What are you listening too?

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  1. I am one of those many many MANY people who listen to music constantly due to getting inspiration from it, enjoying the beat or the lyrics or just because they make me feel and laugh! I am all over for genres, i don't like just one thing but I don't get sold on all artists either. Example, Dont overly like Rihanna but there are a couple songs of hers I enjoy.

    So what are you listening too? Me at this moment right now: Michael Buble - Hollywood (music video is awesome too!)
  2. I listen ALL kinds of music. Country, Rap, Rock, Metal, Indie...

    I even venture into foreign music. I used to know a lot of French songs, but now I've kinda fallen out of interets. I LOVE Asian music of all kinds. In fact, the song I'm listening to now is one I've been listening to for several months now, and I still haven't got tired of it lol

    SISTAR - "Alone"
  3. There is something about asian music that grabs me too, easily how up beat it usually is that you wanna just jump up outta your seat and dance like no tomorrow!
  4. Machine Head-I Am Hell.
  5. Gotta say loe the Emilie Simon, very catchy! caught my interest almost immediately, but my taste did not go for Camille.

    Omg you should listen to Lindsey Sterling - Phantom of the Opera its Fantastic
  6. Ludo-Love Me Dead. It's one of my favorite songs.. kinda morbid lyrics meets Broadway.
  7. Morid meets broadway!!! never thought those two would mix... i have an image of dancing zombies in my head... wait.. thats Thriller! lmao
  8. Haha, it's actually quite catchy.. er..to me anyway. But you know me. ;)
  9. lol that much i do
  10. Now thats some awesome freakin music
  12. big letters o.O
  13. 'Golden Time Lover's' English Version.
  14. I'm not listening to anything rght now.....I be playing some Persona 4 and working on my characers.
  15. Truth: Being a recording engineer by training has its side effects.

    Truth: Side effects may vary in intensity.

    Side Effect: The inability to listen to some genres or songs without the dire need or automatic response of tearing them apart by reciting what equipment, effects, and processes they used to make the playing song. Example: "Oh my god! No way... They're using a C414 on that? And they're crunching it too. Well at least they've got some sense, they synced up the bass and the kick via gating, though that reverb is horrific! Must've used some cheapo Alesis or something, should've used an Eventide for that..." (-bashes head against wall- God, I wish it would stop...)

    As a direct result from the above, I can't listen to some music. It's gotten better but the more I can literally ignore the music, the better. That doesn't make sense does it... Umm... -has sat here for the last 10 to 15 minutes trying to figure out a way to explain it and has failed-

    Last few songs:
    Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
    Beautiful - Eminem
    Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in G - J. B. Vanhal
    Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
    Adagio for Strings (Phynn Remix) - Tiesto
  16. Something long and great to keep my mind distracted when working on comics or pictures

    5 Hr Epic