What are you grateful for?

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  1. Pretty simple, and to the point. What are you grateful for?

    I am grateful for:
    - Friends I can spend time with and have side splitting laughs.
    - All the work I do, even if it is a slap at the face underneath the surface.
    - horses!
    - Warm couches to sleep on when a mat and a tent just don't cut it.
    - Showers.
    - A week and a half full of gaming, movies, and lots and lots of snuggles. <3

    - Toilet paper. Because life would be shitty without it.
    - Creative friends. 8D
    - Cheese. Omg life without cheese would be sad.
    - My home! My very own home!
    - A husband that brings me home treats. 8D
  3. Horses & Cheese? I love you both!

    I am grateful:
    -Those who makes my life a bit easier
    -Friends that really do give a shit
    -Moments where the world doesn't matter but just happyness
    -Cellphone/Pc because without it I would not meet such amazing people
  4. I am ever so grateful for:

    ~ My mama.
    ~ Miru. c:
    ~ My bestest friend, Corey.
    ~ My brother.
    ~ My puppers, Bailey.
    ~ The ability to walk, talk, hear, taste, smell, see, touch, wave, hold hands, hug, pick up heavy objects, run, jump, dance, sing, spin, roll, write, shimmy, sway, play the drums, draw, jump, twirl, dip, bike, eat, drink, and much, much more.
    ~ The ability to feel and love.
    ~ The ability to dream and aspire.
    ~ Clothing, shoes, a home/shelter, food, finance, family, friends.
    ~ Peace in my town.
  5. -Italian food
    -Good music
    -Fluffy pillows. :3
  6. A keen sense of bullshit detection and a quick mouth.