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  1. No seriously. Your shoes. Function or fashion? Favorite color? How many do you have?
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  2. Function. Always function. Something that looks sensible and has a lot of grip. No heels or platforms; I'd rather not trip and fall. I usually buy Dr. Scholl's, and always black. Currently I only have one pair of shoes which I'm using for winter, and sandals for summer. I'm extremely picky when it comes to buying shoes, so when I find something I like, I stick with it until it dies.
  3. Function over fashion every time. Always end up running my shoes into the ground because, owning only one pair at a time, that tends to happen. My only requirement is that they're black.
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  4. I wear crocs like 99% of the time.

    I'm not even joking.
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  5. My dad's like that o.o' He only stopped because there's too much snow.
  6. Fashion, generally. I have a ton of shoes that all hurt my feet if I wear them too long. But so cute ;.;
  7. You're going in the fucking gulag when the revolution comes.

    Anyways, angry threats aside? Let's talk shoes.


    Thanks to muh current job and previously working in a fancy-ass clothes shop, I have me a fair few pairs of fancy-ass shoes for work. I tend to go for ones that are pointy and brown, usually Oxfords (but I'm partial to a pair of Brogues now and then). Functionality is important, which usually means you've got to pay out a bit extra for ones with stronger builds and decent grip: there's plenty of nice-looking Oxfords on sale for the £30-50 mark, but they're basically ice-walking simulators in shoe form and they'll break on you within a few months at best. Quality might cost a bit more, but they last longer.

    Outside of work?


    These boys are where it's at.

    They're a bitch to break in, but once you have you've got yourself a pair of the comfiest boots you're ever gonna own. And they just last forever. My uncle has a pair of Doc Martens that he's owned since the late 80s, and they're still going strong. Not many boots you can say that about.

    And finally, these guys.


    Because I'm still a fucking child, apparently, and I don't even care anymore.
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  8. Slip in shoes are best shoes.
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  9. I had a similar pair of boots once, but they must either have been of an entirely different quality or I am a monster to my shoes, because after about a month or two, off went that sole.
  10. Function over fashion! How can anyone walk in four inch heels??? xD

    I wear flip flops a lot (mainly in summer and spring), but during the winter season, I generally wear boots! My tennis shoes are there each season, just coming along for the ride whenever I decide to put them on, which is most frequent when I know it's gonna rain or I know I'm gonna be walking on sand, mud, dirt, and/or grass.

    I have one pair of boots, one pair of flip flops, one pair of tennis shoes, three pairs of one inch heels (payless is a babe when it comes to shoe sales lol), and one pair of flats... I guess you could call them that. They have straps on them.
  11. Function always. I don't care about looking nice, I just want my things to be comfortable and useful. I own a pair of plain black sneakers for work and general use, and a pair of slip on sandals for wearing around the house or being lazy when going somewhere. I have no need for shoes that look good. :P
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  12. I have one pair for function and 2 for cosplay. I'm not really a big person on shoes. My regular's are some Nike's that went on sale for $40. I have ice cleats strapped to them for the 3 inch ice everywhere outside. >.> They make scratching sounds in stores which is awkward but...taking them off is not an option for how long it takes me to put them on.
  13. I don't deal in absolutes with regards to footwear. I do both for good reasons.

    On days where I'm not moving around too much, say, most of the time at a desk or table, I'd prioritize fashion.

    If I expect to be out and about, I'll go for a more casual, comfortable pair... whether it's an old pair of sneakers or an easygoing pair of loafers.

    Japanese shoes tend to be very, very good at meeting both requirements, actually. Though I still usually go for Adidas for my sneakers/running/sports shoes, I think about 90% of my other shoes are locally produced.
  14. fashion tbh

    even my hiking boots I got because they were the prettiest
  15. Low-heeled functional shoes that look nice. A few pair of upscale for when I have a job. Multi pairs of casual shoes (including low cut boots, etc.). Black leather. No sneakers.

    I have trouble with shoes...nothing ever feels like it fits right. Of course, I have to wear them (stores, etc., since I'm not a pet).

    I just weeded out my closet, so I have about 10 pairs of wotever, give or take.
  16. That's my main problem >.>' I take ages in a shoe store and will come out empty handed.
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  17. I hear you on that, @Greenie. Wish I could go barefoot everywhere.
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  18. ...


    My shoes. I wear these everywhere. They're waterproof, durable, and actually fit me. I have duck feet so yeah I needed to get the men's size but here ya go.
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  19. @Joan, I have a pair like that. Love the look. Just wish my feet loved them (or any shoes). XD
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  20. Yeah, absolutely nothing in women's sizes fits me. It's a pain >.< Not that I mind men's shoes, I actually prefer them, but I get weird looks from shopping in the men's section.
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