  5. Well now I would seem unoriginal-ish xD
  6. John

    He nodded. "I think so."


    He followed her, smiling.
  7. John

    He chuckled. "I hope so."


    He smiled and started walking in slow motion, chuckling.
  8. "Hidden deep in a forrest, beside a flowing river, was the fragile home of a cold frail man. A wizard. So far from the distractions of the world, the wizard rarely had visitors, but on that day he noticed a young maiden sitting tranquil outside of his home. When asked what she was doing, she told him that she was winter, and that she was waiting for ber sisters. The old man thought she was a fool, but the longer she sat there, the wizard felt himself grow tired and closed his eyes."
  9. "Technically, yes."
  10. “We use a glamor disguise, angels don’t shape shift, that’s a demon thing.”
  11. “It’s not my fault.”
  12. Belle

    "Scary stuff." She smirked slightly "Its useful though. It can help with operations that's for sure." She shrugged "We just gotta make sure he doesn't go rogue."


    "Um..." she bit her lip and grinned sheepishly "Belle is over protective of me for some reason. I think to her I'm like the innocent angel she's gotta keep pure. I don't know why, but she's just never been keen on male friends or partners." She shrugged "Although I don't blame her sometimes, she's got keen eyes for some, others she gets too over exerted."
  13. “Well, I didn’t want it.”
  14. Lucius smiled and drew shapes on her stomach with his fingers.
  15. John

    "Don't worry about it. Let's just say Jason is gonna get more of a work out than he's gotten from a training room in a long time."


    "John, that's not saying much, but I'll trust you, I'm excited."
  16. "Melody sleeps and Lyra wants to mutilate something."
  17. Harvest Moon: More friends of Mineral Town
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Front Mission 4
    Armored Core 3
    Fallout 3
    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

    I think that's it... >_>;
  18. Why bother?...

  19. Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories for PS2 (in japanese ^^)
    NHL 07
    Final Fantasy X (second time around xD)

    I WANT FF13 ;___;