What are you doing today?

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  1. Doesn't matter if you're single or not, what are you doing today?

    I work crappy hours today (3p-1a :gonk:) so no time to really spend with manservant, but I printed out a bunch of really corny Valentine's and put them on a ring and am gonna try to find time to give them to him. x3 (Would also like input of this idea!)

    And I'm gonna get a card for my grandma; last year, she got me one and scratched out almost all the words and re-wrote it, calling me a slut and stuff. But not seriously, don't worry! We're just really close. xD I hope I find a good one, haha.

    I'm gonna get a bunch of those candy hearts for my kids, too. My work-kids. I do not actually have kids. I call my shift my kids. xD And one of them texted me, asking if she could bring cookies for everyone and I just wanna hug her, she's so cute!
  2. Well, today's my birthday! If the roads stop being 90% slush, I'm going to go to lunch with my grandfather. That's about it.
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  3. Hiding out on Iwaku in my room, mostly. I might get some work done, and my local friends might drag me out of the house to do something for a few hours in the evening.

    @Scrap Iron - Happy birthday!
  4. Ooh, happy birthday, Scrap Iron! :D Good luck with the roads, be careful!

    I wish I could hide on Iwaku all day~ But I leave soon on errands, blah.
  5. Thanks, guys~
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Scrap Iron !!!~
    Enjoy it lots and lots and lots. c:

    I posted what I'm doing for today in the Happy Rave yer Butt Off thread some days ago, sooo.~
    - w-
    Lots of plans.
  7. I am watching sappy romances while baby-sitting gremlins and working on their school itinerary.
  8. I am hosting a roleplay, like I do every year! 8D
  9. Today is just another day for me x.x But, if I plan on trying to attend a certain charp event.
  10. Trying to calm my grandmother down because someone broke into the fucking garage. How the hell did they even get in there?! It's locked!
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