What accents do you find sexy?

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Oh, god, I can't turn away a proper Welsh or Irish accent. MMM, MMM....
Australian, Italian and Scottish.

*sigh* <3
Jersey/New York/Boston accents. I don't.... I just don't know why, but I do.

Anything really, except for accents from England and thereabouts. Can't understand a lick of it mostly.
Russian. I love it so much! Don't ask me why, I just do.

Also Scandinavian accents.
Russian and Spanish are nice.
Irish! ...and Limburgian dutch...You guys wouldn't understand, you aren't dutch....
The German accent on a female is incredibly hot.
The English... well, they can keep talking forever.
Same with the Australian.
English, Irish, German and Russian.

so called romantic languages are terrible for accents.
Lightly accented India-English. Be they from the North or the South, there's something fluid about the way they speak when they've been taught the British system.

Scottish and is it Cockney they speak around Liverpool?

News caster Australian is also nice.

I of course like the sound of the West Coast accent, after all it's familiar and thus doesn't have any negative impressions or subconscious feeling of "other". Granted people seems to think I'm from elsewhere because how I speak. It's very peculiar.
Irish and Scottish... and FRENCH. There's something damn sexy about French. >:D
I don't know why, but I think I'm partial to a light southern belle sort of accent, which is weird because you never hear that kind of accent.
My fiancee's Australian. I love it when she goes down under.
Mmm, "bahasa eendoneeseea"

Oh yaa, speek summa da dirrty kine hawaiian pidgin to me, mek yo voice soun' like one ocean wave yeah.

Singaporean accent spoken rapidly by an angry gangster.

And just the way Vijay Prashad uses his voice here, gotdamn. MMM DAT CERTITUDE.