"What are boys made of?" MxM, Partner needed!

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  1. Anyone wanna roleplay this plot with me?

    Guy A (who I'll play) is a young (mid to late teens) trans boy who's recently moved to a new town with his parents after being able to get top surgery (this is in a magical alt universe where trans people can get the surgery they want easily shh) to "start over". While he's got a completely flat chest he does still have a vagina and looks traditionally pretty feminine. He doesn't mind this and is quite happy with how he looks. Although he's happy with having a vagina still, he's worried it'll get in the way of dating guys (this kid is ultra, mega gay).

    Guy B: a local guy about the same age who takes a liking to the new kid and tries to look after him at school, you can decide the rest of him~!

    If you want to add anything else to the plot (Scifi/fantasy ect) I'll welcome it, this is only a skeleton idea.

    If anyone is confused: A Trans (short for transgender) person is someone who identifies with a gender that is different to the one they were assigned at birth. (THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING A CROSSDRESSER/DRAG QUEEN PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS IT IS DANGEROUS TO US)

    For example: Laverne Cox is a trans woman, she was assigned male at birth however identifies as female.

    Guy A was assigned female at birth (like me) however identifies as Male (sort of like me).
  2. Just to be certain, I would love this, but I'm submissive. Is that okay?
  3. Ahhhh.... I'd really rather be submissive or switch? As I'm awful at dom, I'm sorry ^^'
  4. I can switch! Alright, let's go ahead and start this bad boy up!
  5. Hmm.... could be funny but idk, it's the sort of physical thing. Maybe he doesn't know if getting the surgery is okay, and the guy urges him to get it if he wants to?
  6. What do you mean by "it's the sort of physical thing"?

    And no one should ever push their partner into getting any sort of surgery they don't want! D:
  7. "urges him to get it if he wants to"

    I meant that my character would tell your character that a surgery would be alright if he wanted it, if he was insecure about safety and such. That's what I meant. I'm not saying that he'll be forcing the man, more like encouraging him.
  8. Ah...?
  9. What I meant was that he would encourage your character IF he wanted the operation, that was just what I meant.