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  1. Matti rolled out of bed. She went over to the cardboard box that held all her clothes, she still hadn't gotten a box yet to put the in that wasn't a moving box. She was wearing a set of oversized black sweat pants with U.S. Army written down the right leg in yellow and a white v-neck t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. All her clothes were hand-me-downs from her step-brothers so none of them fit very well.

    The trailer was cold, February was rather chilly and the heating in trailer was broken, they had a couple space heater, but none in Matti's room. Matti rubbed her arms as she stared drowsily at her clothes box. She felt the bruises from last night's beating and sighed softly.

    The young child pulled out a set of ratty carpenter style jeans, a long sleeved blue t-shirt with a Capt. America shield on it. She dressed quickly and grabbing her camo zip up hoodie off the bed she went quietly out to the kitchen.

    Matti grabbed her backpack and a poptart before going to the entry way and pulling her pink converse high tops on. the shoes were very old and filthy to point where you couldn't see their true color much anymore. They'd been a gift from her grandmother on her mom's side.

    Matti left the trailer quietly, sucking her breath in at the frosty air. She slung her black mesh Jansport on her back and shoved her hands in her pockets walking hurriedly towards the bus stop.
    She gets abused by her father and he doesn't know even though they've been friends for three months. The saddest part is that they're in Middle School. Her father is an alcoholic and every day, she had new bruises she hides from the world. He doesn't know about this until school starts to come to an end and the weather gets very warm. She wears long sleeve shirts and jeans, even if she seems hot. He starts to suspect something so he follows her home after school. He sees her father drink, then disappear into a room. When he comes out, he has her in his grasp. Sadly, her best friend had to witness her as she gets abused. The next day, he says something to her and they start fighting. In the end, she runs off. Will things continue like this? Will he be able to help her? All that be revealed in the future.
    Name: Mattaya Louise Russo

    Nicknames: Matti, Louie, Mattie-Lou(By her grandma)

    Age: 10 almost 11(In three months)

    Looks: Matti is short for her age standing at just 4'3.5"(She make sure to include that half an inch if you ask her her height). Her clothes are generally baggy on her because they were bought to 'grow into'.
    Matti is under-developed compared to most girls in her the school. She is a good weight for age if not a little under. She's not really lanky due to her height and is more of spindly.
    Matti has short hair that's dark brown. It's slightly spiky and is usually very messy because she forgets to comb it. Her hair style is short barely touching her ears and scraping her neck but longer on top so it looks more 'feminine'.
    She has one dark blue eye with flecks of silver and green in it and one dark brown eye with flecks of hazel and brown in it.
    Matti's skin tans pretty well mostly because she spends as much time outside as possible. Even in the winter she has a light tan. her skin has a rosy tint to it especially around her cheeks.
    Mattie's skin also is sadly usually bruised though she hides it under her clothes. She always seems to have bruises, scrapes, and cuts somewhere. If anyone accidentily sees them she'll put it down to she's clumsy and awkward.
    Matti is a tomboy through and through. She has a rough and tough style with a little sporty now and then. She normally wears jeans or camo pants and t-shirts along with a jacket or hoodie of some sort.

    Personality: Matti is tough as nails. She is used to being in retry much constant pain between her stepfather and her migraines.
    Mattie tries to hide her pain with cheerfulness, she is almost always smiling and doesn't always take things as seriously as she should.
    Matti is an awful student. She as is hyper(possibly has ADHD, but has never been diagnosed) and has a short attention span unless she's doing something. She also cannot read(she's dyslexic, but again is not diagnosed) or write very well(barely 1st or 2nd grade level at most) and it is unknown how she managed to make it through school this far.

    Likes: Wrestling/Fighting with her friends, sports(she's not a star athlete however. She's gets by by being a team player, being tough, and being fearlessly gutsy), building things(carpentry mostly from shop class), car mechanics, listening to others read stories.

    Dislikes: Being touched affectionately(it's confusing and kind of frightens her), bed frames, art, school, her stepbrothers, her parents, being treated like a 'girl', people questioning her past, pie

    Short Bio: Matti's mother had her when she was just 16. Her father a 17 year old delinquent ditched when he heard he had a daughter.
    Mattie's mother married another man when Matti was 3.
    Her mother was diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia, and chronic depression when Mattie was 5 and has severe depressive episodes or mania episodes a lot due to not taking her meds. She spends most of her time in her bed/room unless she's in a mania episode then no one knows what she's gonna do.
    Her stepfather works odd hours as a store clerk at a convenience store/gas station.
    Matti pretty much raised herself and taught herself to cook(Though she's pretty bad at that).
    She has two stepbrothers who are older then her (15 and 17), they live with their mother most of the time and only visit on some weekends and holidays.

    Pets: N/A

    Sterling Matthew Russo (Father)
    Travis Elliot Sampson (Stepfather)
    Louise Paula Sampson (Mother)
    Travis Elliot Sampson Jr. (17, Stepbrother)
    Maxwell Harley (15, Stepbrother)

    Extra: Matti gets chronic migraines that keep her home from school sometimes.
    Though sometimes her migraines are just an excuse because she's been hurt to badly to make it too school.
    Other times she'll go to school even if she has a migraine to avoid staying at home. That is only if the migraine is semi-manageable.

    She refuses to sleep on a bed that has a bed frame because her eldest step brother told her a story of a monster who hid under beds and dragged little girls down into a secret world and ate them whens he was just 5(He was 11). After that she started only sleeping on a mattress on the floor because no one could hide under the bed then.

    She moved into a trailer park near town in November but didn't start going to school until late November when she became friends with Jack Frost and his motley crew.

    She's the only female in the groups of friends.
    Name: Aaron Frost

    Nicknames: Jack Frost, Jack

    Age: Ten

    Gender: Male

    Extracurricular(s): Football, and Band (Trombone -wants to play tuba). He also wants to do wrestling later.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Composing, Singing, and all of ^. He also practices wrestling with his friends.

    Personality: Aaron has a very tough, or bad-boy demeanor. He often acts rashly, and always comes off as inferior or mean to his classmates. He's a very stoic boy at school and towards his parents, but in his room, he's a different person.

    Distinguishing Marks: None... as of now.

    Background: Aaron already knew form birth that his mother wasn't his real mom, she didn't even look like him, and later, his sister didn't share any characteristics of him or his dad. Knowing this, he despised both his parents, but was felt protective of his sister. Babysitting his sister gave him another side to his cold personality. In a sense, it became the crab, and his cold demeanor became the shell.

    Pets: Two adult huskies, and one puppy.

    Family: Step-mother, Father, and little sister (four)

    Name: Brody Joshua McCreery

    Age: 10

    Looks: Brody has extremely dark red-brown hair. It's wavy and thick. He keeps it very short, almost shaved on the sides, but on top he lets it grow a bit longer on top so it comes together in a peak at the front of his head.
    He has gray-brown eyes. The outside rim of the eye is dark brown with it getting lighter and grayer closer to the pupil. He has rather thin eye lashes and his eye brows are normal, they're more noticeable than most red heads because his hair is darkened by the brown in it.
    Brody has light skin though a good amount of time he has a tan(A light one, but darker than expected) or he's dirty because he doesn't like to shower.
    Brody generally has scrapes and bruises from rough housing and spending a lot of time in the backwoods.
    He has very light muscle tone that you can only see because he's lanky. He isn't buff though or anything close to that.
    Brody stands at around 5'1".
    He normally wears ratty jeans or cargo shorts and a dark colored t-shirt or tank top. if he needs a jacket he'll wear his father's old camo BDU blouse. It still has the last name and US army patch on it, but the rank patches are tank off.(He ha sto fight his brother for it sometimes
    Brody's knife is a large black switch blade.

    Extra: Brody is the middle triplet. He is older than his sister by 11 minutes.

    Name: Brock Justus McCreery

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Brock is most likely a twin to his brother, with a few differences here and there.
    Unlike Brody, Brock has very dark reddish brown hair with a few highlights that resemble rust blended in. He, too, keeps it short, but he doesn't want to look like a fool and have a tiny Mohawk. He'll save that for later down the road.
    He also has gray-brown eyes, but rather than having rings of gray and brown, it's blended into one color. He has thin eye-lashes and medium-thick eyebrows.
    Brock has a medium tan look to him, but he has patches of dirt on himself because he likes (supposedly) rolling around in the mud.
    Brock takes after Brody by getting into fights as well, but he was far less cuts, scrapes, and bruises than Brody.
    Brock is just a centimeter from matching Brody's height.
    Brock seems like a hardcore person, because he wears dirtied jeans almost all the time as well as camouflage shirts. He also borrowed boots that were stained with deer blood from Brandon, and never bothered to bring them back.
    Sometimes he wears his father's old camouflage BDU blouse. Usually, almost always does he fight for that jacket.

    Extra: Brock is the oldest of the triplets. He is 13 minutes older than Brody.

    Name: Dorian Cassady Cole (goes by Dorian, Ian, or DC)

    Age: 11

    Looks: Dorian has black hair. He keeps it pretty short, it touches his ears a little bit, but generally he trims those hairs back. His hair is extremely curly eve at it's short length.
    Dorian is mixed race, he has a rich light brown skin tone, it's not like tan it's more of a a milky brown. Like all the kids in the area and especially in his crew he seems to always be dirty.
    Dorian is the most developed of the crew, he stand at 5'3" and has light muscle tone. He look's a little awkward because his hands and feet are on the large side for a boy his height, but it's not too obvious. It's kind of like puppies where the paws grow before the body.
    Dorian has deep brown eyes with swirls of lighter brown in it. There a few green and hazel specks in his eyes. He has slightly thick eyebrows, though not quite bushy and very dark eyelashes.
    His facial features are normal, he has a touch of stubble above his lip that's sparse, but can be seen if you look past the dirt. He like to refer to it as 'his stache' even though it's really just some pathetic stubble.
    Dorian normally wears a light coloured t-shirt or tank top and camo pants. He has a set of black sneakers that are pretty beat up and have duct tape on the heel/ankle of the left one to keep the sole on. The laces are ratty and generally tied in a loose bow.
    Dorian wears a set of thick black sports goggle style glasses with a black leather strap to keep the from falling in the back.
    On his belt unless he's at school he always has his black canvas sheath and his sheath knife that has a smooth wood handle that his father gave him for his 8th birthday.

    Extra: Dorian is the third of 10 children

    Name: Sam Michael Cole

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Sam has ash blonde hair, and he always forgets to comb it. Usually he comes to school with a bedhead look, with his hair covering his eyes half the time. It's longer than most boy's because he fails to cut it. It hang over his ears on the side, though it doesn't fully cover his ears. On top it's longer and tends to flop in his face unless he bother's to comb and style it, which he never does.
    He's got forest green eyes around the rim and ever shrinking starbursts of other greens from emerald to grass green around his pupil. They are surrounded by light, barely visible eye lashes. His eyes are large on his thin face.
    His eyes eyebrows are slightly thick and a touch bushy.
    Sam has pale skin. In the sumemr he gets sunburns easier than a tan, though by the time thew inter months roll around he'll have a light tan that disappears before Christmas.
    Sam is very skinny. This isn't from lack of eating, he eats quite a a lot he just just is also very active and has a fast metabolism. He plays soccer and does track and field so his legs are slightly muscled. His arms don't show muscle tone really though he's pretty strong for his age.
    Sam stands at 5'0" as of now and hasn't grown for a few months so he's hoping for another growth spurt.
    Sam tends to wear striped t-shirts and ratty cargo pants. In the summer he wears a tank top or no shirt and a set of cargo shorts. His jacket is an old gray letterman jacket with black sleeves and a skull on it. It looks baggy on his skinny body like most clothes.

    Extra: He lives with his grandparents in a small house down the by the river and has 3 siblings.



    Name: Bailey Jane McCreery

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Looks: Bailey has dark umber hair, tied into braids that reach to the bottom of her shoulder. They're usually in the front and tied down with bland hair-ties and bows if it's a special occasion. She also has bangs that cover her small forehead. They come down to about the bottom of her eyebrows, and abruptly stop. These bangs also have features of the bowl head hair-cut.
    Bailey's blue-green eyes compliment her hair, and her long eyelashes to emphasize them. She has thin eye-brows which are covered by the bangs.
    Bailey's skin is fairly light skinned individual with pale freckles running across the length of her face, and also smile lines on the sides of her mouth. (she's not old, hue)
    Bailey has gained a few muscles ever since she started basketball. She claims she's stronger than her brother Brody. It doesn't stand out as much as she's still growing, and she's 4'9".
    Usually Bailey wears a light-colored tank-top under a blue jacket with flowers on it, black jacket, or red one. If not, she's probably wearing a baggy sweatshirt. She enjoys wearing sweatpants as well since she feels free in those.
    If Bailey ever gets in a fight, it'll probably be a fist fight.

    Extra: Bailey is the youngest triplet. She has a girly side though she also has a tougher sporty/tomboy side.
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  2. "Hey, Jack! Watch the ball!"

    "Who are you calling Jack?! Whatever, I got it!"

    Aaron groaned, wiping the frozen sweat from his forehead. He wondered why he was practicing in the middle of February - a chilly month. Then again, he was aiming for the best imaginary spot in American Football - captain. The title captain had to be earned by using his valuable time and efforts, all of which he didn't want to do. Though, at least he was making progress. The coach had said he was doing well, but it seemed like the other boys are doing better. Well, it wasn't the time to be thinking about it now. Aaron slung his duffle bag over his shoulder and made his way into the locker rooms. He was the last one to get inside, and the last one to get out. The clothes he now had on consisted of black sweat pants with the school's name embroidered on it, a black sweat-shirt with a football on it to signify he was on the junior team, and some Nike flat tops shoes on. He didn't bother to tie the strings, so he literally was tripping on the way to his classroom.
    All of the other (American) football players were in different classes than him - he was the only one in his home room that was in the sport. That also meant that since practice ended early this morning, nobody but him would be in the classroom - which made him feel lonely. Aaron thought it'd be a perfect time to draw! He pulled his brown folder from out of his desk and placed a white sheet of paper on the desk. Aaron picked the sharpest pencil in his pencil pouch and started drawing a self portrait. He frowned at it, and soon grew angry with it.

    "This is ugly!" he shouted, mainly towards himself. He crumpled the paper and threw it into the recycling bin. "I should have joined the basketball team instead."
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  3. Matti sat mid-way down the bus. None of her friends took the bus really, a couple had to be dropped off early for sports practices or their parents dropped them off. Some were so close the school they could easily walk their in five or ten minutes so they did ride either.

    When it wasn't football season Jack would ride the bus and now and then Brody and Brock would ride the bus if their dad had to go early to work or hit home really late.

    Matti watched the scenery roll by as the bus bumped jostled along. It was an old bus...and was barely running it seemed. Exhaust poured out of it, the suspension sucked, some of the seat weren't even firmly secured, and it made enough noise to wake the dead. The school wasn't rich though or it just didn't feel like fixing its buses. Matti wasn't sure which.

    The bus finally got to the school and everyone tumbled out. Matti jogged inside and went to the office. She had to turn in her note saying she'd had s migraine yesterday and that's why she hasn't showed up. It actually was true this time she'd had an awful migraine both Sunday and Monday.

    The small child then stopped by her locker and collecting her stuff went to Homeroom sliding into the desk next to Jack. She gave her friend a bright smile.

    "Sup? Practice suck?"
    She asked cheerily extending a fist bump as a greeting to Jack. Matti generally never addressed her school absences with her friends if asked she would shrug it off and mumble some excuse she came up with.

    Matti hadn't told any kid here about her migraines or her father and she didn't want to exactly announce it, afraid she'd be called weak for having to stay home for headache.
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  4. That wad of paper made it just in time. Right when it entered the bin, a girl walked into the classroom and plopped down into the seat next to him. He wasn't particularly interested in her, much less anyone in this whole school since it sucked anyways. However, he was fond of someone in particular

    "Sup? Practice suck?"

    She extended her fist out, and he instantly returned it. "I guess. Coach is favoring some other kids, and I heard him talkin' about making me the water boy." Then he added, "Such a drag. Anyways, anything happenin'?"

    To be brutally honest, talking casually with her seemed really awkward. They were friends and all, they even hung out in their own little group with a few other boys, but other than sharing two secrets with each other, he doesn't really know anything about her. Then again, she doesn't know much about him, either. Maybe she knows the fact that he has a sister, maybe that he's forced to watch dumb shows like Yo Gabba Gabba! with his sister. He wasn't ready to talk about his step-mother or how his father could most likely be the mirror image of Matti's mom. Well, not exactly.
  5. Matti nodded. Though she hung out with her friends a lot they didn't know much about her nor she about them.

    Brody and Brock were the most open about themselves. Their dad was a single former Army Mechanic who now worked odd jobs to keep their head above ground. Brody and Brock were triplets they had one sister Bailey. Both boys were really chill and didn't really keep secrets from the group it seemed.

    Dorian was extremely loud and talked a lot but didn't talk much about himself. He had both his parents and 10 siblings from what Matti had found out. Ian's family had the biggest house of the crew but it always seemed tight because there were 15 people living in it since his grandparents(on his mother's side) also lived there.

    Matti drummed her fingers against the desk. She felt super hyper right now and her leg bounced. She was nervous too, the class after this was Literature. She hated Lit because she had to read in it sometimes and always felt stupid afterwards. Jack shared the class with her, but since he hadn't actually heard her read yet for various reasons from her refusing to just not being at school when reading took place or she just had t been called on he didn't really know how much she hated the class.

    Homeroom started and the teacher said for kids to finish anytime work they needed done first. He also handed Matti the assignments she'd missed so she could start working on them. Matti groaned as she looked over the worksheets. She hated school.
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  6. Matti didn't really answer his question. Oh well, not like she needed to. Though, it led to an awkward silence which was very comforting. Shortly after, kids started filling in the seats.
    (filler - do add if you want)

    Maddie and Marsha were talking about their new iPhones on the way in, and Sophie and Sally were talking about how their parents got the wrong cases so they made their parents get new ones. Spoiled brats. Then in came Joey, Cody, and as they'd nicknamed him - Slowey because he was slow and it rhymed with his friend's names. They talked about how Slowey didn't have the latest PS4 game yet, and he'd be left in the dark if he didn't get it soon. In came Brandon, Braden, and Boston, the hunters of the class. They enjoyed the smell of freshly cooked deer. Aaron was actually craving for some as well.
    Anyways, the four basketball geeks - Owen, Dylan, Bailey and Kate - walked in, one spinning a basketball on their finger. Gifted bastards. Speaking of geeks, five of them huddled close together. Wade was the math geek whom Aaron gets his math answers from. Wally was a scientist, Wallace was the history geek, always reciting the best quotes from really old people. William was the language arts geek, always managing to get A++s on his essays. Finally, Wilmer the health geek creeps Aaron out so much.

    total: 21 including Aaron and Matti

    The constant tapping that Matti did when he first met her was annoying. He assumed she had some type of condition, or she was just very, very annoying. Now, he'd gotten used to it, and maybe she even rubbed off on him. Now Aaron's legs were shaking and bouncing every which way, and he couldn't stop because it kept him controlled.

    When the teacher finally walked into the room, he groaned. Time to really start class, no fooling around on sports that I'm not even good at as Aaron believes. When he pulled out two pieces of homework he forgot to finish, he almost choked when he saw the stack of papers Matti was getting. He'd groan too if he had that much to do. Luckily, he could help her out since some of those papers were graded and handed back to the kids. After all, his folder was a mess with papers from all subjects.

    "Psst, need some help?"
  7. Matti glanced up as the class filled in. Matti didn't get a long with any of the girls in her class, even Kate she found arrogant and annoying though she was better than Sally, Sophia, Marsha, and Maddie. Bailey was sweet, but too girlie for Matti to really hang out with. That four girl clique bugged Matti the most. Maddie and Marsha were both from rich families and only came here because they were thrown out of the private schools they'd been in, Maddie had been thrown out of two and Marsha from one. Sally and Sophie's family wasn't actually that well off they were lower middle class at the most, but their parents doted on them because they couldn't anymore children.

    Matti knew all this from overhearing locker conversations while changing before and after gym. She knew all sorts of gossip and such just because she didn't have any girl friends so all she had to do while changing was listen. Most of the stuff she heard she found stupid and juvinile to be even discussing and she never really repeated what she heard because she saw no need too.

    Joey, Cody, and Slowey were not actually bad kids, they were video game obsessed and not the brightest, but they didn't tend to be obnoxiously bratty either. Though at the moment they were sounding a bit spoiled talking about the newest PS4 game and messing with Slowey because he didn't have it.

    Matti knew Braden, Brenden, and Boston because they lived in the same trailer park as she did. Braden was 11 and Boston was 12, both had been held back. Boston had been held back once last year and in some grade in elementary school. Brenden the youngest was also the brightest, he had just turned 10, but had skipped a grade in elementary school.

    As for the other geeks Matti didn't know much about them. Wilmer The Creep always rode the same buss as Matti, but she avoided him. The geeks weren't the type of people Matti hung out with though they seemed nice enough, a lot of them were in Gifted Programs and managed to be teacher's pets where ever they went. Matti was just glad her classes weren't graded on a curve or her grades would be worse then they already were.

    Matti looked at Jack, relived when he asked if she needed help. She really did, she'd been gone on Friday also because of a 'headache' so she hadn't gotten her weekend homework which meant she had about 3-4 days of homework stacked up.
    Matti sorted through her stuff stacking it by subject.

    "Yeah...I do." She responded sounding a bit discouraged. She needed to keep her grades from slipping into Fs across the board. She looked at the Literature Homework, struggling to figure out what it said. Matti didn't know she had a problem, she thought everyone saw the letter like she did and she was just worse at deciphering them. "What happened in the book?" She asked as she tried to read the questions. They were reading Holes by Louis Sachar in Lit. and had been assigned reading a couple chapters at home and answering questions on it.

    The Middle Schooler glanced over her other homework. She had two shop classes, carpentry and mechanics, those rarely handed out homework so she had nothing from them. But she did have homework from her Biology class, her Math class(Which was very basic Geometry), her History class, and her Art class. Matti put that piece of paper on the bottom, she couldn't care less about class and needed to focus on her other stuff.

    Matti's Class Schedule (open)

    Period 1= Homeroom (8:00 - 8:30)
    Period 2 = Literature (8:35 - 9:20)
    Period 3 = Math (9:25 - 10:15)
    Period 4 = P.E/Health (10:25-11:10)
    Period 5 = Lunch (11:20 - 12:05)
    Period 6 = Biology (12:10 - 12:55)
    Period 7 = Wood Shop (1:00 - 1:45)
    Period 8 = Art (1:50- 2:35)
    Period 9 = Mechanics Shop (2:40-3:25)

    School Dismissed at 3:30

    (Wood Shop and Mechanics Shop are elective classes and each student picks what they want for those periods
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  8. Aaron set his monstrous folder into the desk. He pulled out the most recent papers on the stack, as they were what she was looking for, and quickly read over them. Of course, Aaron had a few B's, a lot of C's, and a couple of D's and F's scattered throughout, but he took care to write in the correct answer. Sometimes he'd go as far as to tell the teacher she graded wrong when he corrected a few errors.
    When the teacher wasn't looking, he tossed the stack of papers on Matti's desk. Then, Aaron gave her a thumbs up. "Tell me when you need help reading my sloppy answers."
    When she asked about the book Holes, he almost freaked out until his brain slapped him in the face and made him remember.
    In a hished voice, he leaned over and said, "Pretty sure Stanley found out about his history or somethin'. It said something about his family being caused by some weird lady with one foot 'cus he forgot to take her up a mountain and sing to her. That's all I remember. There might be a few answers in there."

    When the teacher was about to turn back, he quickly returned to his spot - which resulted in him tipping his chair far enough he fell flat on the floor. First a few coughs were heard, and then a few busted out in laughter.

    "Mr. Frost, do you want to stand the rest of the period?"

    "No, Mr. Gobblenuts, no!"

    Mr. Gobblenuts wasn't the teacher's name, not was it Mr. Gallbladder or Mr. Nuts. The poor guy's last name was actually Mr. Gaubertz. Nobody really liked him, even though he was a nice man.

    "Don't do it again, that's your last warning." apparently he didnt hear his offensive name, but the rest of the class did, since Aaron could hear kids holding in their laughter. And failing.

    Period 1 = Homeroom (8:00 - 8:30)
    Period 2 = Literature (8:35 - 9:20)
    Period 3 = Biology(9:25 - 10:15)
    Period 4 = P.E/Health (10:25-11:10)
    Period 5 = Lunch (11:20 - 12:05)
    Period 6 = Math(12:10 - 12:55)
    Period 7 = Wood Shop (1:00 - 1:45)
    Period 8 = Art (1:50- 2:35)
    Period 9 = Band(2:40-3:25)

    My school schedule is very different from this, so I'm going to be very careful substituting stuff in.
  9. Matti took a deep breath and nodded. She ran her hand through her hair as she slogged through the questions. She didn't manage to answer all of them, but got more than halfway through the sheet so she was satisfied. She put that in her folder and pinned it together with a green paper clip. Matti had multi-coloured paper clips she used for each class. She also had a rubber band ball that was multi-coloured so in case the paper clips didn't work she could hold her stuff together with those. She mostly got these things by finding them, or just stealing a handful of paperclips from teachers desks on her way out of class if she needed more.

    Matti looked over her friend's answers. They were extremely hard to read. On the multiple choice questions she just copied down the answer, there weren't many of those but at least could get some write. On the written in questions she would do her best to copy her friend's answers down. She changed some and guest a bit here and there because she didn't want to look like she was cheating.

    Matti had to hold her breath to keep form bursting out laughing at Jack's fall and his insult to the teacher. She was chuckling, but managed to not laugh extremely loudly. She didn't want to draw the attention to herself while she was copying the answers down. She had to pause and cover her mouth with her hands, her shoulders heaved up and down as she worked on controlling her merriment.

    Mr. Guabertz was glaring at the class darkly,
    "Silence, children." he snipped. Matti bit her lip, still quietly laughing as she went back to her homework. This glass was only half an hour so she was hurrying to get this done which meant she wasn't being careful about her answers.

    Matti glanced up and when the teacher wasn't looking flashed Jack a thumbs up and a bright grin.
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  10. After pulling his chair back to it's original spot, he noticed Matti giving a thumbs up. He didn't know whether it was good distracting the teacher or she was doing a good job copying his homework. Although it didn't matter, she was still praising him. It made him feel like he was actually good at something other than acting harsh at school. Oh well. Aaron noticed that Matti wasn't quite finished, especially when the bell was about to ring in five more minutes.

    The only things Aaron was actually good at was maybe his trombone, a little of health. Aaron knew how to play his trombone fluently without blasting - managing to have a soft sound which shocked most the band kids in his grade. Joey was one of those trombone players that was a little better than Aaron, but kept forgetting his notes. Joey tiptoed up to Aaron and poked his shoulder. With a small, forced-looking smile, Joey asked if he could get some help before band starts to memorize notes.

    Aaron's eyebrows twitched and his normally straight face quickly turned dark. "The heck? Do it yourself! If you can't even memorize the slide position out of seven then you must be worse than me! How'dya you get first chair anyways?"

    Joey was most likely hurt at this comment, so he growled and pushed Aaron's folder full of papers off his desk. Before Aaron thought to move, he waited for the bell to ring. As Joey returned to his seat to gather his stuff, the bell rang.
    Aaron rose from his seat, his eyes burning with rage towards Joey. Aaron cleaned the mess of papers, stuck it in his stack of books, and continued to rage in his head.

    As soon as he got close to Joey, Aaron whispered, "I'll get you for this," before walking out of the door.

    A few second after saying that, Aaron ran to the nearest water fountain and flicked some water on his face. (huehue)
  11. Matti felt herself flinch almost imperceptibly when the folder hit the ground loudly. She looked over and saw Aaron's things scattered everywhere and Joey walking back to his seat. Matti shook her head, there would be a War Counsel at the fort after school today unless the situation resolved it's self before than. She collected her papers hurriedly and stood up, she hadn't finished her homework, oh well, she never turned in fully finished homework anyway so it looked normal.

    After organizing her homework by paper clip colors she got up and gathered the homework Jack had given her too copy. She left the room purposefully bumping Joey on her way out. She hurried to catch up too Jack and handed him his homework,

    "Here. Thanks...War Counsel after school?" she asked simply. She walked beside him as they headed for their Literature class. She was acting cheery though she was inwardly dreading the next 45 minutes.

    Matti stopped by her locker and grabbed her books she needed. She also dumped all her homework except Lit's in the locker to deliver to her various classes. Matti entered the classroom and looked around, some kids were already in the class so she wanted to pick her spot strategically. She slid into the desk behind the tallest kid in class, Boston, he was the only hunter boy in this class, but at 12 years old, 5'4", and 115 pounds he was significantly bigger than most of the the other kids in the 6th grade, especially Matti who couldn't even touch the floor when sitting in the desk. If she sat back where the teacher couldn't really see her she was less likely to be called on.

    Matti put all her stuff out on her desk, ordering it just how she liked it. Her copy of Holes in the middle, her small notepad for 'taking notes' on left side(She was left handed) and her pens and pencils parallel with the top of the desk above everything else. She soon started tapping her fingers at a fast irregular beat, even faster than normal, and her legs bounced her anxiety starting to show.
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  12. "Probably not."

    Aaron's eyes were burning with anger. Joey had never really gotten on his nerves, but since he decided to flick Aaron's folder on the ground instead of studying his trombone stuff, it really ticked him off. As Joey turned to go to Math, Aaron made sure the poor boy felt chills down his back. Eventually he let it go when he stepped inside the Literature class.

    It seemed like everyone was getting new seats today, and the class was able to choose them themselves. Matti took a seat behind Boston. Since he was tall, everyone probably admired him. Aaron aspired to be as tall as six foot when he grew to be a high schooler, although he suspected that wouldn't help him in football unless he was tall and muscular. Aaron decided to take a seat in the far back near a window. Just like Matti, he hated homework, but he usually forgot to do it. As the kids read the book, Aaron was usually finishing his Math homework instead of paying attention. Since he was in the back, it'd be harder for the teacher to notice he was either spacing out or looking down to do his homework. Occasionally he'd pull out a notebook and draw people inside, people like Matti.

    Then came the clicking. As a musician, the boy cringed when the pace slowed down, then caught speed just like a rollercoaster. Soon he couldn't even pinpoint that! She was distracting him from concentrating for some reason. To take his mind off of things, he began lightly humming some random song he just now invented. Didn't sound great of course, but it caught the attention of the person behind him.

    "Psst. You sing?"
    Aaron turned slightly and smiled. "No, I'm imitating a beaver! Yes, I'm humming. I'm humming the song that you'll hear when you fail on your test in the coming week. Pahaha!"

    The kid immediately leaned back and continued focusing, probably a little mad that Aaron said that. Aaron didn't care, it actually cheered him up.
  13. Matti nodded, if there was no counsel the problem would likely be taken care of later today...before school even let out. The teacher walked into the classroom. The teacher was a spindly man named Mr. Bermudez. He looked the class over as he set his stuff down on the teacher's desk,
    "We will start by reading chapter 35." he said looking over his class, he made eye contact with Matti who quickly ducked her head,
    "Miss Russo, you will be reading first stop when I tell you." he said. Matti shook her head vigorously, she didn't want to read a loud. "Miss Russo, you have been avoiding participating in this class since you joined, you will read today or face consequences." Mr. Bermudez said firmly.

    Matti sat silently for a few moments weighing her options. Detention wasn't bad,s he'd been there a lot, but what was awful was when her step-father found out she'd been in detention. She honestly wasn't sure she could handle another hard beating at the moment, she was still extremely sore and bruised from Friday's beating and the weekends' one. Matti licked her lips and opened her book, finding her place she slowly started to read,

    "Zero's...f-fa-ce...kooleb..loo..looked like a ja-jack o' lam...laten..lant..letarn tath hab deen...felt..telf...left o-ou-out namy...yany...many bays qa-as-qast Hollawen..Hallwen..Halloween..." Matti stuttered out, her reading was slow and she struggled to get the words right. Not only did they looked ocnfusing on the page, but her nervousness was making her speech even stumble more.

    "Retard." one of the kids behind her whispered so the teacher wouldn't hear.
    Matti gripped the book tighter and ground her teeth before trying to go on,

    "Ha-Hal...f totner...rotnet..rotten, wih-whit-wit..h suken..sooken...sunken... ees? Eeys?" she stopped again trying to figure out the word,

    "Eyes, stupid, eyes. How'd you get this far being so dumb?" the person behind her hissed. Matti took a deep breath and tried to ignore the kid,

    "Eyes dan...nad..and a brooqing..dropong...grooping..drooping sm-smelli..smile." she continued, feeling her face turning red, her knuckles yurning white with how tight she gripped the book.

    "I think that's quite enough, Miss Russo." Mr. Bermudez suddenly said, obviously tired of hearing her read, "I will need to talk to you after class." he added making Matti groan. She felt angry, why'd he made her read? She'd said no...this was stupid, now she was going to get in trouble. The only reaosns he'd read was to avoid trouble!

    "Shoulda gone to the special ed class down the hall." the voice said again behind her. Matti whipped around and hurled her book at the head of the person speaking, it was Oliver, a very smart yet stuck up 9 year old who was in class with them because he'd skipped some grades. The book hit him solidly in the face and he screamed holding his nose, which was now bleeding.

    "MISS RUSSO!" Mr. Bermudez shouted, "Go to the hall, I will deal with you later." he ordered her. Matti gathered her stuff up and stormed out slamming the door behind her. She slumped against the wall and glared at the ground. She tried not to let most things bug her, but she hated being made fun of becuase she dumber than most kids...especially when she had been trying really hard.
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  14. Aaron frowned when he heard that Matti would be reading today. He would have gladly substituted in, but it was already too late.

    (Because I've never read the book, I'll try my best to interpret.)
    "Zero's...f-fa-ce...kooleb..loo..looked like a ja-jack o' lam...laten..lant..letarn tath hab deen...felt..telf...left o-ou-out namy...yany...many bays qa-as-qast Hollawen..Hallwen..Halloween..."
    Zero's face looked like a jack o' lantern, Aaron read along in his thoughts, that had been left out many days past Halloween.

    Aaron also was a little astonished by Matti's reading level, but she couldn't help it. Maybe it was because of a mental condition or something. However, something was wrong when she had paused. Of course, she would pause to try and attempt a word, but this was a much longer pause.

    "Ha-Hal...f totner...rotnet..rotten, wih-whit-wit..h suken..sooken...sunken... ees? Eeys?"
    Rotten, with sunken eyes,

    Aaron really started to listen, cupping his hands behind his hears to hear her. He looked like a cat, but it'd help him to get a better, more crisp sound from over there. Some kids probably thought he was dumb, and he was okay with it. He'd kill 'em later.

    "Eyes dan...nad..and a brooqing..dropong...grooping..drooping sm-smelli..smile."
    and a drooping smile.

    "Shoulda... special ed ... hall."

    From what he could hear, Oliver was telling her to transfer down to the special needs classroom down on the other side of the school. Aaron's blood was most likely evaporating by now, desperately trying to contain his rage.
    After slamming the book in his face, Matti left. Great, he did want her to see what he was about to do.

    Pounding his desk with his fist, he jumped up, stomped over to Oliver and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. He readied a fist inches from Oliver's bleeding nose.
    "Mister Frost! Release him now and take your seat unless you want to join Miss Russo in the hall."

    Aaron glanced at the teacher before throwing Oliver back in his seat.
    "You think you're better than her? Maybe you should already be in freakin' eighth grade if you're so special. Better not say that crap again or something else other than a book is gonna injure your pretty face." He whispered in Oliver's ear.

    After taking his seat, he kept his eyes on Oliver.

    Gosh, today was taking a turn for the worst.
  15. (Yeah that's pretty much what it was. I looked up an online copy and just pasted some lines in.)

    Matti sulked in the hall until the end of class. When class let out she stood up and slung her bag over her shoulder. She growled at Oliver when he came out, still holding his nose and glared at he boy's retreating form on his way to the nurse's office. She leaned against the lockers as she watched the kids pour out of the classroom, glaring at any that looked at her.

    She was not angry about being forced to read, made fun of and then kicked out, buts he realized Mr. Bermudez was going to make her miss at least some of PE. She actually liked PE! It was one of her top grades, under mechanics, but barely above wood shop. When Matti thought the whole class had gone out she went back in, forgetting she hadn't seen Jack come out, maybe she just wasn't paying attention. She slumped down in a seat in the second row and stared at Mr. Bermudez.

    "You wanted to see me?" she grumbled. Mr. Bermudez looked up at her and nodded.

    "Yes, first off I'd like to talk about what you did too Mr. Moses." he started off looking at Matti firmly, "Violence isn't the answer, young lady. I don't know why you think striking or throwing things at people for no reason is O..." Matti cut him off here,

    "He called me retarded." Matti snapped. Mr. Bermudez sighed, obviously unhappy about being interrupted,

    "Regardless, violence is not the answer. You will have to serve detention for that and face possible suspension for violence." he finished. Matti sighed and ran her hand through her messy hair. Suspension...that would mean more time at home. She couldn't be suspended...she just didn't think she could coming home with that news and survive her suspension. Her step-father would be so ticked off. Her thoughts were cut short by Mr. Bermudez talking again,

    "Now about your reading. I've been watching you for some time and reading you homework. I've talked to the principle about this and she agrees too. We want you to take some tests." he explained. Matti shook her head, she wasn't taking tests. She heard the bell ring in the background. She should be getting ready for gym right now, but instead she had sit here and listen to this idiot.

    "Look, we may have some ideas and classes that will help you read better, but we need to know some things first which is what the tests are for." Mr. Bermudez tired to reason. Matti again shook her head. Why would she take tests when she didn't need to? Was he suggested she had problems? Was he called her retarded? Her foot bounced faster and she drummed her fingers against the desk, she needed to get out of here. Go get get some steam off in gym. It would be way more helpful that this.
  16. (This is Lit. Matti should be going into Math right now... :u unless we want to skip to P.E. Anyways, lets play guess the lyrics!)

    Aaron was mixed within the crowd of immature kids when the class was dismissed. He didn't realize that Matti was still out here until he got to the door to his next class. He figured the class could go on without him. They probably didn't need him anyways. Aaron set his stack of books near the door and went after her.

    As soon as he was about to flat out walk inside and ask the teacher where she was, he heard the two familiar voices beyond the door. Quickly, he pressed his back on the wall, and listened in through the walls.

    "He called me retarded.

    Oh that Oliver, Aaron was going to kill him later. It may have been Aaron's second nature to eavesdrop and use the scenario against that person, but he decided to resist it. Instead, he decided to wait on Matti by skipping class until she got outside. To make sure he didn't eavesdrop, he took out some earbuds and a small MP3 players. Then he played some music. For some reason, he got the urge to dance, so he tapped his finger against his leg to satisfy that.

    "♬...this time I got nothin' to waste...♬"
  17. (Yup you're right. Totally forgot about math.)

    Mr. Bermudez kept explaining the 'special tests' they wanted her to tale and talking about putting her in classes to help her read better. Matti just stared at him, getting more and more frustrated as the 'conversation' went on. She didn't want 'special classes'! 'Special classes' just mean they wanted her in remedial/special education. She wasn't going to do that. The teacher also was saying they were going to talk to her parents. This made Matti freak out inwardly. They couldn't talk to her parents, her step-father couldn't know they wanted to move her back.

    "I'm not retarded! I don't need your stupid classes and tests!" she told him standing up. The teacher sighed.

    "Fine we'll discuss this more on at the parent teacher meeting." he told her. He wrote two notes. One he put in an envelope and handed to her, "Give this to your parents and this..." he said writing out another note, "is for your next teacher. You're serving detention after school." he told her. Matti shoved the envelope in her back pocket and left.

    Detention sucked because it lasted as long as who ever was running it felt like. Generally it didn't didn't go over and hour and half, but still it sucked. The mostly likely time was 45 minutes to and hour. If the PE or Shop instructors had to teach detention it was the shortest. If it was Mr. Bermudez, the Home Education, or the History teacher it tended to be a long detention.

    Matti left the room and nearly tripped over Jack sitting there. She looked down at him, what was he doing here? She frowned and hoped he hadn't heard anything. He wasn't one to go blabbing if he had though unless of course he got mad at her. Matti glanced back, the teacher was still doing something. He squatted down and took one of Jack's earbuds out,

    "You will tell no one what happened here today." she told him sternly looking into his eyes firmly. Matti wasn't in her happy mood right now and was dad serious about not wanting the group to know what had happened. Or at least not learn from one of them, she couldn't control what the whole class did.
    Matti held out the excuse note to Jack so he wouldn't get into trouble for staying here,

    "Add your name lets go to our next class." she told him. She'd glanced at her schedule on her way out. She was wrong, it wasn't PE next it was Math. She hated that it was the awful classes that started her day out. Except for PE the classes she liked and was good at were in the afternoon.
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  18. It felt as if it took years to complete this little meeting with the teacher and Matti. Aaron didn't really care about Biology next period, so he could skip if he wanted and go to detention later, maybe Saturday school.
    All his troubles seemed to slip away from him as his MP3 player skipped to the next song. It literally skipped to the next track because it was having trouble comprehending some soft rock songs and eventually gave up. He didn't noticed Matti when she walked out, and it scared him a little when she pulled out his earbuds.
    He was about to yell at her for snatching him away from his daydream, but he instantly shut his mouth when she got serious. Matti told Aaron not to tell anyone what happened in the room, even though he couldn't hear anyways.

    "Wasn't listenin'," Aaron responded, a bit confused. "I was just waiting on you to hurry up and get out of there."

    Matti handed him a slip, prompting him to sign his name upon it. He pushed the note away, shaking his head. "I don't care what they'll do to me. At least I'm doing something nice today. Well, besides defending you in cl--I mean... nothing! Hurry up and get to class."

    Aaron slipped past her and walked to his biology class. He was still a little ticked at the Olive boy, and it showed when he stomped with every step.
  19. Matti rose her left eyebrow when jack started to say something, but cut himself off. It was weird, he normally would just come and out say what he wanted. He'd shown too much care for other's feeling which was one of the reasons he was always blunt and brutally honest. She watched him hurry off to his class and then turning Matti raced down the hall grabbed her math stuff and darted to Math class. She opened the door and slipped in.

    The teacher, Ms. Conners, opened her mouth to say something, but Matti just dropped her note on the desk and went to the open desk. She plopped down and pulled her math stuff out smacking it down on her desk. She organized her desk just the way she wanted and leaned back listening to the teacher start class. They all had to turn in their homework the teacher went around and collected the various assignments. Matti handed her incomplete papers in and then started to tap quickly on her desk glancing between the clock and the blackboard(Yes her school still had blackboards....and old ones that that. Matti swore they hadn't been switched out since the school was founded.).
  20. Before the boy walked straight into the classroom, he took a deep breath. Aaron was about to reveal his effort to stand up for Matti during second period, but she'd probably assume he liked her or something. Maybe he did, or maybe it bothered him because Oliver most likely was born on a highway and needed to be put in his place. Well, bracing for a lecture, he stepped inside the classroom.

    "I know, I know, I'm late. I was helpi---" Aaron noticed the room was empty. Suddenly his stomach turned. Was there a field trip that he didn't know about? Field trips where the only time he could really fool around and not learn anything! Coming close to hyperventilating, he slammed himself onto the window and looked outside. There was his biology class, staring down at some poor snail. Looks like they were examining it. Not like they haven't seen a snail before. Taking a deep breath, he laughed. Now for the real mission - to get outside and be unnoticed. Oh, but first, he grabbed a pen and marked himself present on the roster.

    He cracked open the doors just enough so he could slip through. Luckily the class was facing the other way, and the crowd was certainly blocking the teacher's view. He joined the class, barely paying any attention to the lesson.

    After the teacher stopped rambling on, the classroom went back inside, just in time for fourth period. Quickly, the boy rushed to gym, excited to train his body for football.

    (doesnt mean they're doin football)
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