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Honestly, I could post the whole soundtrack and it would justified. Easily one of my favorite game OSs of all time, and I just got into playing it a few weeks ago. Fuck, dude.

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After finding out the bassist, Reita of The GazettE passed away a little over a month ago, I'm listening to this song with a very heavy heart.

Taisetsu na nakama ga iru kara ganbaretan da
Tsuyoku ikiru shounen-tachi yo hitori janai

R.I.P Reita

Ado makes my brain happy~

lately... this was in my head;

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This fucking song. I love everything Ninja Sex Party does, but this fucking song is one of my all-time favorites and I can't help but stop everything I'm doing in order to belt it out with such P A S S I O N. It never fails to lift my spirits and get me in proper moods to get stuff done!

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