What a Way to Spend a Saturday [ChaoticPeace]

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    I put the pictures in here just so we made sure we always had a visual.

    Crystal's alarm went off at six a.m. like it usually did. It was Saturday... Why was she spending her afternoon on a Saturday doing anything but preparing for the track meet she had that evening? Oh yeah because Heather. Her friend got caught smoking a blunt in the back and Crystal took the rest of the weed and kept it on her person so Heather wouldn't get expelled. She herself was smart enough to keep her stashes (when she had them, which was hardly ever nowadays) in better spots. She groaned and sat up. It was way too cold for this bullshit today. As she got dressed, she could hear her parents yelling at one another. Her father went to bed at an irrationally early hour and got up just the same. Her mother was a little more normal, but it still seemed outrageous to the teenager. Either way, the shouts were enough for her to decide there was no way in Hell she was going out of the house through the front door.

    Her backpack was under the bed along with everything else that meant anything to her. If her parents saw anything she had that she liked, it would be gone faster than she could say the Lord's Prayer. She cringed at the thought and grabbed her backpack. Its contents were simply one notebook, a bag of Doritos, and two cans of Coke. There was more in her locker too if she needed it. Sometimes when her parents didn't feed her she literally lived off of Coke and Doritos because it was cheap and damn they were good. Sometimes good food was expensive, and it wasn't a luxury she was afforded a lot. At six-thirty, after being lazy and taking longer than usual, Crystal jumped out of her bedroom window and headed to school... Detention of all things.

    The walk was a quick one. She didn't do any running to get there because she didn't want to get there sooner than absolutely necessary, but when she did finally appear in the library she was surprised to see Andrew there. Since they were both in the jock social circle, they actually spent quite a bit of time together outside of the halls. "What'd you do this week?" she asked as she took a seat at the table across the aisle from his. Her headphones fell out of her flannel pocket and she put them and her Walkman away. "Thought after last week you weren't pulling anything anymore?"


    Andrew didn't do it this time. His conscience was still eating him alive after what he did the week before. What he'd actually done was be lookout while one of his buddies went into their math teacher's classroom and stole the answer key to the latest test. Vernon started to come towards them, and Andrew just hadn't run fast enough... he still hadn't really done anything. His dad wasn't that angry this time. Vernon had already assured him this wouldn't show up on his permanent record if he did it again. He wasn't even that upset about the detention this time because of how well the last one turned out. That was a huge emotional whirlwind for all of them, and he still talked to Allison a lot. They hadn't really hit it off, but he did take her out.

    His father dropped him off with a sigh and left him there. Andy stared up at the foreboding infrastructure and walked in. It was exactly the same. He sighed and stopped by his locker to get a notebook in case Vernon had the do another stupid essay. He had a feeling Brian wouldn't be there to do theirs for them this time. Andy had to admit he did like the way the last one turned out... He was also curious if Bender would show up. Vernon sentenced him to what, nine, detentions back to back? If he were Bender, Andy didn't think he would ever show up to them. Then again, he didn't know why he hadn't stopped at three when he had the opportunity.

    He was the first one to show up and sighed as he took the same seat he'd taken the week before. He wasn't sitting for long when Crystal came in, much to his surprise. "Dylan had me watch out for him while he tried to get the key to the math test. Didn't make it out of that one," he answered, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck. "What about you?"

    "I covered for Heather, had her weed stash on me. Least I don't have to walk too far to get to the track instead of coming from home."

    "I'll stick around after with you if you don't wanna wait alone."
  2. Nicole stared out of the car window, blue eyes looking idly at the scenery that blurred past. The silence in the car was thick and uncomfortable, nearly suffocating. After a full week of her parents desperation, once more refusing to punish, reprimand, or even lightly scold their daughter for her actions and instead asking her why she would do such a thing and what they had done to cause it, there wasn't much left to say. Even so, Victoria could feel her mothers will to speak up again pressing into her with her mothers continual gazes. Never had Nicole wished to be at school so badly, especially on a Saturday.

    The two had just pulled up to the brick building when Nicole's mother finally managed to speak, lips pursed and eyes looking like they could fill with tears at any moment.

    "I don't know what we did to make you feel the need to act out this way sweetie. Please, please tell us when you're feeling this way, we can help you." Nicole sighed a little. Sometimes she wanted to shout at her parents, but that wouldn't do her any more good than her 'acting out' did. They didn't get it and honestly, they probably never would. Nicole did debate responding to her mother but after a short pause decided against it. Bidding her mother a grumbled, near incoherent goodbye Nicole slipped out of the car, clutching tight to the one strap of her bag as she approached the building.

    Nicole didn't bother to stop or pause until she had actually entered the building, unable to bear the thought of her mothers sorrowful eyes boring into her from behind. It also wasn't until Nicole had begun walking down the hallways, footsteps echoing in the barren corridor, that Nicole began to become acutely aware of how empty this place actually was on Saturdays. That was when the anxiety began to set in, shifting from her mothers presence to the unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation she now found herself in. Disturbed by the silence of the usually bustling hallways Nicole quickly made her way to the room detention was to be held in, eyes glued to the floor as she did so.

    Upon entering the room Nicole found that there were actually more people here than she suspected. There was Bender, one of the school's best known burnouts - she wasn't surprised to see him here, honestly. Andy, one of the better known jocks was there as well, talking to Crystal, a cheerleader. She didn't know any of the three exactly, but she knew who they were. It would be hard not to, honestly.


    Bender woke up early that Saturday, carelessly throwing on a pair of tattered jeans and a flannel shirt before heading out. He passed his father who, fortunately, hadn't woken up yet, still passed out on the ratty old arm chair in the living room after another bout of drinking the night before. Bender sneered at the form before heading out, pushing his father to the back of his mind where he generally was and beginning towards the school. It was a pretty decent walk, but not too far; especially if he cut through a few people's lawns to get there.

    Bender was completely unfazed when he did reach the school. Hardly even noticing the lack of cars or general life in the building Bender walked in. He had become pretty used to the building being in this state over the years and it really didn't even cross his mind anymore. If anything he actually liked it more this way. There weren't as many annoying losers around to waste his oxygen or invade his space. It could honestly be somewhat relaxing, depending on who else ended up there - if anyone else did end up getting stuck in detention, that was. Most people complained about wasting a Saturday, but Bender didn't really care about that either. He had no where else to be and being here sure as hell beat being stuck at home.

    Walking into the detention room, one he had become all too familiar with, Bender glanced around quickly. He spotted the other two people in the room quickly, noting the first of the two as Andy Letterman, someone who he'd become quite familiar with previous week. The other was someone he knew of but didn't really know - Crystal. Letting his eyes rove over her quickly Bender found himself smirking as he walked over to his usual desk in the middle of the room behind the one Andy was currently sitting in. Most people in this school fit into a bubble, a box that trapped and defined them. They were easy to understand on a basic level, but Crystal was a little different. Bender still hadn't been able to figure her out the way he figured he had the rest of the student body. On on hand she was a cheerleader, and she fit the bill. On the other hand, however, he'd seen her hanging out out back smoking up before as well - not exactly something the perfect cheer leading princess tended to do.

    Hearing the door open Bender pushed his thoughts aside and looked up, taking note of the principal who was now standing before the small group of teens with a grim look on his face. Detention was about to begin.​
  3. Andy wasn't surprised to see Bender since he'd been given eight or nine consecutive detentions. The fact he was on time was the surprising thing. He didn't know what kind of terms they were on since they hadn't really interacted since they left their detention. He was already whistling to himself but stopped when he got curious raised eyebrows from Crystal. "What? Got nothing better to do." Sitting there in utter silence didn't work out too well the last time. While he didn't want this detention to end up like the previous one, it was the only thing on which to base his detention experiences.

    "Just wait thirty seconds," Crystal said as she finished hiding what few recreational items she had. They weren't things she wanted to share.

    When Vernon walked in, he was dressed as unpleasantly as he usually was with a sour expression on his face. Andy gave an impressed nod in Crystal's direction but said nothing as he took his place in front of the students. "You're all here for one act of delinquency or another... Some of you just like being here. You'll sit here until three o'clock and then go home back to your regular pointless lives. Before you leave, I want papers from each of you explaining why you're here. Since we don't have the replacement screw to the door, I'll be coming in and out periodically to check on you."

    Andrew just waited in silence for the paper and pencils to be passed out. He pointedly looked away when Vernon tried to make eye contact and then glanced at the paper. Shame there was no Brian to write for them this time... They'd actually have to do their own paperwork. He sighed and glanced at the clock. It was only a few hours until lunch. At least eating would provide some sort of distraction...


    Crystal too stayed silent as Vernon continued to go on his power trip. She accepted the paper and pencil but tossed them on the table to be dealt with later. Vernon stopped by the other two, but she didn't really pay them much mind. All she did was turn to Andy and mouth, "Kill me now." Even if Vernon wouldn't be directly babysitting them, they would have to be somewhat on their best behaviour. She could manage seven hours of sitting around and doing nothing even if it was quite literally with her eyes closed. She could do some of that stuff on a daily basis anyway so there was no harm in doing it now when she literally had no other choice.

    The moment Vernon left and the door slammed closed, Crystal put her feet up on her desk and pulled her backpack into her lap. She pulled her music player on the table and slipped her headphones around her neck. If she was going to listen to music, she might as well be sure she could hear everything else. Besides... It was Van Halen. She turned up the volume and pressed play. "What are you doing?" asked Andy.

    "Passing the time. I don't see anything else worth doing right now." Normally during this time of the day she'd be asleep still. Saturdays were the only days she was allowed to sleep in because Mondays through Fridays were for school and Sunday was sadly church. She was so owed later... Just thinking about the sleep in her warm bed that she was missing out on was enough to annoy her.​